Three Little Miracles

December 5, 2011
Chapter 1: The Girls Arrive


Jace - 24

Clary - 23

Isabelle - 23

Simon - 24

Alec - 24

Magnus - 25

Clary POV

I winced as another contraction hit but breathed through it as my doctor told me to do. I had only been in labor for about six hours, but I already wanted to get the delivery over with. It had been a long nine months and I couldn't believe that I was going to see my girls very, very soon! Only a few more hours, or a couple…

"You're doing great baby." Jace, my husband, whispered as he dapped my forehead with a damp washcloth. I smiled tiredly at him and he smiled back. Jace had been great throughout the whole pregnancy. Giving me foot rubs, back rubs, and even, on occasion, cleaning. That one was rare, but still. I took his hand and gave it a tight squeeze before resting back against the pillows. The hours blurred together in cold sweats and contractions and soon it was time to push.

"OK! Push Clary! Push!" The doctor at the end of the bed told me. I held my breath and pushed as hard as I could until they said to stop. I did it again, and again, and again until I heard the most sweetest sound in the world. My first baby girl's cry.

"First girl is out!" After a few more pushes my next baby girl was out. I leaned back against the pillows and breathed deep; trying to catch my breath. I heard Jace whispering in my ear, telling me how great I did and how proud he was of me.

"OK Clary just a few more pushes!" The doctor said encouragingly. I gritted my teeth and got prepared for the next time the doctor said push.

"OK Clary… Push!" And boy did I push. I pushed until I heard my last baby girl's cry and I fell back against the pillow, completely exhausted.

"Baby one is six pounds and nine ounces. Baby two is six pound and eight ounces! Finally, baby three is six pounds and seven ounces! Congratulations Clary! You have three perfectly healthy baby girls!" A splitting grin made its way across my face as I heard all three of my baby girls cry. I knew I would never forget this moment.

"What are you going to name baby one?" I heard the nurse ask Jace.

"Elizabeth Madison, baby two is Mackenzie Grace, and baby three is Alyssa Noelle." He told her quietly while stroking my hair back. I turned my head and looked in his eyes. He looked happy, if not more happier, than me. He was going to be a great dad. I just knew it. A little while after the delivery I found myself in a hospital room resting while I waited for the nurses to bring me my girls. I was anxious to see them and I knew Jace was too.

"I can't believe I am a father." Jace told me while reclining back in the chair he was sitting in. I laughed a little at him.

"Well believe it buddy. It's real." I began to play with his fingers as he thought about my answer.

"I know but I guess I am having a hard time grasping it. They're really here and I am about to hold them if the nurses will hurry up. " Jace gripped while slumping fractionally in his chair. I chuckled at his somewhat childish attitude but couldn't help but feel the same way about the nurses hurrying up part.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to tell him something back the door swung open and a two nurses in blue scrubs came in holding three babies wrapped in pale, pink blankets. They both grinned and walked over to Jace and I. She gave one to Jace and two to me. I had one in left crook of my elbow and one in the right. I looked down at the angels in my arms. The little girl in my left elbow had my green eyes and I could already see a little blonde hair on top of her head. I pulled my gaze away to look at the child in my right elbow. This little girl Jace's gold eyes and my fiery red hair spread quite sparsely over her head. It was thin, but you could still tell.

"Which ones do I have?" I pulled my eyes away from the angels in my arms to look up at the nurse. She smiled kindly.

"You have Elizabeth in your left elbow and Alyssa is in your right and your husband has Mackenzie." I smiled and looked back down at the babies in my arms.

"Hello Elizabeth and Alyssa." I cooed. Elizabeth looked at me and crinkled her nose while Alyssa just stared at me. I chuckled and looked over at Jace and Mackenzie. Mackenzie again had my eyes and Jace's blond hair. All three of my girls had button noses and slightly chubby cheeks. Jace glanced up and gave me a grin before looking back down at Mackenzie. Both the nurses quietly congratulated us once more before slipping out the door and leaving us with our three little miracles. I looked over at Jace to see him smiling down at his daughter and playing with her fingers.

"Want to go tell the rest of the family?" I asked him. His head shot up and he nodded happily. Carefully he stood up and went to lay Mackenzie down in the make shift crib that the hospital supplied before jogging out the door to tell the family about the girls. Elizabeth had fallen asleep and gurgled a little in my arms while she spelt. The smile the graced my face was unstoppable as I gazed at the beautiful kids in my arms. They were really here. All the months of back and feet aches, sleepless night, and morning sickness. If I had known that it would feel like this in the end I would suffer it a million times more.

