Three Little Miracles - Chapter 3

December 14, 2011
By JacesFutureWife SILVER, Winder, Georgia
JacesFutureWife SILVER, Winder, Georgia
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JPOV ( 13 Months Later)

"You almost ready?" I hollered to Clary up the stairs.

"Yeah! I just have to find one more thing!" I shook my head. The was the second 'one more thing' she had to find, but since we weren't in a rush I couldn't really say anything. Today we were having a day out at the mall because Clary had to do some shopping for Isabelle's birthday that was coming up soon. I sighed and plopped down at the end of the stairs. I heard a giggle and looked up to smile at my girls. They had grown so much and sometimes I would be scared to blink. Afraid that if I did they would already be driving . They were growing up way to fast for my liking. I mean they were already fourteen mouths old and had already mastered the art of walking and their vocabulary was growing everyday. Everything about them had changed so much. Their hair, all curly, was at the top of their shoulders and they had teeth. Soon enough they were going to ask me if they could start dating and then I would have to hide them in a closet or something. I don't think Clary would be too happy about that though.

"Ready!" Clary suddenly appeared behind. I screamed and jumped up. Clary laughed when I shook my head at her.

"Good grief woman! Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Sorry." She shrugged although she was far from it. The girls giggled making us both smile. After a collections of wallets, keys, sunglasses, diaper bags, and sippy cups we loaded in and were in on our way to the mall. We rode in comfortable silence before Clary leaned in and turned on the radio on and fiddled with the buttons before she found a station she liked. I smiled when I heard the song.

Girl I Been Thinking' 'Bout Us

And You Know I Ain't Good At this Stuff

She grinned about me and took my hand as she continued singing. We were having so much fun that it seemed like it took no time at all to get to the mall. Finding a parking space Clary and I quickly jumped out and I got the girls out while Clary grabbed her purse and the diaper bag which actually didn't look like a diaper bag at all, but a oversized purse.

I grabbed Alyssa and Mackenzie hands and Clary grabbed Elizabeth's hand as we walked into the mall to make sure we didn't loose them. The first place we went was in a store that was filled with purses. Clary looked like a kid on Christmas as she went down every aisle. Finally she decided on a pink and white one with a matching wallet. I paid for that and we were off to the next store; Bath & Body Works. Clary bought some lotion, body wash, perfume, and some little germ -x with a holder that you can strap onto the outside of your purse. After paying we went into some other stores before finally passing what would surely be the death of me; Toys R' Us. Mackenzie spotted it first.

"Daddy! Go there!" She squealed at me, making the others notice the store too. Elizabeth let go of Clary and walked over where I stood. She tugged on my pants leg and held her arms up for me to hold her. I did and she hooked her little arms around my neck.

"We go there Daddy?" She asked me much more calmly than Mackenzie did. I sighed and looked down at Alyssa.

"You want to go to?" She grinned and bounced up and down. I looked down at Clary and raised an eyebrow at her. She shook her head.

"I want to go to another store, but I will meet you guys back here." I nodded and gave her a kiss.

"Daddy! No kiss mommy! Go get toys!" Mackenzie whined. I laughed a little and raised an eyebrow at her.

"If you can't learn to be patient you can just go with Mommy and not get a toy." She was quiet after that. Clary wandered off and the four of us walked into the toy store. We went to the dolls first. I sat Elizabeth down and let her look at them with Alyssa. Now for Mackenzie.

"Mackenzie?" I asked spinning around. No answer.

"Mackenzie?" I said louder. Still no answer. I grabbed Alyssa and Elizabeth's hands and took them with me as I hunted my daughter down. I was walking quickly and my breathing was labored as all the things that could have happened to her ran through my head. When I find her she is going to be in so much trouble.

EPOV ( Can you guess who? Hehehehe!)

"What about this one?" Bella, my wife, asked holding up a toys from the movie cars. Sadly it was Mater and not Lightening McQueen; his favorite. We were trying to find a toy for my son's, Masen, first birthday, but we were having no luck. I scanned the selves for the third time and my eyes landed on a Lightening McQueen car set that had about twenty little cars instead of just on big car. I snatched it up and showed Bella. She gave me a smile and grinned.

"Perfect!" Grabbing her hand we both turned to walk away. I made it halfway down that aisle before something ran into my leg. I let go of Bella's hand and knelt down to look at the child who was obviously lost.

