The Afterlife

December 20, 2011
By AshDan BRONZE, Akola, Other
AshDan BRONZE, Akola, Other
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In this life whatever you do is insignificant what matters is you do it because no one else will/
Don't read like critics to correct nor like children to amuse yourself but READ TO LIVE

There was a crowd at King’s Cross. As though now a red engine would come whistling by and all will be off to Hogwarts. They all knew each other if not personally then by faces. One thing was common in them that they were all martyrs. Martyrs from the war. All smiled around none had a look of regret on their face. If they were anything they were proud. Proud because they died trying to make the world a better place. There among the crowd were Tonks and Remus. Smiling at each other. Both for a moment worried for their lovely son, Teddy. But knew that he would understand, knew that he was safe with his Godfather. Fred scanned the whole station. He smiled as the one he was searching for was nowhere to be found. Death had done it. Separated Gred and Feorge; he was glad that George was alive not one of the dead. But also feared that George would be incomplete without him would be gloomy. He just wanted to go and say to George, “Show must go on Georgie; turn that frown upside down, will you?” He smiled solemnly as he remembered that George was in safe hands and would be really glad to know that Fred is fine. Each and everyone of the present crowd were thinking about their families and then smiling as they realized that they didn’t die in vain. The battle was won. The golden light at the horizon told them that. They all smiled and holding hands walked into the gates of heaven….

The author's comments:
This is a Harry Potter Fanfiction

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