The Meister called Sora

February 10, 2012
By AishaHunter BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
AishaHunter BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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I believe I recall your ways:turning day into night, sugar into salt, navy into golden. It seems that I shall have to transform golden into black.~Kuroshitsuji II

I landed hard against the concrete road, scraping my arm but not releasing the twin knives. I felt my soul weaken a bit. I sat up slowly, glaring at the man in front of me who grinned, baring sharp, scarlet stained fangs. I heard a small voice in my ear.
"Um, can I ask what exactly you're doing?"
I fixed my glare on the knife in my left hand. "Shut it, Aydenn."
I felt a shock of soul-power prick my wrist. "Me?! It's your own fault. It's just a stupid vampire, take him down already."
"Leave her alone, Aydenn,"I heard in my other ear. Carolana's voice,"It's not her fault. This guys just a little stronger than others."
I smiled to myself. "Thanks, Lana."
"Wipe that grin off your face and get back to fighting."
Aydenn could be a real jerk sometimes. I shrugged off the pain in my shoulders and looked back at the vampire, tightening my grip on the knives. I lunged, flipping once and slicing across the beasts chest. I landed in a crouch, turning back as he howled in pain. But as I watched the long wound at its chest closed up in seconds.
"Crap," I spat. "Guys, we might have to take it up a notch. Ready?"
"yeah!" Came from Lana.
"Whatever. Just do it fast, I'm hungry." From Aydenn.
"All right. Let's do it." I said, crossing the knives across my chest. "Soul Resonance!"
I felt the mix of their souls rush into my body, and I shut my eyes as a powerful wind surrounded me for a moment. I knew what was happening: both of my knives were lengthening into swords, their power growing and mixing with mine. When I opened my eyes again, my eyesight was blurred with purple and green. I felt powerful, the power of three soul wavelengths, together making one pure soul. I heard a battle cry leave my mouth as I charged the vampire again, bringing both swords in front of me and crossing them. As I neared the beast, I swing my arms out, bringing the blades across his neck. I landed behind him, shutting my eyes as I heard the thump of the vampires head hit the ground. I turned to see the last of the body disappear, leaving behind a floating blue soul. I stepped up to it, my vision going back to normal, the swords going back into knives.
"A human soul?" I asked.
"Guess he was a human who turned into a vampire." Lana said.
"I suppose." I said, releasing the knives. Before they hit the ground they transformed into their original forms.
"Can I have this one?" Lana asked politely, flicking a lock of her blond hair behind her ear.
Aydenn scowled, stuffing his hands into his pockets, cocking his head, his wild blond hair bouncing, his brown eyes in a glare. "Hey, did you forget the "I'm starving" comment I gave out a few seconds ago? Shouldn't I have it?"
I reached out and grabbed the soul, feeling its misty coolness in my palm.
"It's so hard to think of you guys as twins."
Lana smiled. I ignored Aydenn's reaction, but I'm almost certain it was either an eye-roll or a glare.
Aydenn groaned a little. "Fine, give it to Lana. I had the last one, so she deserves it."
I smiled at his kindness towards his sister and tossed Lana the soul. She swallowed it happily and gave Aydenn a gentle hug. He shrugged her off, looking embarrassed.
My smile vanished when he looked at me and said, "but you gotta make me a really good dinner, Sora."
I whacked him in the head and started off down the alley with my two partners in tow, smiling despite myself. I hoped I was a good meister. And I couldn't have asked for a better pair of partners.

The author's comments:
I was just really bored one day, and I'm a huge fan of Anime, and this story was burning a hole in my mind. Even though she doesn't fight alongside Maka, Soul, and the others, Sora is still a determined and hard-working meister who's determined to make her partners death-weapons. And this is one of her tales.

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