The Story of the Cross

December 18, 2011
By fictionfanatic GOLD, Garland, Texas
fictionfanatic GOLD, Garland, Texas
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It's broad daylight out, and people are all around. It feels like it's 103 degrees out here! He is strapped to me and is carrying the front end of me. There is this other man who's name they call Simon. He is carrying the back of me to try and make the job of this man's easier. They call the man Jesus. These people who are right now standing in a circle around Jesus certainly don't look like they follow him. There is blood dripping from all parts of his body from the beatings and the crown of thorns that the Roman soldiers had placed on his head. In case you haven't figured out who I am by now, I am the Cross. Yes, I am the one that Jesus himself is carrying. I feel like I am in the worst of conditions at the moment. I feel hot from the heat, wet from the sweat that falls from his brow onto me, and sticky from the thick blood that is dripping from him onto me. He limps and walks ever so slowly from all the whip marks on his back. It is very difficult for him to even hold me up. They seem to believe that this man is a liar so they punish him for it. They don't even try to give him a chance to prove himself. They have absolutely no consideration for his feelings what so ever! The soldiers now take us away. We were being led to this place called Golgotha which means "The Place of the Skull". It sounds like a pretty creepy place to be if you ask me. The soldiers gave Jesus some awful tasting wine. He drank a sip, and no more. I wouldn't drink it either if I were him. Once the soldiers had finished stripping him of his clothes they put them into lots. They had pierced both hands and feet with nails in them. I think to myself that Jesus must have been in agonizing pain going through this process. The soldiers had now written above me "This is Jesus,King of the Jews". They chuckled to themselves while saying, "He saved and healed others, why can't he save himself now?" Jesus stated confidently, "I am the Son of God." There were two other men who were crucified with Jesus. They too said their insults to him. Now,suddenly it's getting dark. Jesus looked up to the heavens and cried out, "My God, my God, Why have you forsaken me?" As soon as those words escaped form his lips, the earth beneath me began to shake and crumble. The two stone tables beneath us had suddenly cracked. This was the last thing I remember, then all had gone black.

The author's comments:
This is a Biblical fiction story, and is viewd in personifacation, in which I am the Cross and telling of the events that led up to Jesus getting crucified on the Cross.

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