February 14, 2012
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R: Man I really don’t feel like doing this. Why do women have to have such sick problems?
T: Excuse me sir can I help you find something?
R: Could you tell me where the feminine products are located at.
T: Isle three but you don’t look very much like a women unless I am missing something here?
R:Nah! Its for my mom dog
T: what exactly are you looking for homie?
R: A bleeding cure
T: All right are you looking for pads or tampons?
R: Quite honestly I have no idea but I had to get out of my house before she killed me.
T: We have a variety pack if that interests you it has big, small, long, short, wide, and skinny plus pads. But I personally prefer the long and wide ones.
R: What is this? Is this a porn shop or a department store?
T: We have lots and lots of departments in our store you should see section sixty-nine.
R: Section sixty-nine!!! What is in section sixty-nine?
T: Toys and movies.
R: What type of toys and movies?
T: Kids ones of course.
R: Then what makes section sixty-nine so special then.
T: It has balloons. Lots and lots of balloons.
R: Ok then…….

*Pause for a while to make awkward*
Sooo….. about the tampons….. where are they again?
T: Section three, I will take you over there.
R: Thank god
T: Make sure you don’t get distracted in our other sections.
R: OMG! Who the hell is that hottie over there!?!?
T: Oh that is just Megan, she’s the biggest s*** I have ever met. The only reason she even has a job here is because the manager wouldn’t stop looking at her.
R: Oh! Well me and that guy would get along just fine.
T: Me and that manager do also, well at least we did, until Megan came here.
R: Hate when that happens!!
T: Ya
R: Hey well thanks for the tampons
T: No problem dog
R: Later homie

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