Chance's Girlfriend

October 27, 2011
By MaddieJ SILVER, Orlando, Florida
MaddieJ SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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    "Were going to aGreysonn Chance concert!!" I told my cousin , Musa, who was playing a video game. "Who cares? He is just a boy that looks seven years old and sings like a girl" she replied. "For your information, I care, and he is fourteen not seven. I guarantee we will have an awesome time!""Whatever" she said and  went back to her game. I never knew what awaited me at the concert.
     On Saturday my aunt dropped us off. "You two be safe, got it?" "Yes mom" Musa replied. We went to our seat which were in the second row right in the middle. I was so excited only ten minutes until the show starts. Musa got up and went to get some drinks and snacks before the show. I was on the very edge of my seat, I was bursting with excitement. Eventually I settled down, and Musa came back with two small cokes and a box of Crunch Brunch. We waited until the curtains finally opened.
     The screams of all the girls in the crowd could never coverGreysonn's beautiful voice. He came out and played "Paparazzi" which was the song that made him a big hit. He later sang Waiting Outside the Lines, Unfriend You, And then he sang Little London Girl. I swore well he was singing he smiled at me and winked. I smiled back. Later it was the ending of the concert,which was sad. As soon asGreysonn sang his last song and played the piano amazingly , he went up to the drummer and he toke the drum sticks. I wonder what he was gonna do with them. "The person who catches these drumsticks meets me backstage!" The crowd went crazy, I was stunned. He threw the drumsticks in my direction, and I caught them! It was so unbelievable.
     An hour later I waited for him to come out, Everyone had left except Musa and I.  "I don't think he is coming" Musa said hanging upside down on the chair. "Who said I wasn't coming?" A voice said from behind us. Musa fell off the chair and landed on her head and I turned around and It was Greyson. "Hi" he said "Hi" I replied back. "Well this is awkward if you two don't mind I'm going to go catch my ride, but just text me ,Alex, when you want my mom to pick you up." She just left after that. "Alex, is that short for something?"Greyson smiled and said. "Alexandra is my real name" I replied. "Well Alex you have a beautiful name." I blushed. "Let's go back stage then!" He headed towards the stage and jumped on it, I followed. He offered me his hand up "My lady?" I grabbed it and he pulled me up and guided me through the back of the stage. He showed me to a room. It said "Private, Keep out" I asked Greyson if we were allowed in here, he laughed and said "This is my private hangout." I walked in and It was stunning.
     It was about two levels. There was a table set out for us, a ropes course ,a pole table, air hockey table, and arcade games. To get to the upstairs we would have to rock climb and he told me there was a bowling alley upstairs and a pool. He asked if I wanted to play first or eat. I defiantly said play. We  hung out almost all night, we raced to the top of the rock climbing wall, played some games of bowling, and then I was getting tired. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom , He told me it was right behind the bowling alley. I went, and then I came out and he wasn't up here I yelled out "Greyson were are you?"
      I started hearing the piano playing , I looked down stairs and he was at the piano playing some of his songs ,smiling at me. I think he wanted me to sing with him so I started singing the some of his songs with him from upstairs and then I came sliding down the fire pole, and sat next to him and we kept singing. Then at the end of our last song he said "That was fun but how about an original song?" I looked at him confused. " An original song?" " Yes , creating a song with what your thinking, kind of like this-" He started playing some keys on the piano and sang. "~When I look at her my world shocks, she always makes my heart want to just rock~" I started to try. "~ A boy who makes my day, and he just let's me sway~" We did it together, "And that is exactly what she/he does to me, I hope this will always be, And nothing comes in between, someone to lean on, someone to love, holding me tight to never let go~" And we just sang.
     When we wrapped up the song we looked into each other eyes for a few seconds. Then I turned back to the piano , blushing and asked "Do you want to eat now?" He said yes. I think he was going to kiss me, stupid me for changing the subject. But I was terrified, I didn't know if I should have kissed him or not. Anyways, we went to go eat, we had some bread for an appetizer , and then he had some Mexican rice and chicken  and I had pork and Mexican rice. 
     We just talked, and talked he told me he use to play soccer until he became famous. I told him I played too but didn't like running. We laughed and joked around a lot.After we were finished he asked if I was getting tired, I said kinda. So he got up turned up some music and said this will awaken you some more. So he held out his hand and asked "Now my lady would you like to dance?" and he got a smirk on his face. "Ok course I would," I replied with no hesitation.He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. It was nice , having him hold me tight and sway me back and forth. I swear my heart was dancing all around. He said "Is this making you wake up a little?" I had to be honest,"Actually  dancing slowly made me more tired."
     "Who said the dancing would wake you up?" he said. "But wait, I thought yo-"  and then he kissed me and we just stood there kissing. We parted our lips and looked into each others eyes and he smiled. "Your eyes seem more awake" "I guess they are" I grinned at him and we danced until around eleven.
      I told him I had to leave before it got to late.He frowned and said "I had lots of fun, thanks for coming," I replied "I may never see you again since you travel so much, but it was fun well it lasted." With this we held hands as he walked me to the entrance were my aunt was picking me up. He gave me a kiss on my cheek. He gave me his number so we could still talk and I told him my aunts address if he ever wanted to see me again.
     "Bye,Greyson" I gave him the heart with the hands and he did the same. "Bye Alexandra." With this I felt so sad that I found my love and our love is impossible to ever be true, a pop star and a small town girl. We drove home, and I don't think my aunt thought much had gone on since I was quiet, but a lot went on like, meeting the boy of my dreams and having to say goodbye to him. We arrived at home and Musa asked how it was "Fun" I said with a tired voice. "What happened? Tell me!" she demanded. "I'll tell you tomorrow I'm really tired now, I'm going to sleep."  When I went to bed I had trouble sleeping, I don't know why I just wish things could of worked out between Greyson and I . 
