Little Green Riding Lovino

October 19, 2011
(Inspired by Hetalia axis Powers by Himaruya Hidekaz and based off of little red riding hood)

Once upon a time there was a young boy. About 12, walking in the forest carrying tomatoes. he was looking quite unhappy with a slight blush on his face.
Just a few hours ago, his twin Felicinao, told him to bring these tomatoes to their neighbor, and his crush, Anri. Though being that they lived in the country and each of their neighbors houses where 5 miles away, he got lost, and was now wandering in the woods.
Now, you would think he would know the way to his own neighbors house, but this bot had a tendency to mess things up. He was quite clumsy and would almost always cause a mess. He didn't try to. It just always happened that way.
The boys name was Lovino Vargas. He was a cute tsundere Italian. About 5 feet he was on the shorter side. He had dark auburn hair with a wild curl going to one side. The green hoodie he always wore complimented his dark green eyes.
He found a rock and sat on it. he sighed and put down his basket of tomatoes. he was tired and thirsty from walking and really just wanted to take a siesta. Though his mood didn't improve when he saw a hand come from behind a bush aiming for his basket.
Lovino quickly snatched the basket away from the hand "What the heck?! Who are you?! Show yourself and I'll beat the cr*p out of you!" he stood up and held the basket close to his chest for safety. He stared at the bush until it shook a little and a Spanish man popped out.
"Hola mi tomato! I'm Antonio! How are you doing this lovely day?"
"What the heck?!? Have you been following me? Are you a pervert?!" Get away!"
"Haha! No, mi amigo! I simply want a sweat tomato! You see, Tomatoes are my favorite food and I'm just starving! Could you be kind enough to give me one?"
"erm...So you have been following me. No. Go away." Lovino started walking away, kind of creeped out, and wondering if there where any more following him. His thoughts where interrupted when Antonio stepped in front of him and blocked the path.
"Mi see, I just broke up with my girlfriend and I've got no where to go. just want a tomato! Please, señor?"
"I feel bad for your girlfriend. Having to put up with you! now get out of my way or else!" Lovino had no idea what 'else' meant. Lovino was actually very bad at fighting and threatening.
"Huff. this sucks!" said Antonio. "fine! don't give me a tomato! I'll just be leaving then..." the man started to walk away but stopped and looked back at him with his best puppy dog eyes. Though it didn't have much effect on Lovino considering Antonio was a 20 year old man.
Lovino turned and left.
A few minutes later Lovino's mood was already improving. He had found the path to Anri's house, and his tomatoes hadn't spoiled. He wondered if Anri would be happy with the tomatoes he had picked for her. he imagined her pretty smile while saying 'Thank you lovi!' It made him Blush.
As he turned the corner he actually smiled (witch was rare) as he saw Anri's house getting closer. 'finally' he thought. he started walking a little faster. When at her door he knocked three times. he heard Anri's sweat voice from inside. "Come in!" Though...It sounded a little different... and was that a Spanish accent?!
Lovino walked inside. His eyes bulged. It was that creepy Spanish man from before! Antonio blushed a little. It was only then that he noticed Antonio was wearing a dress and an old lady's wig.
Lovino blushed madly and covered his eyes "Ew! gross! what the heck is wrong with you!?" Just then Anri walked into the room. She was dressed in a short yellow and orange dress and witch showed off her legs. Her shoulder length hair was pinned back by two orange barrettes. Lovino thought that she was looking very good today.
Anri's large green eyes stared at the two before her. "Oh, When did you get here, Lovi?" Lovino stuttered, wondering why she didn't notice the creepy Spanish man in front of her, wearing a dress. Before Lovino could say anything, Antonio spoke up.
"Oh! so your name's Lovi, then." Lovino was completely confused. He started to talk but was cut off again by a large man coming in from the door. He was holding an ax and looking like a murderer.
Lovino gasped and backed away, running into Antonio. "Haha~! careful now, Lovi!" That was it. Only Anri called him Lovi.
"Every body shut the heck up!!" Lovino yelled at the top of his lungs. Every one got quiet. Lovino paused and looked around the room to see if he was going to be interrupted again. When nothing happened he started talking. "What the heck is going on here?! Why are you wearing a dress?!" He pointed at Antonio. "and why are you in Anri's house?! and who are you!?" he pointed at the guy with the ax.
"Lovi calm down!" said Anri. "Antonio is here because he's my boy friend!" Lovino's face dropped in disbelief.
"What?" Antonio smiled weakly and started to explain.
"When I ran into you this morning I told you I broke up with my girlfriend, but I had no idea you knew her! After you walked away, I went to Anri's house and we made up. The reason I'm wearing this dress is because Anri sewed it for me for a play I'm going to be in tonight. When I heard you knock i thought It was Nether," he gestured towards the man with the ax "so I let you in."
Lovino some what understood now. Though the part about Antonio being Anri's boyfriend confused him a bit. he was about to ask why him and not me? I mean, Lovino knew Anri was 17 and he was only 12, but did that really matter?
Lovino opened his mouth to ask, but all that came out was "I brought you some tomatoes."
"Oh thank you Lovi!" Anri said as she took the tomatoes. "I'll make pasta tonight!"
"Yay! Can I have a tomato Anri?" Asked Antonio.
"Sure." Anri handed Antonio a tomato witch he gobbled up. Lovino gave him a really dirty look. he thought he told him those tomatoes where for Anri! Was Antonio trying to make him mad?!
Lovino's thoughts where interrupted by a ripping sound. "Oops..." said Antonio. "The dress sleeve ripped."
"AW man!" said Anri. "I know I sewed it perfectly! It's because you have such big arms."
"The better to hug you with!" Antonio yelled as he hugged Anri making her laugh.
Lovino thought he was going to be sick.
And they all lived happily ever after. (Except Lovino because he didn't get the girl.)

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