October 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Once there was a bear who was blamed for stealing all of the packs honey stored for hibernation

When the alpha male banished him from the pack he panicked and said, “My daughter will replace the honey, she can climb the highest trees and collect all the honey we could not reach.”

So his daughter was sent to replace the honey. The alpha male told her she was to collect enough honey to feed the pack during hibernation in ten days time or she and her father would be banished.

She tried and tried to climb the trees but time after time she failed. Eventually she gave up and cried herself to sleep.

When she woke up a vulture was sitting near her on a tree branch. The vulture said,” you look troubled, what is your problem.” She replied by telling him about her past few days.
Then asked,” Could you fly up and collect the honey from the bees.
The vulture replied,” what is in it for me”
“I have nothing to give you”, answered the bear.
“what about your first born cub” suggested the vulture. She tentatively replied with a yes and the vulture was off to collect the honey.

The bear returned home with more honey than needed and neither her or her father was banished.

Several years past and the bear had her first cub. Three days after the cub was born the vulture showed up at her cave and wanted to take the cub. She cried and pleaded to keep the cub.

The vulture pitied the bear and said.” I will give you three hours to guess my name, if you guess correctly you shall keep the cub, if not the cub is mine.

After the three hours were up she had not guessed his name and the vulture swooped over and took the cub.
Rinklestiltskin WINS AGAIN.

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