     I woke up the next morning and got up out of bed and got changed. I put on a red strapless  dress with a black belt and put on one of my black fedoras' and I was going to the park to walk out my feelings. Walking always makes me feel better. So I walked into the family and found my uncle reading the news paper, my aunt was watching the news and Musa was eating some cereal and updating her Facebook. I went to the fridge to see what we had. We had some pancake mix and some eggs. I could cook that, because I know no one else would because they don't cook, at all. So I started making pancakes and putting banana flavoring and chocolate chips in the pancakes and made some nice fried eggs. Putting the pancakes and eggs on a plate for everyone to eat, the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" shouted Musa. She hurried down the stairs and opened the door. 
     I sat down and started eating, I was trying to listen if I could hear who it was. Then I heard Musa say "Wait here a minute" and she came running up the stairs, with a smile on her face "It's for you Alex." I looked up from my plate and was confused. For me? Who would it be?So I walked down the stairs and through the hallway and then, Guess who I found waiting for me at the door?
     "Greyson, what ..what are you doing here?" I said with a confused look. "Well you gave me your aunt's address , and I'm here in Virginia until next Saturday. And I wanted to spend the week with you If that's alright?" I smiled, "Of course that's alright!" He asked if he could come in, I let him in and told him I was eating breakfast still. So we went upstairs and introduced him to my aunt,uncle, and cousin.
     I asked him if he wanted any of my chocolate chip banana pancakes, he said "Definitely." He sat down and I sat next to him. Musa decided to sit with us and bother us. "So what did you guys do last night?" I was about to tell her the whole story butGreysonn did it for me "Well first we hung out in my lounge and played air hockey,pole, went bowling,and then we sang together and wrote an original song and danced, oh and of course dinner."
    "Omg, I wish I was there!!" and she went back onto her facebook. We finished up our plates, and I told my aunt and uncle that I was going out withGreysonn ,"Watch for strangers!" they said. We went outside and there was a limo there I was like "Whoa.." and he asked what should we do first. I  told him I had no clue because everywhere he goes girls tackle him and follow him.
    "We could travel around and find some places" he said. I agreed. I also saw Musa watching from her bedroom window.Greyson saw that and whispered in my ear "The only reason I didn't tell her we kissed, was because that's your job to tell her or not." I grinned at this comment "She'll find out eventually."
    We got in his limo ; it was amazing inside, it had lights on the floor and a bar of sodas'. We drove off and we past a park, a construction site of the new metro, and I guess we were going into Tyson's Mall. We drove in and parked. I guess I seemed nervous becauseGreysonn said "Don't worry I'll make sure no girls tackle us" I smiled. We put some glasses on , to hide ourselves andGreysonn got out first ,and toke my hand we held hands entering hoping no one would see us.
     It didn't last long until people started whispering and looking atGreysonn. "Hey, you don't think people notice you. Because I see lots of girls pointing at you." I told him. "Well I only think it's a problem if someone walks up to me and asks me if I'mGreysonn Chance" he replied.Oh joy and guess what happened next.
      "Hey are youGreysonn Chance?" two twelve year old looking girls asked. I looked atGreysonn and got a pale face on. He told them "Yes, I am but you can't tell anyone OK?" they said yes and told him , they were his biggest fans. "Here are two signed Cd's for you both." They squealed and ran away. I looked at him and he laughed " Oh ya, I have back up plans usually." We continued to walk then we went up to the third level I saw a stage set up for some performance in front of the theater. 
      "I wonder what that's for" I was curious, he said "me too, let's go eat lunch for now." We headed to the food court, I got some rice and bulgogi  and he had a burger and fries from five guys. We ate but then he said "Oh I see one of my friends here! I'll be right back!" What got me thinking was, how doesGreysonn have a friend in Virginia. I sat getting sad thatGreysonn rather spend time with his friend , then me. I got up and threw my food away and started heading towards the doors, when I heard a voice come over the speakers "Hi everyone, I'mGreysonn and I know this is unexpected but I wrote a song for an amazing girl I meet last night and hoping to make her my new girlfriend." I turned around and saw him in the stage and he smiled at me, headed to his piano and began to sing a song he calls "Summer Train" and he did mention last night in the song, how complicated it is, and it is summer. I was amazed and started walking towards the stage, and I stood besides the stage and I knew exactly of my answer. He finished and the crowd went wild they loved him and I saw some news channels here filming.
    Greyson said into his microphone "Will Alexandra come here on stage?" I walked up on stage and he held my hand. He smiled at me and said "How did you like the song?" I told him I loved it and he got on one knee ,tokee my hand, and said "Alexandra Steel, will you be my girlfriend?" IlooKd down at him and laughed and I pulled him up and said "Of course!" He wrapped his arm around me and we hugged and everyone cheered.
    We quickly ran out before anyone could chase us. The rest of the day we traveled around Virginia and went site seeing and kissed , a lot. And we just had an amazing time. The limo later stopped at my house and we got off.
    "I can't wait to spend the rest of the week with you" he said ,smiling. I agreed, "But for now we just have to make today's last moment count" and he started kissing me and we just kissed. Then I opened an eye and saw Musa staring out the window, and I laughed. "What's so funny?" I showed him Musa was watching , he laughed. We said goodnight and parted our ways for now.
     "What the heck was that?! And explain to me what this is!!" she points at her laptop when I walk into the family room. IlooKd at the laptop and it was a picture ofGreysonn and I running away from the stage with our shades on, it was titled 'Chance's new Girlfriend'. I told her "It is a long story, trust me."

The author's comments:
I had this weird dream about him and then I continued it into a very detailed story.

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