December 4, 2011
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It was a clear night, the many planets and thousands of twinkling stars gracing the sky as far as the horizon. She was standing in the sand, starring up in longing. He knew exactly what it was she was wishing for. He sighs, appearing by her side.

“You can go…… if you want.”

He pauses purposefully, letting her know that he doesn’t want it, that its her choice. She turned her glossy eyes toward him and he winced at the tears. She had been like this for awhile now, spacing out during the day and spending her nights at the beach to stare at the never ending sky. She was hurting and he knew it.

“I shouldn’t have brought you.” He took a deep breath, he didn’t want to say it, it would kill him. But being here, that was killing her. It was her or him.

“Go home.”

She blinked in surprise and confusion. “What?”

He closed his sea green eyes. "I know you want to. You don’t have to stay here, your brothers either. I know you miss it.” He met her gaze.
“Go home.”

A sad smile flitted across her face.

She turned back towards the open sky. "I can't go home. I miss it sure, but I belong here now.” Her blue eyes were clear again when she looked at him.

“With you.” She grabbed his hand as if to show him. “Forever.”
She squeezed his hand with a small smile before letting go and heading back to camp. He stared up at the sky like she had moments ago.

“Forever, is a really long time.”

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