Changing The World Gaga Style

January 12, 2012
By cbusby BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
cbusby BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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“I am a living work of art.” She started. “I’m always telling a story whether it’s with my outfits, makeup, or performances.”
“I stared at myself in the mirror. Perfecting my white outfit splattered with sequins. Slowly going over my moves. Whipping my hair back and forth over my shoulders. I slid my mask over my eyes. It was time to change the world.”
“My VMA performance in 2009 was giving people an answer; people always talk about ‘what’s she going to look like when she dies or what’s she going to look like when she overdoses on whatever drugs she’s taking,’ and that’s what I gave them. I allowed them to see me die right before their eyes. Everyone wants to see the decay of a star, they want to see the person who has it all, lose it all.”
“Laying on the stage waiting for the spotlight to illuminate my body, I knew the night would be exhilarating. Adrenaline pumped throughout me. The curtain rose. The words to my song flowed like melted butter. The choreographed moves were a part of me. Arm, arm, spin, and drop. Emotions came out as moves and facial expressions. All my issues began to vanish and my performance became my world for the moment.”
“I feel that my music embraces the idea of self empowerment and self acceptance. People need to learn to be unique and be themselves. I, personally, am obsessively opposed to the typical.”
“I want to change the world and you can’t change the world if you’re just the average.”

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