"Hi sweetie." I said to her and her eyes snapped to mine in shock. "Are you lost?" No response. Not even a shake of the head. She was a very beautiful child with blond, curly hair that swung to her shoulder and bright green eyes. I tried to talk to her again.

"I won't hurt you. I just want to help. Can you tell me where you parents are?" I asked her gently. She shook her head at me.

"Well why don't we go up front and we can call you parents." She hesitated briefly before reaching out for the hand I had held out for her. I was about to start walking when I heard a shout from behind me.

"Mackenzie Grace Wayland!" I turned to see a man with blond hair and gold eyes walking very fast toward the little girl and he looked pissed. This has got to be her father. He had two other girls who looked just like Mackenzie expect one of them had red hair and the man's gold eyes. He let go of the girls and leaned down to face Mackenzie, ignoring me completely. Grabbing her by the arm he gave her a hard smack to her bottom that even I could hear. Tears fell down her eyes, but she didn't make a sound. Weird. Masen always made noise with he cried.

"Where in the world have you been?" He asked her angrily. More tears fell, but his angry stance didn't faltered at them. I could have never down that with Masen. This man was good. Maybe he can give me some pointers.

"I find dresses. Then I no find you." She told him. His eyes softened some but his tone didn't.

"If you ever, ever do that again that spanking I just gave you is going to look like a swat. Do you understand me?" He shook her a little bit.

"Yes sir. Me no do that again. I hug you now." Did she just say 'Yes Sir'? She moved into to hug him, but he stopped her.

"You know that you just lost your favorite toys right." He raised an eyebrow at her and she nodded. Whoa! Masen would have never taken that as willing as she just did. What is his secret? Then he let her hug him and his eyes looked upward. Softly he shook his head and released the little girl from his hold. When he did the girl on his left side reached over and swatted the girl, Mackenzie, on the arm and pulled her into a hug. I heard Bella let out an soft, 'Aw.' I had to admit. They were pretty darn cute.

"You no do that." She shook her finger at her and I let out a chuckle making the man look up at me. He gave him a thankful smile.

"Thank you so much!" He gave him a firm handshake. I smiled and shook his head.

"I am sure you have done the same thing if it were my kid." He nodded his head.

"I would have. You have a kid? What is their name?" I smiled affectionately as I thought of my child.

"A one year old. His name is Masen." I smiled.

"Well, thank you. Let me buy you some lunch." He grinned good naturedly.

"That sounds good. I could go for something big." He laughed and nodded his head in agreement.

"Well, I have to go find my wife and then we can go get something to eat."

"Sounds good. We have to pay for our stuff and we will just met you over there." I told him.

"Great! See you in a minute."


I grabbed Mackenzie's hand and made her walk with me and let Elizabeth and Alyssa walk a little bit in front of me. I didn't want to loose them too! We found Clary in Rue 21 purchasing some tee shirts and jewelry. The saleslady gave her the receipt and handed her the bags.

"Did you guys find some toys?" She asked as we walked out of the store and toward the food court. We all turned to Mackenzie who was still sniffling by my side. Clary frowned.

"What happened?" I told her with Alyssa and Elizabeth giving some of the details too.

"Mackenzie." Clary scolded when we finished our tale. Mackenzie sobbed and ran over to Clary who picked her up.

"I no mean run off mommy. I see dresses and went them and then daddy found me and spank me." Mackenzie wailed and threw her arms around Clary's neck. I rolled my eyes. She is such a drama queen. I jerk my thumb to the food court.

"Come on we have to go to the food court to met the who found the drama queen and buy him lunch." Clary raised her eyebrows, but followed me anyway. When we got there Edward waved me down from a table near Subway. I grinned as we all found a seat at the table. The man had great taste in food. I'll give him that much. We made introductions first.

"This is my wife Bella." Edward put his arm around a pretty brunette next to him. I smiled and said, "Hello" as did the rest of my family. I touched Clary on the shoulder.

"This is my wife Clary and my three girls Alyssa, Elizabeth, and of course you already know Mackenzie." I pointed to each one of them as I said their names. Edward and Bella smiled and politely said 'hi'. I found out a lot about Edward and Bella over lunch. Bella was a stay at home mom while Edward, as I found out, was part owner with his father. Apparently after he had gotten his degree in business and construction he went on to help run the company with his father. We both exchanged phone numbers with Edward and Bella and Clary made plans with Bella to get together for lunch and shopping next week.