"Can we come in?" I looked up to see Isabelle's head poking through the door. I nodding with a smile as she walked through the door. Followed by Simon, Alec, Magnus, Mayrse, Robert, my mom, Luke, and then finally Jace. Jace shut the door behind him and immediately went to put up Mackenzie. Once he had her securely in his arms he made his way over to the bed. I slid myself over some so he could sit beside me comfortably. Once he was settled he turned to the audience that was in front of us.

"Guys, this is Mackenzie Grace, Elizabeth Madison, and Alyssa Noelle." Jace introduced our daughters to everyone.

"Awww! They're so cute!" Isabella whispered loudly. I smiled at her effort of keeping a low voice as to not wake the girls. "Which one is which?" She asked.

"I have Elizabeth in my left elbow and Alyssa in my right and Jace has Mackenzie." I said. She nodded taking all the information in.

"How are you going to tell them apart?" She continued.

I smiled as I answered her question. "I am going to paint there toenails. Elizabeth is going to be pink, Mackenzie is going to be purple, and Alyssa is going to be yellow. I am going to dress them in those colors too that way other people can tell them apart." Jace and I discussed this as soon as I found out I was having triplet girls. Everyone stayed and talked a while as the girls spelt soundly in mine and Jace's arms. Everyone left around six when Jace kicked them out saying that everyone was tired. Especially mom and the babies. I would have scolded him for being rude if it had not been the truth.

Everyone left and the room went into a peaceful, quiet. The babies were asleep in their cribs and Jace was resting beside on the bed.

"The doctor says that we can all go home tomorrow." Jace whispered. I turned my head toward him and smiled.

"I can't wait to get my babies home!" I said excitedly. He smiled at my face, but I know he feels the same way.

The first couple of days home from the hospital was hectic to say the most. People were coming and going always wanting to see the girls. It wasn't that I minded showing off my girls. In fact I was proud to. Me and Jace both were. Especially Jace. Eventually though, after the fourth or fifth day of being home, things finally calmed down and settled in a routine. Jace went back to work after staying with me another week. At first I was nervous about watching the girls alone but after two days of it I finally was completely comfortable watching my babies. As of right now the girls were taking their naps and I planned on making the most of my free time. First to tackle the cleaning that I had been avoiding. I cleaned the living room and the kitchen first followed by the den and laundry room. Lastly I cleaned mine and Jace's room and both the up and downstairs bathrooms. I even got the chance to vacuum and mop all the necessary rooms I needed too. I was quite proud of myself for getting the whole house clean. Now, to get myself cleaned up. I grabbed the baby monitor from the living room and marched upstairs to my room, but not before checking in on the girls who were still sleeping peacefully.

Closing the door quietly I went into my room. After sitting the monitor down on the bathroom sink where I could here it I stripped my clothes, turned on the water, and jumped in. The scalding hot water felt good on my grimy skin. I scrubbed furiously at my skin to get all the sweat and stink of me before washing my hair and shaving all the places I needed too. I grabbed some of my vanilla body wash and washed myself with that before shutting off the water and stepping out into the cold air. Drying off quickly I put on underclothes, some gray yoga pants, and a light white t-shirt since I wasn't going to be going anywhere for the rest of the evening. After putting all my dirty clothes in the hamper I threw my hair up into some double braids and nodded at the reflection in the mirror. The shower did me a lot of good.

I heard a soft cry through the monitor and I couldn't stop the ridiculous grin that spread over my face as I grabbed the monitor and exited my room and stepped into the girls. I went around the their cribs to check on them individually. The first crib I came to was Alyssa who was still asleep. Giving her a quick kiss and rubbing her head a little I moved on. Elizabeth was the next crib and she was wide awake and whimpering softly. I smiled at her and lifted her up into my arms.

"Hello Elizabeth." I cooed to her and her eyes widened a bit before going back to normal. Chuckling quietly to myself I moved onto the third crib. Mackenzie was still sleeping soundly as Alyssa. Giving her a kiss and a rub on the head I grabbed the monitor and left the room, leaving the door cracked as I did.

Walking down the stairs I went directly into the living room and sat down in Jace's lazy-boy. No wonder he always sits in this chair I thought as I reclined back. It was comfortable as heck. I could get used to this. I grabbed the throw that was on the back of the recliner I threw it around both Elizabeth and I. Elizabeth sighed softly and snuggled into my chest. I smiled and smoothed down the little bit of hair that was on her head as she just lay on my chest and looked around the room.

