the reflection of the half mirror girl

December 9, 2011
By , greensboro, MD
“What is imagery “ I yell …is it my imaginary hopes of flying?
Like the birds that fly past me, when all I can say is take me with you fly by
Flap flap as wings of silent sing your just another human that was not made for this proper flight formed for us.
US!!! ONCE AGAIN I say what is imagery?
Is it the way I look at myself in the mirror and see rainbows?
With heart shaped grey and brown rock’s
Or the one were I see that part of the mirror is my texture at anatomy
But not soul “NO” never soul as glass stones reflect when someone snare
Me like a petty fragment of seven years of bad luck
YOU BROKE ME yet again to what chipper do I cause you anger? to
Fracture me of such needles in haystacks
Scuffle scuffle wait are you there mirror mirror on the mirror
Will my shard become clearer?
“Who is there”?
I feel a hand!!! Wrinkle as her hands touched my shirt
Oh it’s only you
She smiled and turned back and I said waving as she turned to turn back to the other side
She shattered into pieces
For I know that she would be the one to greet me in the half mirror girl’s reflection
I envy her know that the reflection of that half mirror girl would reform
And become the unbreakable me someday
Walking slowly I cut my foot on her shattered heart and become whole and I say
THANK YOU imagery for she knows’ that I will imagine her.

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