Mr. S

October 8, 2011
Dear J.D.,

I was dismayed to learn that your book was banned, but at the same time I couldn’t help but laugh at all the phonies who must of gotten together to ban it. It’s a real crumby thing that they’re all so yellow that they don’t want your book to challenge them and their ideas. Short of ironic isn’t? that they banned the book so kids can’t read it, and the book is about how you can’t keep kids from everything. Man I can just see them now, sitting on their lazy old a**es. Jesus Christ what a bunch of morons. All sitting around outraged by your words, in their suits and ties. I even heard they’re burning your book in some place, it’s true man. But hey, don’t be down about it. I mean if I ever write anything that gets as much attention as your book, man I’d be over joyed.


Someone who had to read Catcher in class and

turned out loving it
P.S. Be proud to be banned, everyone knows the only books worth reading are the ones that have been banned some where.

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