I moved my eyes from Elizabeth for a moment to grab my IPhone from where it lay of the small table beside the chair. Quickly unlocking it I noticed that I had two missed calls and three text messages. Looking through the missed messages I realized that they were all Isabelle telling me to call her as soon as I could. One of the calls were from Isabelle and the other one was from Jace. I also had two voicemails. Pressing 1 on my screen I put that phone to my ear and waited to enter my password. When I did I heard Isabelle's voice.

I know you are busy Clary, but if you could I would love for you to give you favorite sister-in-law a call! I have something to discuss with you. It involves you, your kids, and a party. Call me back ASAP! Love ya!

The message ended and went onto the next one.

Hey baby its me. I was just calling to tell you that I am going to be late tonight. We got a new guy at the construction site and the boss said that I had to show him how to work some of the machinery before I left. I just wanted to let you know. Give all my girls a kiss for me because they will probably be in bed before I get home! Love you! See you when I get home!

The message ended and I deleted both of them before going back to the home screen. I was sad that Jace was going to be late but I understood. Jace works at a construction company called Sutherland Inc. He got a job there only about six months after he graduated. Apparently Robert, Jace's adoptive father, worked their for a little bit before the job her had now and his old boss has owed him a favor. I was glad Jace had the job at Sutherland Inc. It made it where I could be a stay-at-home mom I had always wanted to be. Plus, it paid very well. Almost $26.00 an hour.

Now don't get me wrong. It is not because I just want to suck Jace dry of everything he has. Both Jace and I had come to a mutual decision that I would stay home. If there came a time in life when I had to get a job then so be it. I had no problem getting a job to help Jace at all. He has done so much for me and sometimes I feel like I would never be able to pay him back. Even though Jace had told me multiple times that me just staying with him and loving him is payback enough. I had yet to believe him.

A cry cut through my thoughts and I looked down at Elizabeth who had tears in her eyes. Glancing at the clock in the corner of the room I realized that it was time for her to be fed. No doubt that Mackenzie and Alyssa would be waking up soon as well. Jumping up as carefully as I could I walked into the kitchen and started preparing the bottle for Elizabeth.

I mixed the water and formula together before setting it in the microwave for thirty seconds. I bounced Elizabeth gently as I waited for the bottle to finish. When the microwave dinged I quickly got the bottle and tested it on my wrist to make sure it wasn't to hot. Deciding it wasn't I gave it to Elizabeth and laid her carefully down in my arms. She quit crying immediately. I sighed quietly as I waited for her to finish her bottle. Once she was I laid the bottle in the sink before burping her over my shoulder. Walking up the stairs I laid her down in her crib. She was out as soon as her head hit the mattress. I smiled as I realized how good of a mother I really was.

I could do this without anything going wrong. I had been so worried about something going wrong. With the pregnancy, deliver, or just in general. No I see all my worries were uncalled for. My girls were here, safe, right in front of my eyes. I was still worried about the 'general' part though. I don't think that worry will ever go away. Right about the time I was about to leave to cries pierced the air and I halted in mid-step. Smiling to myself I rushed and got both girls in my airs before walking to the kitchen and fixing them both bottle. It was a little difficult with two babies in my arms, but I managed. Both the girls ate quickly and before I knew it I was laying them down for bed along side with their sister. I changed them all into their assigned colored onesies, covering them all up, and leaving the door cracked as I stepped out of the room.

I made my way back to the recliner after making sure I had the baby monitor. Snuggled up under the throw I grabbed my phone and dialed Isabelle's number.

"Clary!" Isabelle's voice greeted me cheerily. I smiled.

"Hey Isabelle. I got your message. What's up?" I knew that I was being sort of rude, but it was already 8:00 P.M. and I still hadn't barley ate and I wanted to spend some time with Jace before I went to bed.

"Well, Simon and I were talking with mom and dad and we figured out that there are a lot of people who hadn't met the girls in our family and yours for that matter." I sighed as I figured out where the whole conversation and needless to say I didn't like it.

"Spit it out Isabelle." I told her. She sucked in a sharp breath and talked quickly.

"Iwanttohaveapartyforthegirls." She said all in one breath.

"Whoa! Slow down! Repeat all that again but slowly." I instructed her.

"I want to have a party for the girls." Isabelle told me slowly. And there you have it was ladies and gentlemen.

"I really don't think that is a good idea." I told her hesitantly.

"Why not?" She whined. I sighed and rubbed my temples, feeling a headache coming on.

"Because the girls are only a week old and I don't want them to get sick or something." She was quiet for a long minute before she answered me back.

