Hovering Clouds

November 20, 2011
By Anonymous

'Wind howls against the torrential rain. Gray clouds hover in the gloomy sky.'
My head jerked up immediately The previous vision was nothing but a simple precaution: the weather. Nothing seemed unusual enough to report. "Edward," I desperately pleaded. "I need to see what Edwards future holds." I skimmed through several various images, searching for my brother.
I missed him. In truth, we all did, ornery Rosalie included. Edward and I were exceptionally close. Perhaps, our bond was the tightest of our entire family. Nevertheless, he was cherished by all of us. We loved him.
I loved him, but certainly not in the quixotic, starry-eyed way I adored my Jasper. We, Edward and I, could communicate in our own paranormal fashions without being heard. I would gander at his future, while he crept into my otherwise private thoughts. It was a connection only we shared.
'Bella leaps into the open air, plummeting to her death. She declines toward the raging waters, being swept up by fierce waves, not resurfacing.'
"NO!" I hissed malevolently. I told him this would happen! Honestly, what did he expect? This was eccentric Bella, the very girl who had voluntarily spent every spare second with a family of ravenous vampires. What rational human would do that by free will, I hadn't a single clue. Then again, there were scads of details, some more noteworthy than others, that nobody would ever truly grasp about Isabella Marie Swan. She was unique in ways unimaginable to those who did not truly know her.
My automatic reaction would have been to call him. I yearned to alert him that he, for once, was incorrect of someones intentions. Reluctantly, I obliged myself to swiftly reflect on all of my options. I reminisced on my previous vision, recalling Bella dwindling helplessly mid-flight. Suddenly, another one popped into mind. I focused all my effort on my uncanny sixth sense.
'Edward saunters toward the cloaked vampires, scrutinizing into their bloodshot crimson eyes. They analyze him quizzically, most likely in high hopes that he would join them. However, his voice, innocent yet sinister, beseeches "I wish to die."'
No, Edward was not capable of taking this news lightly. I still could not manage to fully comprehend his expectations. There was no possibility of someone like Bella accepting her beloved vampires' unexplained disappearance. Frankly, I was astounded it had taken so long for this particular vision to arrive - the one confirming Bella's suicide.
Despite my firm decision not to notify Edward, I couldn't keep such news secretive for long. This human, who may have appeared insignificant at first, had greatly affected our entire family. In a matter of milliseconds, the phone was perched in my stable clutch and Tanya's number already dialed. I foresaw a brief image of Rosalie responding to the Denali's chiming phone. How inconvenient that she must be the first to hear, but I opted to continue my current course of action. Now, it was a race, me versus the constantly ticking clock. With fortune on my side, it may not be too late to rescue her.
I inhaled. "Rosalie?"
"Alice?" her harmonious voice trilled, a thousand times more enchanting than the sweetest melody. Ah, how deceiving sounds can be!
"Rose, you need to hear something. It's terribly tragic, but I can no longer keep this confidential." I rapidly described my vision, still crystal clear of Bella, revealing only what time allotted me. "Promise me that you won't tell Edward, but be sure to warn Carlisle. Sorry, I've got a plane to catch." Even in the event that Bella is already deceased, Charlie may be in need of some support as he grieves the loss of his only child.
"Wait-" she began, but I had hung up before granting myself the opportunity to reply. I dashed to the nearest airport, fully aware that the odds were far too slim. If Bella had an idea set in mind, she would not - could not - be convinced otherwise. Under these disastrous circumstances, her plot would have taken place the moment her decision had been made. Still, I couldn't bring myself to leave the resolution in the dark. Edward could presume whatever pleased him, but Bella is my friend. I'm not about to let eternity pass by without knowing what truly happened to her.
Hours later, my flight landed and hopped into a rental car (the best I could manage last minute) and flew down the winding roads. As I weaved through Forks, I suddenly craved the lightning-fast pace of Edwards' Volvo. Eventually, I skidded to an abrupt halt in the Swans' narrow driveway. The first alteration that caught my attention was the apparent lack of her booming truck. Next was an unfamiliar scent, one that I could not recognize. Both the trucks absence and skeptical disturbed me; Was she possibly executing her scheme as I attempted to prevent it? Whose identity was hidden behind such a reeking stench? Although the latter prodded at my curiosity, Bella was the priority in the midst of this unfortunate mess.
I lingered in the house, committed to waiting for whoever entered the door first. Charlie was missing as well. I foresaw him returning in several hours, but I could not tell if his daughter would be home to greet him.
Something was itching in the back of my mind. I had never wanted to believe it was true, let alone admit it, but now it is proven: My visions are not the reliable perfection everyone assumes them to be. They have always been somewhat shifty, but now they are even more deceitful than ever.
Alice Cullen has a blind spot.

The author's comments:
Narrator: Alice Cullen
Based on the novel New Moon from the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer

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