We left the mall right after, but not before stopping by the toy store to get the girls something since we were rather distracted earlier. Clary sat in the middle of the truck seat and rested her head against me. I smiled and tried to drive as slow as possible just to make the feeling last longer. When we got home Clary got the girls and put them down for a nap while I unloaded the bags and put them in the living room. Then I collapsed on the couch. I watch from my slumped place on the couch as Clary ran around and put everything in its right place before throwing herself down next to me.

I laughed as she stretched out and put her head in my lap.

"Tired?" I asked. She hummed and nuzzled her face into my leg.

"Yep." We fell silent after that, not really speaking other than a few things here in there. After a few minutes though Clary spoke making me focus on her.

"Do you ever think about having more kids Jace?" I snorted at here question, but not in a amusement, but in disbelief.

"Don't you think we have our hands full right now?" She giggled and I felt her head move against my body when she nodded.

"Yeah, but I mean, they won't stay that little forever. Eventually they are going to grow up and live their own lives." She told me softly. I didn't like to think about my babies growing up because the truth was is that they will always be my baby girls. Now matter how old they are. I shrugged.

"I know they will, but that is years away Clary." She was the one who shrugged this time.

"I know, but don't you want a boy. Someone you can do all that manly junk with." She mumbled, but she made a point. I did want a son. Not that I didn't love my girls, but some things I just can't do with my daughter. Like teach them how to shave or hit on a girl.

"I do want a son." I said softly. "Not right now though. Lets wait until the girls are at least four or five until we try again." I was hoping that was a good compromise. By that age the girls would be a lot more independent and could help Clary out a lot more when the new baby comes. She sigh heavily.

"Sounds good. I can't wait already." I chuckled and shook my head.

"I know you can't" We lapsed back into silence after that, neither one of us really saying anything. I was on the same page with her here. Because the truth was… I couldn't wait to have a son either.



It's been a week since the incident with Mackenzie in the mall, which I could have killed her, not literally, for. That child is going to be the death of me one of these days and here I thought that I was going to die a natural death! I am really excited to spend the day with Bella today. She seems like a sweet person and plus I get finally get to meet her son, Masen today. We have been texting each other every day and I have learned a lot about her actually. Like whom her parents are, where she was born, how she and Edward met. Lots of things and I have told her the same things about me. I already feel like I have known her for years instead of a couple of days. Plus not only will I get to meet Masen and Masen is going to meet the girls. They are the same age expecting that the girls are a month older than him.

It was eight o' clock now and we were supposed to met Bella and Masen at the mall we were going to at eleven and it took an hour to get there. So if we wanted to get there on time we had to be out of here about 8:30, 8:45. I opened the door to the girls room and went around one by one woke them up, and set them out of their cribs. I sighed as I reached Elizabeth's crib. She was NOT a morning person at all and was cranky the first hour after she had waked up. Oh well, she could sleep on the ride up there. I shook her shoulder gently and she groggily opened her eyes. I picked her up and set her on the floor with her sisters. Before leaving their room I grabbed them all some blue jeans, their sneakers, socks, three diapers, and three shirts that had a single flower in the middle. I cut off the lights and shut the door before leading them into Jace's and me master bathroom. We had a hug tub and since we were on time scheduled they could all take a bath together. They undressed themselves and I set the in tub and let them splash around with bubbles while I washed their hair and did everything I had to do. When they were all washed and cleaned I helped them all out and dried them off.

I had a system when I got them dressed: one item a time, one girl at a time. I would grabbed Mackenzie's diaper and help her into them, then Alyssa, and the Elizabeth. The next item I would grab would be their jeans, shirts, socks, and then shoes. Soon enough we all dressed. I had gotten ready before them and by some miracle had managed not to get anything on me. I let the girls go to their room and play with their toys while I soaked up all the water on the bathroom floor and throw the towel in the laundry. I walked back to where the girls were and rounded them all up to their stools in the bathroom and brushed all their teeth and fixed their hair up in ponytails. Once that was done they went back to their toys and I jogged down to the kitchen to make sure they had extra diapers, wipes, powders, each a change of clothes if something were to happen and of course a first aid kit. Ever since Mackenzie fell last month at the park I have carried on in religiously in their diapers. Last thing I checked was to make sure their sippy cups and juice. When I was sure I had everything I need I grabbed the diaper bag, my purse, sunglasses, keys, jacket, and called the girls downstairs.

