Random Day in EddsWorld..... [part 1]

February 10, 2012
By , Knoxville, TN
One day, Tom, Tord, Edd, and Matt were sitting at the kitchen table [for once] eating CHINESE FOOD! [:D] Well, anyways, as Matt was trying to figure out how to use his chopsticks correctly, Edd was stuffing his face with the various flavors of noodles, different types of fish, and the enormous variety of sauces, when at the bottom of his plastic Chinese food container, he found a bomb, carefully painted the same color of the duck sauce they use too much of [thanks to Tom].
"TOM! It's a BOMB!" Edd called out loudly. Well, that wasn't the smartest idea in the world. Everyone grew into a panic, running in circles, screaming, STILL holding the bomb for some stupid reason.....
"Quick, throw it outside!" Tord yelled to Edd, pointing at the open front door. Finally, Edd calmed himself enough to toss the bomb outside. Well, that ALSO did not go as well as hoped. The bomb hit the ground about 4 feet from the front door, and its contact with the earth caused it to instantaniously explode, causing the front wall of their house to cave in. Everyone [except Matt] was hurt by the flying objects from the explosion, but luckily no one was dead. Matt frantically ran to the bathroom and looked into the mirror, and his expression turned horrified.
"MY FACE! My beautiful, over-priced face!" he yelled.
"Yeah.....your face. What about your face....?" Tom asked.
"Nah, I can still tell it's you, so I don't thi-"
"IT'S RUINED!" Matt cried. Then, as everyone expected, he really did start crying.
"MY FAAACE!" he cried.
The thing is the fact that there was nothing wrong with his face. There was just a tiny drop of blood on his face. [Oh wow. That's SO terrible, Matt.] Another thing- he's not even the one who's bleeding, unlike everyone else. It's most likely one of them's blood, after the might've gotten cut by something that flew at them or hit them in th face. Edd was just standing there, being quiet and stuff, until he realized something terribly terrible had happened- THE COKE FRIDGE WAS GONE! **dun-dun-dunnn!**
"Shut up, Edd. Shut up now before I kill you." Tord said, glaring at Edd, evilly.
"But....but the Cok-"
"I SAID SHUT UP!" yelled Tord, as he pulled a gun out from his hoody pocket and aimed it at Edd.
"Sorry, bu-"
Edd looked at Tord, at Tom, then back at Tord again as he slowly got up and Tord shoved the gun back in his pocket.


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Tom_TheEddsworld said...
May 9 at 12:15 pm
This is awesome, I LOVE EDDSWORLD :D
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