Three Little Miracles - Chapter 2

December 14, 2011
"Where are they? I put all the balloons right here!" I watched with rapt amusement as Isabelle looked over and under everything expect in the Wal-Mart bag she had put them in. She had been this way along with Jocelyn and Mayrse ever since they got here this morning with the decorations and food they were armed with and that was at 7:00 A.M this morning. Needless to say Jace was not happy at being woken up that early on a Saturday. When you wake up at 6:30 A.M. everyday for work you want to sleep in some on the weekends. Jace usually doesn't get up until about 10 or 11 O' Clock on weekends. He is in a better mood now that the girls got up at 8:00 O' Clock. All the guest were supposed to be arriving at one and it was already 11:30. These girls better hurry up if they expect to have everything done in time. I would help, but I was under strict orders not to touch anything or else. Directly from my own mother and mother-in-law.

Finally having mercy on her I grabbed the balloons and held them up to sway in front of her face. She glared at me and snatched the balloons from me before going somewhere else to fill and hang them up. Sighing I walked into the living room to find Jace sitting in his recliner with the girls all lined up in front of him in their car seats. They all had on blue jeans and short sleeved tee shirts. Only Alyssa's shirt was yellow, Mackenzie's shirt was purple and Elizabeth's shirt was pink. I smiled at them because they were just too darn adorable! They were going to be heartbreakers one day, that's for sure!

I walked over and put a hand on Jace's shoulder. He smiled at me and pulled me down to sit on his knee and his arms around my waist. I sighed again but this time it was one of contentment as I laid my head on Jace's shoulder. He rocked us back and forth in the recliner and let myself relax fully against him. Every once and a while he would smile at something the girl's would do, but I was to comfortable to raise my head and see what it was. So I just lay there quietly and let Jace have some time with the girls.


I watched Elizabeth as she held up her hand in front of her face and her eyes widen when she moved it. I chuckled because she was too cute! Mackenzie and Alyssa weren't really doing nothing, but sitting there and relaxing as I rocked them back and forth with my foot. Soon enough they were all going at the same speed and looking straight at me. I would make funny faces at them to get them to laugh, but they never did. All they did was stare. I knew soon enough though that they would be smiling and giggling almost all the time. I was happy that my girls were in my life. When the doctor said the Clary was pregnant with three girls I almost couldn't believe it. It seemed so impossible, but now I am starting to think nothing is impossible. I loved them all so much and I would do anything I can to give them the best possible life they deserve.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I jumped a little as Jocelyn ran into the room, looking a little flustered, and almost ran into Elizabeth's car seat. "Careful!" I scolded her.

"Sorry, sorry!" She apologized. "Clary I need you to go upstairs, take a shower, and get ready. Jace I need you to go outside and make sure the grill is hot because I want to start cooking them hamburgers and hot-dogs as soon as the guest get here. Luke, Alec, and Robert will watch the girls for you until you get back."

I watched as Clary smiled at her mother and muttered to myself, "Yeah! That makes me feel better!" Jocelyn gave me a sharp look and the motioned to the stairs while looking at Clary. Clary raised her hands in surrender and gave me a light peck on the lips before turning and jogging up the stairs. Jocelyn looked pointedly at me and I got up and went outside before she could say anything. I cleaned the grill first before setting it the correct temperature so it could warm up. That was all that really needed to be done until the food was put on it. I walked back inside and right when I was about to sit back down I doorbell ring. I looked at the three men sitting on my couch but neither of them moved because they were all to busy playing with my girls to notice the doorbell. Rolling my eyes I ran over to the front door and swung it open to reveal a man. He was wearing tight silver pants, a rainbow colored shirt, and his hair was gelled to spike up. I raised an eyebrow at him and he raised one back.

"Who are you?" I asked bluntly. No need to beat around the bush here.

"Uuumm, I must have the wrong house. I am looking for Alec Lightwood. He said that he would be here for a party and I could just meet him here." My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Alec!" I called. A few second later he walked in the foyer holding Elizabeth in his arms with a bottle in his hand. I glanced at the watch on my wrist; 12:30. The girl's lunch time.

"Magnus! What are you doing here? I said 1:00!" Alec exclaimed. I looked from Magnus to Alec. I am pretty sure there is something that I am missing here.

"I was already in the neighborhood and didn't want to drive all back to my house and then all the way back over so I thought that I would just come over here early. I knew none of the guests would be here so we could get everything out of the way before they did." Alec sighed at the sparkly man but a small smile tugged at his lips.