"Girls! Let's go!" They came running down the stairs with big grins on their faces. I raised an eyebrow at them.

"Did you turn you bedroom light off?" The girls looked at Elizabeth. She turned ran up the stairs. I heard a door slam and then her running back down. She grinned.

"I turn it off mommy." I smiled.

"Good job! Alright, lets go!" I helped them into their hoodies and then my jacket before we all walked out the door with me making sure I locked it behind me. We all plied in my white Expedition that I traded my for my car right after the girls were born because there was no way that all of us was going to fit in that car. I wanted a big enough vehicle that fit all of us as well as Jace's Dodge Ram 1500 (A/N: If you have never seen a Dodge Ram 1500 it is the same thing a Ford F-150. It is just on is made by Dodge and one by Ford.) And I was about to get a huge butt truck so an Expedition was the perfect car -er- SUV.

The drive there was filled with lots of giggles from the backseat and some from the front seat. Sometimes I didn't even know what they were laughing about, but I loved to hear them so happy that I didn't really care. Although sometimes I get this sneaking suspicion that it was me they were laughing at… We pulled into the mall and the squeals that came from the backseat when they saw the huge indoor playground were so loud that I actually flinched a little when I heard them. I quickly found a parking space and unloaded my purse, diaper bag, and the girls and together we walked into the Funitroium A.K.A. the huge freaking indoor playground.

We found Bella at a waiting by the entrance.

"Hi you guys!" She said happily holding an exciting Masen in her arms. I grinned at him.

"Hi Masen!" He smiled and waved at me. I laughed. At least he wasn't shy. Not that there is anything wrong with being shy. Elizabeth was extremely shy, but it is always easier to talk with non shy kids. Bella paid our way in and we found a table in the front, far right hand corner which was perfect because the noise is sort of muted, but at the same time we could keep an eye at the kids. I put my purse and the diaper bag down and then tilted my head down when I felt a tug.

"We go play mommy?" Elizabeth asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet. I shook my head and her bouncing slowed a bit. I turned to Bella and got her attention.

"What do you and Masen want to eat?" I was buying everyone's food since Bella paid everyone's way in. She turned to Masen and asked him first.

"What do you want to eat honey?" He tilted his head to one side and then the other.

"I want chicken nuggets." He declared and then turned back to talking to Alyssa about something.

"Just get him the happy meal and I'll have the number five with sprite to drink." I nodded and wrote it down on a small notebook that I had gotten out of my purse so that I wouldn't want to forget everything. I looked at the girls.

"What do you guys want?"

"I want chicken nuggets." Alyssa said shyly glancing at Masen. I let out a silent squeal. They are so cute together.

"I want chicken nuggets too mommy." Elizabeth informed me. I nodded and scribbled it on my paper.

"I want big mac!" I sighed deeply and mentally prepared myself for the tantrum she was about to throw and when she did I was going to have to spank her which was more Jace's area than mine.

"You can't have a big mac Mackenzie." I told her. She huffed, glared, pouted, and folded arms across her chest. Then came the five words that are going to haunt me forever.

"Yes I can!" She stomped her foot. "I'm a big girl now!" There it is ladies and gentleman. She was a big girl now. That may be, but she still cannot finish a big mac by herself. I mean, come on, we are talking about the girl who has trouble finishing a piece of pizza. A big mac? That was so not happening.

"You're not getting a big mac Mackenzie." I told her more firmly hoping she would get the point and choose something else.

"I. Want. A. BIG. MAC." She gritted out through the teeth. Which is pretty darn amazing nine teeth. All my girls had about nine teeth because they all started teething at about three months old. I ran my fingers through my hair and knelt down to her level.

"Mackenzie Grace I said you are not getting one. If you don't choose right now I am going to choose for you." I told her firmly and she pouted a little bit more. She huffed and threw herself down on the ground and began to cry. I rolled my eyes. Jace was right; she was a drama queen.

