The Three Little Pugs

October 17, 2011
By Chelsea97 BRONZE, Logain, Ohio
Chelsea97 BRONZE, Logain, Ohio
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Once upon a time there were three little pugs. They were all sisters and got along very well. However the 3 little pugs were old enough to move out on their own and build their own houses now.
So the first little pug built her dog house out of paper. She glues her house all together and it was standing strong! The second little pug built her house out of Styrofoam. She said it reminded her of an icebox. Last but not least the third little pug made her house of steel. She was a mighty little pug.
Once all of their houses were built and they were all settled in in... along came the big bad poodle. All three of the little pugs were scared of him. But everyone managed to stay in their own space and no one had problems.
Until one day when the poodle came to the first little pugs house and said, "little pug, little pug let me in!"
Little pug said, "No way."
So the poodle barked and howled and knocked the paper house down. He went in the house and stole all the pugs snacks and ate them all.
Poodle just continued walking down the road and stumbled upon the second little pugs house that was made of Styrofoam. The poodle knocked and said, "let me in" and did everything he did with the first little pug. He didn't get any sort of response though from the little pug. So he backed and howled and knocked the house over. Poodle went in and stole all of her food too!
Once again poodle continues strolling down the road when he comes to the third little pugs house made of steel. Poodle didn't want anything from this house though because he was already full. He knocked on the door anyways and surprisingly the little pug answered. She invited to poodle in to watch a movie with her. They ended up being best friends and living happily ever after.
The end.

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