"Well since you are here I guess you better come in." Magnus walked completely into the house and I let the door fall shut behind him still wondering what I was missing. Magnus caught sight of Elizabeth in Alec's arms for the first time.

"Who is the pretty little girl?" Magnus cooed to her. Elizabeth face scrunched up and her eyes started to tear. Alec looked alarmed at the crying child in his arms.

"No, no, it's OK! Don't cry!" Magnus and Alec both tried to sooth her, but she just cried harder. She turned in Alec's arms and stretched her chubby little arms out towards me. I plucked her from Alec's arms and held her close. She put her cheek on my shoulder and her cries slowly died out. I glared at Magnus and turned to go back into the living room where I took a seat in my recliner, still holding Elizabeth close. Alec and Magnus rushed in after me. I gestured for Alec to hand me the bottle he had fixed. When he did I laid Elizabeth down in the crook of my arm and feed her. She had one hand gripping my tee shirt and the other hand holding the side of her bottle. I looked up to see the Luke was feeding Alyssa and Robert was feeding Mackenzie. They both looked highly uncomfortable holding my babies.

I couldn't pass up the chance to tease them. "You OK there boys?" I asked them. They both turned their heads and glared at me. I laughed and rocked Elizabeth and I slowly back and forth. I looked down to see the Elizabeth had finished her bottle so I took it from her and set it on the end table next to me.

I was about to draw my hand back when Clary's phone lit up with an incoming call from an Alice Whitlock. Who is that I wondered as I reached over, slide the bar and put the phone to my ear.

"Hello." I answered.

"Hello?" A tinkling voice spoke.

"Yes, who is this?" I asked in my nice voice. The person on the other end laughed.

"This is Alice Whitlock. I am looking for Clary. Clary Wayland, but forget it I must have the wrong number." I spoke quickly before she could hang up.

"No! You have the right number. This is her husband, Jace. She is busy right now. Is the anything I can do for you?" I asked politely. After all, she didn't do anything.

"Well, you see Jace, I am leaving for the party right and I sort of forgot where y'all lived so I was wondering if you can help me out?" I laughed because she sounded so embarrassed to be asking for directions.

"Sure. Where do you live?"

She told me where she lived and I surprised to here it was in one of the richer parts of the neighborhood. She or her husband must have a high paying job. I gladly told her where we lived and that I would see her soon. Right after Alice and I hung up Clary appeared in the door way looking as cute as ever in her capris, pink tee shirt, and flip flops right after I had set her phone down. I smiled at her and held my arms out as an invitation. She smiled back happily and came and sat on my right knee, being careful when she sat since I was still holding Elizabeth.

"Hey baby girl!" She cooed to Elizabeth as she took her from me and set her on her own lap and stretched her legs out so that they hung of the opposite arm of the arm she was leaned back against. Clary set Elizabeth's feet on her thighs and helped her stand up as she continued to talk to her.

"You're just the cutest little girl! Yes you are!" Clary reached forward and nuzzled her nose against Elizabeth's nose. I could have imagined it but I could have sworn Elizabeth smiled just the tiniest bit.

Yep, I thought as I watched Clary and Elizabeth, she is totally a mama's girl.

"Oh yeah! An Alice Whitlock called. She said that she was leaving for the party now. She should be here in a few minutes." I mentioned to Clary as I played with her soft hair. She turned to face me and her eyebrows crumpled.

"Alice? What did she want?" I laughed as I remembered our conversation.

"She wanted to know where we lived. She said that you told her but she forgot." Clary laughed with me too.

"OK! I can't wait for you to met her! She is the sweetest person you ever did met! She has got a lot of enthusiasm packed into that little 4'10 body!" I raised my eyebrows.

"Really? How old is she?" It was unusual for Clary to find someone shorter than her that was her own age.

"She is the same age!" She smiled, obviously happy about the fact that Alice was shorter. I was happy too because Clary was happy.

The guests started arriving shortly after. I was surprised that Isabelle managed to keep her promise of fifty people. I would have to thank her for that later. Clary eventually got up to go greet the guests. So did Luke and Robert which meant that I was holding all three of my girls on my lap. All of them were slouched a little as I rocked them back and forth. I smiled at them. They were so lazy.

People piled into the living room and found places to sit. Clary and Isabelle had brought in the kitchen table chairs and some plastic folding chairs, but we all managed to fit. Some people were criss-crossed in the floor in front of my seat playing with the babies and other were standing around next to their families.

