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February 13, 2012
By jalexis jones BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
jalexis jones BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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As I turned around I saw a mob of teenagers coming at me or so I though. The leader of the group grabbed me by the shoulders. With one of this hands engulfing the whole left side of my body alone. It was a boy around seventeen, with long hair and a worn down green t-shirt on that had some type of lettering on the front. For them most part he looked dirty and you could tell by the way he was caring himself that he was up to no good. Then I remember his name it was Shane and he was known for things like this, starting riots that is.
“Where is he! where is the Admiral” the leader demanded
“I think he’s in his jet, he is with Risa right now. May i ask what you want with him?” I said with an uneasy feeling in the bottom of my soul.

Now realizing that I should of told some type of lie to distract the mob of teenagers, with a odd look of crazy in their eyes that was so familiar from my past, the past that i never wanted to go back to.

“Oh dear lord” Shane says as his face goes white as fresh snow.” He got another one”

He turns around facing the mod. Everyone gets as silent and cold as the night as soon, as he puts up his left hand as a signal to stop talking.

“He’s got another one, this has to stop. He’s been selling us off or using our body parts for himself. This ends today. Everything he’s done will end, so lets rise together and get pay back for the goldens. For the people that tried so hard to protect us”

Shane slowly turns back towards me “Will you join us stop this monster?”

For some reason I look down at my feet for about a minute. When I glance back up I could tell that if I didn’t say yes my life was over and would somehow die under the hands of my peers in the most unforgiving way. So I did the only thing I could do that was to look Shane in his sharp eyes and say “of course, destroy the monster.”

Every one cheers as my heart filed with despair, and disappointment with what just become of me.

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