Fearless~An Outsiders Miniseries

January 14, 2012
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Hey everybody! This is an Outsiders miniseries about a girl named Cody! Enjoy and rate!!

Cody Robertson has always loved her mother, she was now glad that her mother finally divorced her drunken father. But on one cold morning, her father breaks into their home and violently beats her mother, causing Cody to have to quickly grab her things and take the fastest bus out of their, to a new place, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cody's life is changed forever.


Cody Robertson- Shy, quiet, curly blonde hair and big dark blue eyes
Victoria James- The leader, funny, reckless, curly brown hair and pretty hazel/greenish eyes, in love with Sodapop.
June Mason- Shy, almost as quiet as Cody, straight light-blonde hair and light blue eyes.
Evelyn Wells- Loud, fun, rule-breaking, dark-brown, medium-length, straight hair, brown eyes, Dallas's girlfriend.
Tara Andrews- Strong, hard-working, brown, wavy hair and green eyes.
Laurel Moore- Funny, wise-cracking, medium-length red/brownish straight hair, green eyes, fond of Two-Bit.
Ponyboy Curtis- Smart, cute, dreamy, youngest of his family of two older brothers, brown/reddish hair, green/grayish eyes.
Johnny Cade- Quiet, shy, cute, tan skin and dark eyes and hair, good listener.
Sodapop(Soda) Curtis- Movie-star looks, golden-brown hair, brown dreamy eyes, reckless, caring, sensitive, dating Sandy
Darrel(Darry) Curtis- Strong, smart, brown hair and brown eyes, takes care of his brothers and holds two jobs.
Dallas(Dally) Winston- Reckless, rule-breaking, brown hair and brown eyes (depends on if you are referring to the book or movie, if you are to the book, then tow-headed and cold, blue eyes), always in trouble with the fuzz.
Two-Bit Matthews- Wise-cracking, funny, jokester, loves Mickey Mouse, has red sideburns, brown hair and brown eyes.
Steve Randle- Mean, hard-working, partier, Soda's best buddy, dark, dark brown hair (nearly black hair) and eyes.
Sandy- Kind, sweet (for now), blonde hair and soft, china blue eyes.

Chapter 1

Cody's POV

I waited for the bus at the corner of the quiet street. I stared at the red, faded stop sign, while my eyes blurred with hot tears, but I quickly wiped them away. I was remembering what had just happened:

I thumped down the wooden steps into the kitchen. My mother stood there yawning while making breakfast in her pink robe, her red hair was all frizzed up. Her brown eyes sparkled, I laughed at her hair, it always looked that way. She smiled at me and asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I always had the usual, chocolate cereal with milk, but my mother already had gotten it out while she asked me. I sat down at our table in a rickety, old chair. My mother handed me the food, but was at once interrupted by a loud banging sound. The front door whooshed open, and my horrible father walked in. My mother glared at him, she had recently divorced him, so we both thought he was gone for good, we were wrong. He had cold, blue eyes, and grizzly looking black hair. He shattered his empty beer bottle on our house's floor. Before I knew it, he had started beating my mother. In between gasps, my mother spoke to me,"Cody…get your things…get out of here…it's for your own…good." I hurriedly grabbed the most of my clothes, pictures, and some money, but most certainly I left behind the memories of the days I lived here. I rushed down to the bus stop, and while panting, grabbed a faded picture of my mother and I. I wiped away tears, but it was no use, I cried it all out.

So anyway, there I stood, hoping some vehicle would show up to get me somewhere out of here. But I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to leave New Jersey, I didn't want to leave the last memories of my older sister, Maria. She had left one night after being sick of my father's brutal beatings. My mother was constantly begging him to stop, but he just never would. Maria's leaving had triggered my mother to pull the plug on the marriage. Maria, oh Maria. She was kind, sweet, smart, and always there to stick up for me. I have curly blonde hair and dark blue eyes, she had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She had my mother's eyes. After my father drove her out, I decided to hate him beyond hate. How could his mean, cold soul ever think that I would think of him as someone who raised me? I may never know, but anyway the bus was now coming around the corner.

It was white, with faded advertisements on it's sides. The bus driver immediately held out her hand motioning me to pay the riding fee. I reached into my blue jeans pocket, and pulled out a few cents. I then boarded the bus, ready to start my new life somewhere. Forever.

Do you love it?? If we get enough views and positive comments, we will post the rest of Chapter One!! So rate and comment, comment, comment!!! :)

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ZombieDanceWithMe said...
Jan. 31, 2012 at 8:35 pm
huge huge HUGE outsiders fan! ohmygod, I saw the characters page, thank you for keeping johnny alive! ohmygod, can I just like sit here and look at the screen for a few hours? I never knew this website had fan fiction, but oohmygod, I have so much in my head! okay, so thank you for posting this, you are like, my new best friend
Pinkslip replied...
Feb. 1, 2012 at 2:37 pm
the rest is on www.fanfiction.net THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!! :) :) :)
ZombieDanceWithMe replied...
Feb. 5, 2012 at 9:28 pm
why did you have to tell me about this website?!?!?! it's now has more views than facebook! can you say addicted!
Pinkslip replied...
Feb. 6, 2012 at 9:50 am
LOL IKR! :) I hope u like the rest, whats your accout name? ( if u made an account on it) cuz we can pm new changes and updates to u! :) Hope u love it!!!!!!!!!!
Pinkslip replied...
Feb. 6, 2012 at 9:50 am
On fanfic I mean
ZombieDanceWithMe replied...
Feb. 6, 2012 at 11:06 am
yes I do! I haven't gotten much farther on your story (mainly because I've been writing myself! xD) but my username is rainbowsh3rb3rt Oh my god you have made me an addict!
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