I was perfectly content to hold my girls and chat with the people around me and answer their questions.

"Jace. I would like you to met someone." I looked up to see Clary standing with two unfamiliar people. I smiled at them and they smiled back.

"This is Alice and Jasper Whitlock." Clary gestured to the man and the woman. Alice was just as short as Clary described and even the excitement was there as she bounced on the balls of her feet. With her short black hair that pointed in a number of directions around her face, pale skin, and green eyes she looked like tinker bell in the flesh. Jasper was more quiet. With his blonde hair, ice blue eyes, lean figure, and tall height he all but towered over Alice. You could tell her had seen some stuff with the scars around his face. I didn't dwell on it though.

"Nice to meet you! I see you found our house Alice!" I teased her. She laughed seeming unaffected by my teasing.

"Yes, I did." She winked at me to show she was teasing making Jasper and Clary laugh with us. Her eyes landed on the girls and she squealed causing me to jump.

"Oh my gosh! They are so adorable! Wait! I bet I can guess which is which!" I smiled at her and waited for her to continue. Most people got it wrong but it was fun to see them try. She went to stand in front of the girls and bent down a little to get eye level with them.

"This is Mackenzie," She pointed to Alyssa. "this is Alyssa," She pointed to Elizabeth. "this is Elizabeth!" She pointed to Mackenzie. I laughed at her and Clary giggled a little bit.

"Nope. You got it all wrong!" Clary laughed and Alice pouted a little bit reminding me of a little kid who didn't get the toy she wanted.

"Well who is who?" She pressed.

"Alyssa is in yellow, Elizabeth is in pink, and Mackenzie is in purple." Clary explained and understanding dawned on Alice's face.

"That is so cute! What a neat idea!" Alice gushed and Clary turned a little pink at her compliment.

"Thanks!" Clary told her through her embarrassment.

"Can I hold one of them?" Alice asked excitedly. Good Lord, did her energy ever run out? I hope so. I wonder how Jasper handles it all the time. I was surely go crazy.

Clary shrugged. "Sure. Just be really careful though." You could tell Clary was a little nervous and to tell the truth so was I. Alice knelt down in front of Mackenzie and picked her up slowly as not to startle her.

"You are so cute!" Alice told Mackenzie. Mackenzie leaned her head on Alice's shoulder and Alice began to rub her back. I smiled at the two of them. They were one cute couple. Not like that of course. More like a best friends couple, but not exactly- Oh! Forget it! They were just cute together!

"You want to hold one Jasper?" Clary asked kindly. Jasper shook his head quickly.

"I wouldn't want to drop them our anything." Jasper sounded nervous and I smiled because he reminded me of myself when I first starting holding them.

"No you won't." I assured. Handing Elizabeth to Clary, I stood up with Alyssa and walked over to where Japer stood. I gently sit her in his arms but my hands stayed hovered around her sides to catch her. Jasper put one arm under her bottom and the other on around her back. I slowly stepped back and smiled at him.

"Your holding her!" I exclaimed and he smiled at me.

"Jace! Time to start the food!" Jocelyn hollered and I turned around and nodded to her.

"You got her?" I asked Jasper slowly backing away. He smiled and nodded apparently comfortable with holding Alyssa now. Walking through the back doors I rolled my eyes at Jocelyn as she stood by the grill with a plate full of hamburgers and hotdogs and started preparing the food as ordered. Alec, Luke, Robert, Magnus, and Jasper joined me a while later but Jasper was holding Mackenzie this time. He must have traded out with Alice. I nodded to all of them and turned back to flipping burgers.

"I don't believe I know you." I heard Luke say as I put the lid back down on the grill down and wiped my hands on a dishcloth nearby. I turned around to see Luke, Robert and even Jasper looking at him curiously.

"Oh!" Magnus cleared his throat dramatically. "I am Magnus Bane! Alex's friend!" He smiled brightly at us and Alec copied his movements. My eyebrows drew in with my confusion. Something about this whole thing was off.

"Bullcrap!" I said. All of them looked at me in shock and I just shrugged. They were lying in my house. I wasn't going to act like they weren't.

"How do you know?" Robert asked. Luke seconded him by asking the same question.

"Because Alec copied Magnus and Alec never does that unless he is nervous or trying to hide something." I stated seriously. "So spit it out!" They flinched at my voice, but I hardly noticed.

