Soul Eater Advanced Ep.6

October 26, 2011
(This is Matt point of view and feeling.)
We were walking to the mansion that Jen for wished. When we got there we were all surprised how it look in the inside. It had everything bigger than a mansion... I think? Besides everything, we were fight for the room. Me and Lily didn't fight because it was just rooms. I heard the doorbell ring. I open the door and saw a staff from DWMA(Death Meister Weapon Academy)She said Stein need help to move some stuff from his lab to his classroom. Me and lily agreed to help.

The Market

We walked down the market. I brought us some soda. Everything was peace until a some pup came and hide behind me. Two older guy came run and ask" Hey kid, seen a small pup run. I'm going kill that mutt. No I have not seen a puppy come here." The two guy check around us and saw nothing. They walked away. "Where did the puppy go. He right here" Lily took the pupppy out of her hair. "Can we keep it, please. I guess it ok wi-... Yay, look like you got a new home." Matt thought what he done but than forget when Lily give him a kiss in the cheek.


We look for Stein. Lily was tired of hold of speedy (the pup).We look everywhere for him but nowhere to found. We went to check Stein classroom again. We look and there chemicals glow in the dark. We turn the light on. The chemicals start to reacted. I duck down to protect myself. BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM! The classroom was damage. smoked fill the hall I felt the impact of The explosion of the reaction. I look up and didn't see lily. I turn and saw her crashed to a wall. I went to check if she was ok. "Lily are you ok! Yes but my head hurt." The smoke clear. "OH MY GOD" Matt said. "What? You have cat ear and a tail." Lily checked herself in the mirror. There stood a tan girl with cat ear and tail. "What such we do. See Proffsor Stein or the Nurse!!"

Nurse office

"Ms. Chrona we have a problem. What is it. It Lily, she has cat ear and tail. How did this happen? We went to Stein class- That all I need to hear. I'll Proffsor Stein." I wonder where he was. then I felt sleepy. sleepy next to her.

Two hour later

I woke up but found my on a bed. "Ms. Chrona, why am I on a bed? You also transformation." I look at myself in mirror. I stood there Dog ear and tail. "Wait I thought reaction me into a cat. True." Proffsor Stein came in. "But you were hold a puppy in you hand, so DNA plus the reaction turn you to a you but with dog ear and tail. So when do we turn back to normal. Next moring. Really! yep. Ok thank you.

At the house

"So let get this straight, she turn to a cat girl and you a dog boy. Yes. And brought a young puppy home. Yeah that pretty much it. Ok than I'm ok with that. Really! Yeah, but sleeping on the couch.


I woke up sound. I look out outside and it was raining. Thunder crashes and I heard a scream. Lily woke up panicing. "your scare of thunder. yes!" I got up walked to her. "will you be ok if I sleep with you so you can sleep peacefully. Yes, please."


"Clara. Yes, Maro. I think we such invite our parent for dinner. I think you right but what about the puppy. We send him to a groomer. Ok but what the rest of gang except Jen. Send to the movie theater. What the food? I've" Jen came in "Maro is cooking? for a dinner you and us are have with our parent but I you such cook. Have not taste Maro food?!?! No, why? It good! I'll be the judge of that."

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