"I want a big mac!" She screeched at top volume.

"Get up Mackenzie." She ignored me and continued to wail. Sighing I reached down and picked her up then turned to Bella.

"Can you watch them right quick while I go get the food?" She nodded and turned back to the kids. I took Mackenzie into the bathroom and sat her down on the floor. She was still crying as loud as she could and it was starting to give me headache.

"If you don't stop crying by the time I get to three then you are getting a spanking. 1..." I warned and when she didn't stop crying I continued. "2..." Please stop Mackenzie because I really don't want to give you a spanking. I gave her a second longer. "3... OK that's it!" I grabbed her lightly by her arm and let my hand fall hard enough on her bottom so that I could hear the sound when the two met. I grabbed her chin and forced her look at me.

"Now you listen to me like young lady. When I tell you that you can't have something you listen to me. If this happens again I will just let daddy handle it." I really hated to pull out the daddy because Jace was waaayyy harsher than me. Whenever Jace told them to stop or do something you better believed they listened right then and there. Well… most of the time they did. I mean, they are still kids. They are just mom behaved than other kids.

"Yes ma'am." She sniffled and hugged me. With that we both walked out off the bathroom and I ordered the food then both I and Mackenzie made our way back to the table, food in hand. We all dug in and all the kids tired to eat as fast as they were allowed because they wanted to go play. Sometimes it was more annoying because whenever they would finish a piece of food they would say, "Play now."

Finally after what seemed like forever they finished their food and ran over and started to play with the first things they saw. I laughed at their eagerness and Bella laughed with me.

"I can't believe he is already one now." Bella sighed wistfully. I smiled a sad smile, but couldn't resist the chance to tease her about it. I blame Jace.

"Yeah, soon enough he'll be batting off girls with a bat." Bella laughed and pointed her finger at something.

"Too late for the girl's thing, but I'm still waiting on him to whip out that bat." I turned my head to the space she had pointed and saw it was Alyssa and Masen. Alyssa had been pushed by another little boy and Masen was helping her up. I watched with rapt attention as Masen made sure Alyssa was okay before turning to the boy that had pushed her. The boy wasn't looking their way so Masen tapped him on the shoulder and as soon as he turned around her slugged him in the stomach. I gasped and pushed back from my chair to go over there. Bella was far behind. She reached over and pulled Masen to her side as the mother of the other boy came stomping over looking quite mad I might add.

"Are you okay Jake?" Jake's mother looked at him with concern. He nodded and cuddled up to her side. I rolled my eyes. He needs to toughen up. Bella was still restraining Masen to her side because, really, it looked like he was about to go at Jake again. Once the Jake's mother was convinced he was okay she turned her glare on Bella.

"Can't you please control you son." She spoke low as to not alert the kids to their convocation. Bella scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Control my son! Maybe you should control yours. He pushed Clary's daughter off the slide and Masen was just defending her!" Bella exclaimed, the fire burning brighter in her eyes with each word she said. I smiled a little on the inside. Go Bella!

"Well, if your son would have been more respectful and just waited his turn because Alyssa was here first then we wouldn't have this problem now would we?" It was rhetorical question, but the lady felt the need to answer it anyway.

"No," the lady argued, "it wouldn't have if your daughter would have just been nice and let my son go first!" I rolled my eyes. That made no sense whatsoever. Masen took the chance to break free and ran over to wrap Alyssa in a big hug. I let out a silent, "Aw!" He had a crush on her and by the way she is blushing she has a crush on him too.

"You no not wat you talkin bout. Alyssa was there firswt! Jake should wait his turn!" Masen pointed an accusing finger at Jake and then turned to Alyssa and said, "It be okay. Mommy take care of it!" I smiled because, really, you can't not look at something like that and not smile. The lady rolled her eyes and shook her head as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Look," She started, "can we just forget this whole thing ever happened? It was probably just a misunderstanding." Bella nodded tightly.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." The lady nodded and walked away, taking Jake with her. With her gone we took ourselves and the kids back to our table. I let out a long sigh.

"Well who knew that a day at the Funitroium could be so much fun for us!" And with that, everyone burst into laughter.

The author's comments:
I think this is my favorite chapter so far! Very fun and sweet! Plus it has cute little kids! Who doesn't love those little kiddes?!

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