The Hunger Games-surviving district 2

December 23, 2011
By , Pearland, TX
I Katniss Everdeen, survived the Hunger Games, killed the careers, and lost my ally, Rue to the careers. Since Peeta and I won the games, we had to go to all the districts. It started out in district 1. Marvel and Glimmer's hometown. I finished in their hometown and now was in district 2. I was wearing a black jumpsuit with flames going from my waist to me left shoulder. We were in the town's garden with chairs laid across the grassy area. I was standing with Peeta on a black stage covered in white rose petals. The stench almost made me vomit. While the whole town piled in, I saw a little brunette girl in a yellow sundress. Her hair was to her chest and her eyes looked like little angels. A brunette lady walked with her brisk-fully. Cloves mother and sister. A bald man joined them and the mother kissed him on the cheek. Clove's father. I couldn't help but notice that another family joining them. They were all blonde's. The father ad bulk muscles while the mother didn't have any at all. A baby cried in her arms and I could see her dark circles under her eyes. Her hair was pulled back into a sloppy ponytail. A little boy with a familiar blonde hairstyle started bugging the father. A light bulb went off in my head. Cato's family. I looked away from both of them. Everyone talked loudly for five minutes, but as the clock streaked 12:00, they all shut up. I cleared my voice and began to speak. "Hello, everyone! I'm Katniss Everdeen and I'm from district 12!" What was I thinking?! I sounded like a recording machine going through my life!!! I started again. "Well, since you all know who I am, let's get started. Cato was a guy who survived and almost won. If I just turned around, he wold probably cut my head off." Everyone started laughing which made me want to cry. "He was a big threat to not just me, but to everyone else, Thresh, Rue, Fox face, Marvel, Glimmer, Me, Peeta , and even Clove." Everyone started yelling at Cato's family and me. I already knew something about these people. I hate them and they are rude. "Moving on, Cato died because the mutts killed him!!!" Where was I going with this? "Any way, Clove was also a threat, but not as big." Clove's little sister's eyes filled with tears. "She would have killed me if Thresh hadn't thrown a boulder at her skull which killed her. You guys should be proud of what you guys are raising because they were the biggest threats together. Not District 1 not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, and all of them." Cato's mother started to smile at me and so did Clove's family. "You guys are so powerful and they should have won, but instead I did. It was just bad luck. Usually you guys win!!! Keep it up and thank you for not killing me!" Everyone started to clap and started laughing. I walked out of the garden. Footsteps followed mine. Probably Peeta's. "I was so scared that I wouldn't do my speech right." I turned around to find myself talking not to Peeta, but to Clove's sister. She smiled at me. "Hi I'm Clove's little sister, Crescent. You look so beautiful! Was Clove really hard t beat?" Her voice was a complete copy of Clove's, but cuter and smaller. I turned to look at her. " Yes! She was so hard that when I was facing her, I just wanted to give up!!!" She giggled at me, but started to sniffle. She was probably thinking of Clove. I put my arm around her. "Crescent! Where are you? We're leaving!!!" her mother called. She looked deep into my eyes. "Thank you, Katniss Everdeen, you are my hero." Crescent's voice squeked at the end. She pulled me into a hug which I didn't deny. "Goodbye, Crescent and I hope YOU don't get pulled for the Hunger Games. She gave me one last wave and trotted over to her family. Cinna came running up to me. "Next up is district 3!!! He had a clipboard in his hands. "UUUHHHH!!!! I felt bad enough for Clove's little sister!!! Now I have to do this again!!!" I moaned.

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Jan. 1, 2012 at 10:07 am
I have no clue what the " thing is! Please read around it!
Bballstar98 said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 8:15 pm
Can someone please rate this!!! I worked so hard and I'm making another article! Please comment and tell me what u think! ;)
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