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October 15, 2011
By CupycakeWriter SILVER, Albany, Other
CupycakeWriter SILVER, Albany, Other
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Favorite Quote:
blowing sh*t up is fun but when its not you doing the blowing up it just isn't as fun

*Auron sits in a nurse outfit*

Auron: "must I wear this?"

*Cloud sits next to Auron with the alfabet on his shirt*

Cloud: "if Sephiroth saw me like this what would he think? what would Tifa think?!"

*Cloud falls into deep thought about why he even bought the shirt*

*Sephiroth looks at his shirt an laughs*

Sephiroth: "x'DD why did you buy that shirt?"

Me: "pleaaaaaaase you can't say a thing look at yours! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hmmmmm?"

Sephiroth: "0///0 I like this shirt..."

Cloud: "hahahaha nice!"

Auron: "neither of you can say anything about your shirts you aren't the one wearing this nurse atire"Tidus: "why are you wearing that Auron? why don't you change?"Yuna: "I burnt his clothes... I was trying a different way of using Firaga.."Sephiroth: "looked more like you threw gasoline on him and hoped for his clothes to burn just so you could see him in a nurse outfit had it of been me I would have settled for just walking around naked..."

Me: "..."Cloud: "oh god now I am imagining that Dx"

*Cloud panics*

L: "hmph I wonder what Light thinks about that..."*Light thinks privately* Light: "naked men... yes..." Sephiroth: "I take back what I said... I'll use a towl..."Me: "why do I always hear him say things like that?"Mello: "yeah if that ever happened to me I would shoot them and eat my chocolate... now back to Kira"

Matt: "c'mon Mello we have been listening to Misa Amane all day"

Me: "watch out she'll call you a pervert... no wait I am going to call you guys perverts! you PERVERTS!" Sephiroth: "because that made them stop..."

Snow: "dude whats with this convosation?"

Tifa: "I have been trying to figure it out for the past hour"Cloud: "oh my god I had no idea Tifa was in the room she can see my shirt"

Lightining: "of course she can everyone can see those letters what are you five?"

Cloud: "your so cold"

Sarah: "she has almost always been like that"

Sephiroth: "Cloud your pretty cold too"

Cloud: "cold? I'm cold? your the one who burnt down my village and massacred Shinra people... not that I'm sad about that... but you killed Aerith TT^TT"

Aerith: "Cloud... I'm right here..."

Zack: "hahaha yeah aren't we supposed to be dead?"

Me: "no... I made you live so you shall live"Kanda: "you are all a bunch of idiots"Allen: "hey Kanda said more then two words!"Kanda: "shut it bean sprout" Allen: "thats not my name!!! its Allen!"Lenalee: "oh no their at it again!"

Komui: "heres a job for Sir Kom-Rin the IVth"

Lavi: "uh... Komui bad idea last time that thing nearly fried me, Krory and Allen!"

Sephiroth: "humph if he even gets that thing out I'll break it"

Lavi: "whoa you and Yuu could be twins"

Kanda: "don't call me that!!"Zack & Me & Lavi: "why not its your name isn't it?"Ciel: "your all a bunch of pathetic imbosiles Sebastian get them out of my mansion"

Sebastian: "but my young master we aren't in Phantomhive Manor we are in some place called Shinra Manor crossed with some other place called the Black Order crossed with some other place called Besaid and another place called Cacoon...." *Sebastian continues naming places*

Grell: "my you can sure talk oh Bassy..."Zack: "why am I so scared right now?" Me: "maybe its Vincent.... he scares me sometimes... he just looks like a vampire hence the reason I call him VINPIRE THE ALL MIGHTY"

Aerith: "he isn't that scary once you get used to him..."Tidus: "huh... I don't think I'll ever get used to him he also kind of reminds me of my father Jecht" Vincent: "why are you all talking about me? I am not a vampire..."

Zero: "if you were I would have to kill you.."Kaname: "hahahah you vampire hunters are so riduculous but now you aren't really a vampire hunter are you you wrecht E"Sephiroth: "vampires... if you want to kill one why don't you hunt down that fairy of a vampire Edward Cullen"

Damon: "I agree with the funny dude with the long silver hair"

Dean: "man even I agree that guy is so not a vampire he is a fairy its the only explaination"

Me: "hey Castiel! what do you think Edward Cullen is"Castiel: "he sparkles there is no way that the devil would make a sparkling vampire unless he thought it be funny to make them sparkle"Sam: "thats putting it nicely"Dean: "yeah with at calling them gaaaaaaaaay"

Spike: "if I sparkled I would surely stake myself"Angel: "I would have to go with Spike for this I just couldn't live centuries sparkling"

Buffy: "a sparkling vampire? Giles is there such thing?"Giles: "apparently there is a vampire that sparkles out there called Edward Cullen... but I think he just wants attention I don't think he is actually a vampire impossible"

Ryuk: "hahahahaha vampire don't sparkle but shinigami can!"

L: "shinigami can sparkle. Vampires cannot its facts does anyone have any questions?"

Everyone (unison 'cept Sephiroth): "no L we don't"

L: "Sephiroth... you have a questions?"

Sephiroth: "hmph no I don't I just don't want to say something in unison with... Cloud"

Cloud: ">:O well I don't want to say anything in unison with you either!"

*they both raise their swords at each other*Kanda: "well if they're doing it then why can't I attack bean sprout"

Allen: "hey! stop calling me that I have a name y'know"

*they point there anti-akuma weapons at each other*

Spike: "Angel you fancy a fight?"

Angel: "everyone else is doing why not"

Me: "my gosh... what the %$@&"

Rikku: "ah whats going on all the guys are fighting!!"

Tidus & Zack: we aren't!"

Yuffie: "what do we do?!"

Lightining: "let them get tired..."

Me: "or simply wait till they kill each other"

Tifa: "Cloud's in there!" Sebastian: "humans so entertaining"

TO BE CONTINUED (one day when I can be bothered...)

The author's comments:
I don't own any of these characters but they belong to the owners of these show/games/movies Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIII, Supernatural, D.Gray-man, Death Note, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), The Vampire Dairies, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (I think I have forgotten some) also I have no idea what this is I just made it up when I was talking to a friend on facebook and I eventually went into my note section and just contiuned it in there I think I am a lunatic for writting that but whatever the people who read it said they liked it? maybe you guys will too

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