Soul Eater Advanced Ep.5

October 26, 2011
Right after finding Clara and making her feel better I told her if she need it help to use her powers. She said yes. I went to Mrs. Marie class. I saw Matt and Lily. They were sitting next to each other. "Today class we are going to learn to help possess person. There five way to cure a possess person one is an exorcism, the second is kill the demon with you, third is performing a demon hunter, fourth is connecting soul, but the fifth is most dangerous of all, the time resonance. You should never use this because you may cause brain danger to the person or kill yourself. I don't use it, but I know how it works."

In Stein class.

I felt a little sleepy because of the test of my black blood, but I was a more awake by Maro hug, he felt warm. I enter Mr. Stein class. I saw Jen, Jack, and Jackie. We learn about something but, than I felt cold. I felt something moving under my skin and I kept hearing a voice in my head. "Clara is you ok?" said Stein. I realize class was over. "Yeah, I was just sleepy."

End of school

I went to Clara and Ms. Chrona house. "Ok Clara sweetie, we are first going to learn to fly, Ragnarok if you please. Yeah, Yeah, I know what to do." Chrona grew two large wings. "Now you do it." The little Ragnarok appeared "Are you sure she can do this. I'm sure she can do it, I'll fly with her." Drago appear. "It easy Ragnarok, just think of soar to the sky like a bird." Ragnarok thought and turn to wings. "Now what? Well Chrona you jump up and Ragnarok flap your wings." They followed what he said. They start to fly. I flew with them. We race until I heard screaming. I saw Clara was falling. I race down to catch her. I was just in time.

In Clara head

"Where am I." a blonde woman came walk. "You're in your mind." Who are you." Before woman could speak, she disappeared.

In the field

Clara woke up. Her head was laid on Maro head. "What happen? Well, you were falling and I caught you." Clara was blushing badly. "Do you want train still? Yeah, I'm okay, let train." Clara walked over to her mom. "Ready for the next lesson. Yes, mother. Okay we're start with black sword mode." The Shinigami, Mrs. Marie and Stein came walk. "Omg hi, Chrona! H-h-hi Mrs. Marie." Maro was already help Clara. "Okay focus on one thing. What do you like? I like chocolate. Ok now focus on chocolate." Clara on the one thing she likes. Ragnarok transform to a black sword. "Good job, Clara." Clara just looked down. "Um Clara are you ok. … Um, Clara. Foolish boy, Clara isn't here." Clara said in different voice. Maro didn't know who it but, Chrona and the rest knew. This was Medusa. Medusa ran to Maro with the sword and stabbed him in the side. Blood started pouring out of his side. "Hah, don't move or the boy get it." Maro wound started too closed and say something. "Time resonance." Maro soul trapped Clara. Clara got her knee. The two kept looking in the eye

In Clara mind

"Hello, anyone here." Medusa came. "Hello my child. Hello, who are you. My name is Medusa your grandmother." Clara looked shocked. She walked slowly. She was so close to until she heard a familiar warm voice. A bright white light came. A door creaked and a figure came to view. "Clara step away from her, she going kill you." Clara looked back at her grandma. "You little fool and girl, vector arrow." Maro grabbed Clara and pull her away to safely. "We have to get out of here." Maro flew toward the door. "Not so fast." Medusa grabbed Clara leg. Maro pull all three to the light.

In the field

Maro soul quickly when back inside of him. He looked Clara if she was ok. She look up at him at dark brown eyes. He look her blue eye. "Maro are you ok. Sort of." He cover his had side. The wound was still healing. Clara looked at her hands and sword. It was cover with blood. Had she done this to him? "No worries, you were possessed." The adult look up at the sky. And there she was. Medusa was back. "I think I'll let you live, and Chrona. What do you want? I want to thank you for giving my life back so I will leave you only alone but the rest of them I will kill. Yeah right, mother, I won't let you kill the one I loved. If you want to die with them, that fine, but I'll do it some other time bye. she flew away, she was gone.

In the nurse room.

Everybody was waiting outside. Jen was worried. Clara was in the room. She was cried. "I'm sorry, Maro. Clara for the last time, you word possessed and I'm not that hurt." Maro got up. He hugged her. She hugged back. Jack opened the door. Everybody look shocked. "I told you they were dating." Said Jack. This Clara just blushed. Maro grabbed Jack and throw him out the window. Clara explains what had happened. Everybody include Jack that came back, was shock by that. "I'll get it you don't want to be friend." Said Clara. Everybody stared. "Clara, why do you make thing different. We still friend. We don't care what you have. We still treat you a sister." Clara cheerfully smiled. Jack said "except, Maro, because will love you as a girlfriend." Jack made a big mistake. Maro grabbed him and drop him fifty feet in the air. Mrs. Marie came with Stein. "Maro that was a dangerous thing to do, I mean you could have go kill or hurt clara. she right Maro." Maro look down. "But good job, just only use it when you need it ok." Maro look up and saw that Stein and Mrs. Marie were smiling. he smile back. "Ok, i won't use unless I need to.Now let check in the mansion."

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