"Magnus is my boyfriend!" Alec squeaked and the slapped both of his hands of his mouth, eyes so wide it looked like they were about to pop out of his skull. Magnus slapped the palm of his hand against his forehead and muttered something about being horrible at something.

"Wha- Wha- In the world are you talking about? Boyfriend! Alec explain!" Robert spluttered. I just stood there with my jaw hanging open. I definitely did not mean to open this can of worms. I finally snapped my jaw shut as I listen to Alec 'Explain!'.

"Well, you see, I- I wanted to tell you, but- I didn't-.. " This boy was so nervous he could barley get out what he was trying to say. Magnus sighed and took over.

"Alec and I have been dating for over a month and we wanted to tell you, but we just didn't know how. We were going to do it here so we could tell everyone together and they could freak out together, but Blondie over here screwed it up!" Alec said all in one breath and sent a glare my way. "I hope you're happy." He muttered.

"No, not really." I answered honestly. He rolled his eyes at me and I rolled mine back. Robert looked between the two of them seeming at a loss for words. I would have laughed, but it didn't seem like that would go over too well.

"I meant to tell you dad! Really I did, but I didn't want you to freak out like your doing now!" Alec wailed. Robert took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger; a clear sign he was frustrated.

"I am not mad at you Alec, but I am disappointed in you. I wish you could have come to me and told me. Talk to me about it. I can understand why you didn't, but I still wish you did." Suddenly he smirked at Alec and Magnus. "You get to tell your mother though. I am not getting involved in that one!" He busted out laughing so hard he had to lean over a little bit. The rest of us slowly joined in expect for Alec and Magnus who stood there with identical scowls on their faces. That made me laugh even harder.

"What's going on out here? Y'all are laughing like a bunch of hyenas!" Clary told us. I wiped my eyes and got myself under control. Luke and Robert, however, were still, literally, laughing their butts off. I knew that if I kept looking at them that I would start laughing again so instead I focused on the food and putting it on the correct plates Jocelyn had set out. I smelt her before I felt her. Vanilla and something else that I couldn't pinpoint, but it smelt so dang good.

"Everything else is done." Clary told me as she rubbed my back. I chuckled again being unable to help myself and Clary looked at me curiously.

"I'll tell you later." I promised as I went to set the hamburgers and hot dog on the table. Everything was ready. Now all we needed was the people.

"Where are the girls?" I asked Clary as I took a seat with everyone else and she took one beside me.

"Alyssa is with Alice, Mackenzie is with Jasper, and Elizabeth is with Isabelle." I nodded, picking out each girl with my eyes as she read them off.

Everyone took a seat at the three picnic tables we pushed together to make room for everyone and started digging into the food. I was just about to take a bite of my burger when the doorbell rang.

"I got it." I told Clary who was already halfway standing. She shook her head.

"I have to get the girls bottles anyhow." I nodded and the two of us went inside. Clary to the kitchen and me to the door. I groaned as I revealed the two people behind it. I had the sudden urge to slam it back in there faces.

"Hello Jace!" She smiled happily and waved at me.

This cannot end well I thought as I scowled at the woman and man in front of me.

"Hello Aline, Sebastian." They both grinned at me and I wanted to slap both of them.

"How in Heaven's name did you guys find my address?" Sebastian tried to peek in, but I blocked his view and glared at him.

Aline sighed as if she were deeply troubled. I almost snorted at the thought. Aline was the most self-absorbed person I knew. Her caring about someone else meant that Hell just froze over. "The address book." I knew that was a lie because we weren't in the address book for reasons such as the one in front of me.

"Don't lie to me Aline!" She shook her head slowly back and forth.

"Fine! One of the guys at the site gave it to Sebastian, OK?" I nodded. Now that I believe. Next point of business. "Why are you here?"

Sebastian met my eyes. "Look, I know we haven't been the best of friends, but I heard around the site that you were having a party for you girls and we just wanted to stop by and see them." Aline nudged Sebastian in the side. "Plus we wanted to say sorry for all the trouble we caused in the past. To both you and Clary."

I rubbed my temples with my forefinger and thumb. They both sounded sincere, but they had almost broken Clary and I up in the past and I wasn't about to let that happen again.

I looked at both of them. "Maybe you can see them some other time, but not this time." They both nodded as if they were expecting this and turned to walk away, but before Aline completely did I could have sworn I saw her smirk. I couldn't be for sure.

Closing my eyes I leaned back against the door for a moment to collect my thoughts before walking back toward my wife and babies. Because, right now, they were the only thing that mattered.

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