"I know you are worried Clary, but I promise that I will take care of everything. The girls will be inside the whole time. I will keep the guests under fifty. I will buy all the food and decorations that are needed. I promise you won't have to worry about anything! All you have to do is bring you beautiful self to the party! I will take care of everything! Oh please Clary!" I closed my eyes. I could see her big eyes and lips in full pout mode as she tired to reel me in.

I sighed into the phone. "Let me talk to Jace OK? I will call you back tomorrow and tell you what he says OK?" She squealed loudly and I pulled the phone away from my ear.

"Great! Oh! I have to go! Simon wants me! Ta-ta Clary! Talk to you later!" She hung up and I followed after. Please let Jace say no to this. Throwing the blanket off me I stumbled into the kitchen and got some water before hunting down the aspirin. Getting two out the bottle I took them quickly. I went back to the living room and collapsed into the recliner. The last thing I remember was covering up before sleep pulled me under.

"Clary." A hand shook my shoulder. I forced my eyes open to see Jace standing over me. I sat up and the throw that was covering me fell to the ground. Jace was knelt by the recliner looking at me through slightly worried eyes.

"Hey baby." I smiled tiredly at him as my eyes flitted to the clock in the corner. 9:30 P.M. it read. I had only been asleep for an hour. Jace grinned at me and offered his hand to me. I took it and with one quick jerk I was standing up. I swayed a little at the sudden movement in my half alert state, but Jace put his hands on my waist to steady me.

"You good." I nodded in assurance before stepping out of his arms and into the kitchen to get something to eat. Pulling out the bread, a plate, and some peanut butter I began to make myself a sandwich.

"You want one?" I asked Jace from his perched spot on the counter. He nodded and smiled.

"Isabelle called today." I mentioned casually as I spread peanut butter over a slice of bread.

"What did she want?" I heard Jace respond. I took a deep breath and answered him still praying that he would say no.

"She wants to have a party for the girls and invite all the family members who want the girls and haven't had the chance." I told him as I started on the next sandwich.

I heard him hum lightly before he spoke. "I guess that would be OK as long as the girls stay inside the whole time. I don't want them getting sick or anything." I had the sudden urge to swear until he continued. "Not now though. I want to wait until they are at least one month old." I breathed a sigh of relief and walked to the refrigerator to grab a drinks.

"That sound great. Plus, I think it would be much better for the girls." I agreed.

"What do you want to drink?" I asked him as I looked through our options.

"Coke I guess." I nodded and grabbed two of them before grabbing his plate and coke and handing it to him. I got my coke and sandwich and went to stand beside him as I ate.

"How did the training with the new guy go?" I asked him before taking a sip of my coke.

He shrugged taking a bit of his sandwich. "OK I guess. We had to go through some of the machines multiple times because he kept getting distracted, but he seemed nice enough."

I nodded while taking the last bite of my sandwich. "Well, I'm glad for you." He finished his sandwich and I took both our plates and put them in the sink before walking back to him and settling myself comfortably in between his legs.

"What do you want to do tomorrow?" I asked looking up at him. I had to basically tilt my head all the way back. With my small standing at 5'0 and him at a tall 6'0 we made an interesting pair. The top of my head came to a little below his chest. He smiled down at me.

"Have a lazy day." He stated confidently. I grinned because that sounded perfect.

"My thoughts exactly." I told him. I picked up both our plates and put them in the sink before walking toward the entryway and headed toward the stairs knowing Jace would follow.

Stepping into my room I immediately went in plopped into bed since I was already dressed for bed. Snuggling under the covers and into the pillow I breathed a sigh of content. I felt Jace kiss the top of my head and his lips at my ear.

"I'm going to take a shower." I hummed and snuggled further into the pillow. I was asleep before he came back.

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Charlie said...
Jul. 16, 2015 at 11:42 pm
Good plot line. Built up interest, and suspense. Keep writing!
starshine3 said...
Dec. 13, 2011 at 6:10 pm
Aww... This is so sweet! :) Keep it up, please!
JacesFutureWife replied...
Dec. 14, 2011 at 4:07 pm
Thanks so much for updating! I will be updating today actually! I hope you stay with me until the end! :)
Jet_plane_number_5 said...
Dec. 10, 2011 at 6:24 am
This is based off of the Mortal Instruments, right? It's really good, I just didn't understand quite what the plot was. Keep on writing!
JacesFutureWife replied...
Dec. 10, 2011 at 9:11 am
Thanks for commenting! I really apperciate you taking the time to read my story and to answer you question bascillay Jace and Clary having triplet girls (Mackenzie, Elizabeth, and Alyssa). This chapter was about the birth. It is a story about watching the raise three little girls and living their life pretty much! I hope I answered you question! :D
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