The Coffe, the Love, the Bombing

January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

There was once a coffee shop called Corey’s Coffee. This particular coffee shop was located in a distant, not well known, rather small town. Corey’s Coffee everyday business consisted of serving more than three hundred people, then cleanup, and finally lockup. Corey’s Coffee was notorious for their live entertainment, their homemade special blend coffee. Corey’s Coffee was a huge tourist attraction for those people who actually found the town in which it was located until one fatal month of problems came by.

These problems started on the second Tuesdays of November. That exact day marked the beginning of the end for Corey’s Coffee. For some odd reason after a new costumer went into Corey’s Coffee, the problems began to happen.

The first problem was that they were losing tons of costumers for no reason at all. The second problem was that they were losing money. For a long couple of weeks there was a bigger and bigger list of problems. By then there were only six costumers that still willingly went to Corey’s Coffee. Two of the six people were the newest costumer and his girlfriend.

(Earlier in the month of problems, the new costumer was sitting down at his table when he looked up at a girl and he instantly fell right in love with her.) (For a week he scoped her out and he eventually had gotten enough of just looking at her, so he went over to ask her out.) (The lady thought for only a second and said yes she would love to get together sometime.) (Not to long later they started dating.)

Towards the end of the month, there were only two costumers that still willingly went Corey’s Coffee. A Tuesday close to the end of the month a new costumer went into Corey’s Coffee with a really dark gray, heavy coat on. Right then the people that worked for Corey’s Coffee began to feel a little curious. They thought that it was a little suspicious of the guy to come in with such a coat and look so nervous.

Eventually the suspicious person went up to the cash register and said, “Do what they say or this place will be blown up,” as he was exposing the bomb strapped to his chest. Right then everybody behind the counter started to cry and scream. The suspicious guy then said, “Stop being so loud or we’re dead anyway because one of you have to answer the phone when it rings.

As soon as he got done saying what he had to say, his phone started to ring. One of the people that worked at Corey’s Coffee then picked up the phone and answered it. A few seconds later a voice said, “Walk out of the building, all the way to the Mexican Food Mart, and then put the deed to Corey’s Coffee into the car that is parked right in front of it,” then the voice hung up the phone.

Then the people working at Corey’s Coffee went into the back of the shop and grabbed the deed to the place. At first they weren’t sure if they really wanted to do what the voice requested, but then they remembered that if they didn’t all of them would be blown up by the bomb. Eventually they all decided that the manger should go do the task at hand. About five minutes later after them all decided on the plan, they all started to shove the manger out of the door while the manger yelled, “Stop or you are all fired,” and yet all of the workers ignored him and continued to shove until they got him out the door. As soon as he was out the door the workers shut and locked the door.

The manger then started to walk to the designation with the worst possible thoughts ever. He really wasn’t sure if he would live for another day. As soon as he had gotten to the designated car, and had put the deed into it, he had gotten ambushed by two people from behind (that later killed him). Those two people were all apart of the plan.

Two minutes later the suspicious guy’s phone started to ring and again they answered it. The voice then said, “Bye-bye,” followed by a click …….. a loud boom went off with fire bursting everywhere. After the bomb went off, the mysterious voice called the cops and told them that there was a fire in Corey’s Coffee and that he believed that there were people inside.
A month after all the construction work, a super mall was having its grand opening and after a month later, a lot of the people forgot about Corey’s Coffee and were happy with the new super mall in town.

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