Soul Eater Advance Ep.2

October 26, 2011
I woke up at 6:00 to take a shower and make breakfast for me and Maro. He wore what he usual wear. He wore Blue jean polo shirt with two chest pocket, blue jean, black shoe and blue unzipped jacket. That all he's usual since we don't money and live in a dorm together. I got really for school. I put my white shirt, my blue jean and my run shoe and purple sweater. We walked school and Nova star came as usual. I kinda blushed whenever he comes. He looks so cute. (Narrator comment: "it Jen point of view, life and love and I the narrator guy GUY not a lady that make the story. … That is all.) Nova Star wore his red shirt and black short. We walked together school and went to class. Unfortunately, I has to go to Professor Stein where it creped me out. Lucky Maro and Nova Star got math in the morning. Wait math in a school to fight evil!?! (Yep.) Well at least I got Clara with me. Yet she wasn't here. Something happen when we were in France.
"Maro, can I ask a question? Yeah, sure, what is it. Why do we have math? It a school I guess, we have to something other than killing monster. Ok. Nova Star you can going ahead, I had to go somewhere ok." Maro went to the nurse office. "Are you ok, Clara? Yeah Maro I just need some rest." Clara smile at Maro cheerfully that made him have some spirit. "I'm sorry Clara I should have took the hit." Maro look down. "Maro it not fault and plus you save me when I gave up. Thank Clara I really need that." And with all of that Maro went to math class. "Is Weird there a math class in school that fight evil."
"Thank Maro for help me in the math test. Thank Maro for help get out of professor stein class. And thank for help me walked." Clara was walked slowly but Maro was carrying her over on one arm. But then I stop. "What wrong Jen. I strange feel that I'm being watched. No worry Jen I'll protect you for I'm the son of Black Star." Jen blushed lightly. A sweat drop sweated down on my, Maro, Clara head. (I can't believe I made her love him, but anyway back to the story.) "Clara can borrow some money Maro new clothes. Sure. Maro I ... MARO WHERE ARE YOU???" Maro flew back to school. "The Shinigami wanted to see me. Hello sir, you want to see me. Yes I want to know what yesterday. Well all of ... no no no I mean with you and Clara, how did she get injured? We were fighting the monster but monster growth twice its size and stabbed her. And... Well I kinda saved her when she told leave and I killed the monster. Okay, you know there a contest come up right? Yes sir the wish challenge. There are points, right. Yes. I have enter five student, you'd four are four student and the other is, as may know, Ox Diehi Ford. Maro hate the name. Ox (or nickname Fox) because he hypnotized guy for popular and hypnotized girl for date. He tried to date Jen with hypnoses her. He snaps Jen out of hypnoses on that date. Fox wanted revenge on Maro so tried to hypnotized him but Maro was immune to hypnoses. "So how many points do we have? All of have one hundred points, you need 99 points to qualified. So we're in. Yes. Is that all? One thing. What is it? Keep my daughter safe. Sure."
Back to Jen
"Arghhh. I can't believe Maro ran back school. I don't know what size he is. Hello I'm back. How did come back so quickly! Dragon wing's." Drago appeared out. "I'm hungry, can I have pizza. Yes. How are you going pizza for free? I have my ways. Maro said in a creep smile. They walked away. "Maro, I need you put something on. Okay, sis, but can I choose some clothes you got. Yep, little brother." Maro went in to the changing room. Maro came out with a new look. He came out with a red shirt with death sign, an unzipped white jacket, and blue better jean. On the left arm was black armband with an emerald dragon. "DAMN, YOU LOOK GOOD" said Jen and Nova Star. "I'll take these and let take some pizza." Maro said in a creep smile again. "And oh where is Clara. She went home. After this we have to go to her, I have something to explain."
After a lot of stuff they went to Clara house. I have the keys to Clara front door" I said to Maro and Nova Star. No was in expect the Shinigami. "Hello children. Are you here look for Clara. Yes sir. She is in her room. I was going to tell her the news but she had headache so be quiet, please." They went to her room slowly. Maro knock on the door gently. "Who is it? It us, can we come in? Yeah. Are you feeling better Clara? Yep. Ok now I'm going to tell you guys something important. We're in the wish contest. YAY!! The contest is from one week."
Jen felt weird. "What wrong Jen? I still feel being watched." A tiny man came to jen and the rest. "Jen I come to deal with you." Jen look worried. The tiny man jump and hung around Jen. Jen ran around. Nova Star look worried too. Maro just stand there and look confused. "Stop Jen you making me sick." Said the tiny man. Jen stop. "Look, we got on the foot, niece. You think… wait NIECE!!!!" Jen said astonish Maro look surprised "Yes I'm you uncle. Hello Monty, Mattew Monty. Wait you the guy who owned the café down the street of dead-end!" Maro said. "Yes I am owner. Who are you? I'm Jen's little brother, Maro. Ah than you must be my nephew." Monty hugged Maro. "Let me treated you with a coffee or tea." Everybody agreed. "Do you have beer." Maro said. Monty said "of course there beer, have some when we're there. Thank. Can I have steak? Yes little dragon. Yayyyyyy!!!!

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