Soul Eater Advanced Ep.3

October 26, 2011
By emeralddragon792 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
emeralddragon792 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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The Shinigami want to see us. I couldn't believe me and Clara won. She helped me walked to the Shinigami since I took all of the damage of a light flame pistol. When we went to the front of the school, we saw Nova star, Jen, STS, Matt, Jack, Lily, and Karma were outside. "Look like you guy got started to know each other. So what are doing here Matt, Jack, Lily, and Karma? Well, we were going to see the Shinigami to talk him if we can enroll here. So it is that why you enter the contest, so you can enter the school. Yep, but it not likely that we're not getting in. No worries I can convince my dad to let you guy enroll. Thank, Clara." They all walked together. They all enter the room. "Hello kids. Dad, can they enroll in the school (Clara said as she did a pretty please face.) Why sure Clara, any for you. Thank daddy. Ok I call you here for a reason, to give you your wish." The Shinigami pull out orange wisp that had the word: wish. He gives Jen, Nova star, and STS one wisp. "Hmm. What should I wish for? I know! I wish for all of us to live in a mansion." The wisp flew up to the air and blow up. The Shinigami said "I'll give you my old house I use to live in when I was a student." Jen wish came true sort of. "STS wish for unlimited food." A food basket came to STS hand. He ate all up. And then another basket came to STS hand. "I wish for … a cool game system!" an Xbox 360 with Wi-Fi appeared in Nova star hand with video game. Everybody just stared at him. "Moving on, here you two go two for Clara and three for Maro since he down two contestants by himself. Um… daddy can I have wished for mother to come back to life." Everybody stared. Nobody knew that Clara mom had died. "Sorry sweet, as much I wished to, and I really am, it against the rule." Clara started to cried. "Um… sir, can I wished that rule to break for two more wishes. Let me see the rule book." After a few moment of reading the book, the Shinigami look up. "The rule book said is not against it. Then I wish for it." The wished flowed around Maro and Clara. "Thank Maro. No problem Clara now you can wish for your mom to come back." Clara was cried with tear of joy what Maro just did. "Just admit that you two are dating." Said Jack. Clara hit Jack for ruining the moment. "I wish my mother to come back to life." The wisp flew and blew up dropping sparkle. A young pink hair woman was walk thought the room. "W-w-where I-I-I-I'm?" the Shinigami walked over to her. "Your back home, Chrona. K-k-Kid." The Shinigami took off his masked. The man had black hair with three white and side burn. His eye gleamed yellow. He moved forward to her and kissed her on the lips. "I'll think saved my last wish." Clara was happy see her mom, but chrona didn't knew her, so kid told what had happen which Chrona past out. The Shinigami said hold his girl "Well what are you two last wish. I'm deciding to saving one to, you'll never know when you may need it. Let me see, oh I know what to wish; I wish our parent come back to life." The wished just sit there in his hand. "Why is it still there." The Shinigami sighed. "Maro have something to tell you, your parent aren't dead, their alive. WHAT!?!?" said Maro and Jen. "There on four year mission protect the black blood. So when will they be back? Five day. What the black blood? Crazy blood that makes think evil and release will cause one the great warrior come back and destroy everything. Your parent's killed the warrior once and guards it blood. We agreed that four year of guard it willed stop anyone will getting the blood. Ok than I wished how they are." The wished grew to a screen show a woman with blonde hair and a man with gray hair. The wished fade. Maro and Jen were happy to see their and come back in five days.


We stayed in Clara house because rain and was the closest to us. In morning Jen cooked us a big breakfast especially for Nova star and STS. STS gave Jen a hug for make a good breakfast. We heard that Chrona was going to be the nurse for the school. Clara asked her mother who had black blood "w-w-well I have it." Clara looked down. "So do I have? I don't know sweetly, but do you want me to check." Clara agreed to it. Me and the Shinigami waited outside the nurse office. When Clara came out she looked a little differently. A black body came out of Clara. The Shinigami ask Chrona had black blood. She nodded yes. "So you a little Ragnarok. Yeah, who want to know? I do!" A little Ragnarok came out of Chrona. "Chrona I told you that that guy was a perv. Yeah right, what about you. Hey, I will punished you." The black blood grabbed Chrona skirt and pulls it up. Clara punched Ragnarok 1 (Chrona body) on the head. "Oww! That hurt." Ragnarok went back to Chrona. "Hey you can't do that to him!" said the little Ragnarok. Ragnarok did something to Clara back. "DID YOU JUST UNHOOK MY BRA!?!? Yeah so what, I did it when some guy hug you went you were little. Hey I was that guy." Maro punched Ragnarok in the face. Ragnarok said some bad word and went back in Clara body. Clara looked down. Before Maro said Clara ran somewhere in the school. Maro went looking for her.

Half an hour later before school started.

Maro went on the rooftop hope Clara was there. Clara was sitting on the stone wall. Maro walked to her. When he came closer he found out that she was cried. "Why are you cried, Clara? DON'T YOU SEE MARO, I'M A FREAK. No, you're not, Clara you're not a freak, you're a smart, beautiful girl." Clara blushed. Maro hugged her. She did the same. "Did you just unhook my bra? I SWEAR OF GOD, I DIDN'T! I just kidding." Clara start to laugh and so did Maro.

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