September 16, 2011
By JJ_Lawson BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
JJ_Lawson BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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The magical fairy
The beautiful dress
The wonderful ball
The Handsome prince
The stroke of midnight
The missing foot of the shoe
The happily ever after
Oh, I’m mistaken about that
Don’t believe they lived happily forever
Let me tell you the true story of Cinderella
Cinderella lived with her evil stepmother and two stepsisters
She was made to clean, cook, and live in the attic
Her sister’s would mock her
“Cinder, cinder, Cinderella!” The first sister would mock.
“She so ugly!” The other would cry.
Cinderella continued to suffer the torment and the torture.
One day, the king suddenly declared that there would be a ball to find the prince a wife.
“I will definitely become the prince’s wife!” The girls said as they hurried to have their dresses made.
“Yes, indeed you will my beautiful daughters.” Proclaimed the stepmother with a look a confidence in the matter.
Cinderella approached her stepmother with her head bowed.
“May I go to the ball too?” Her stepmother stared with a look of disgust.
“Ha! An ugly girl like you.”
“Madam, I have finished all the chores of the day. I insist that you allow me to go!”
The stepmother thought for a bit then threw a bowl of peas to the ground.
“Pick all of it up without any dirt it before we leave for the ball and you may come.”
The stepsisters snickered repulsively in the back.
She watched as they marched away than began picking the peas
“Oh, they are so unfair! How will I ever get this done?!”
Two birds happened to be perched on a tree and saw the whole thing.
They swooped in and began to help Cinderella pick the peas.
She finished before the ball began.
“Thank you so much! Now, I can go to the ball!”
She dashed upstairs and grabbed her finest dress.
“Stepmother, stepmother, I have finished picking the peas. Am I allowed to join you now?” She asked as she scurried down the stairs.
Her stepmother laughed.
“Did you honestly think I would allow such trash like you to defile the castle?!”
Her stepsister came and began to tear apart her dress.
“Stay here! Nobody wants to see you outside!”
Cinderella ran out back and began to weep.
“Oh, I am so unhappy!” She wailed.
“My dear, what has got you so worked up?”
A glow shined and revealed a beautiful fairy.
Cinderella looked at her.
“Who are you?”
“I am your fairy godmother of course.”
“Yes, do you want to go to that ball?” Cinderella nodded her head with excitement.
“Of course, can you make that possible?!”
“I am your fairy godmother. Now, go gather the things I request.”
Cinderella dashed off to gather the needed supplies. She went and brought the biggest pumpkin she could fine.
She ran and got seven mice from the mice traps.
The fairy turned the pumpkin into a marvelous carriage.
Six mice became six white horses
The seventh became a stagecoach that opened the door for her.
“But Fairy Godmother, I cannot go dressed in rags.”
“Did you believe that I hadn’t thought about that?!” With a stroke of her wand, Cinderella’s rags became a beautiful dress with glass slippers.
“Thank you fairy godmother!”
“OH, but my child, the magic will wear off at the stroke of midnight.” She smiled. “I must take everything back!”
Cinderella understood and got into the carriage.
The fairy godmother watched as the carriage rode off. She began to snicker.
“It’s a shame.”
She took off her crown. Her white shinned was stained to match darkness fall.
She turned into her true form which was that of a witch.
“Nothing in life is free, Cinderella.”
Cinderella arrived at the ball and was the most beautiful woman there.
She grabbed the prince’s attention in an instant.
“Would you care to dance with me?” They danced together the whole night, but when the clock struck midnight…
“I must go now!” She ran down the palace stairs losing one of her glass slippers.
“Wait, I don’t even know your name!” The prince looked down at the shoe she had left behind.
He searched high and low for her. Nobody fit the shoe.
He arrived at Cinderella’s house not expecting much.
“Of course, our feet can fit the shoe!” The stepsisters decreed as they sat down.
The first stepsister’s foot was too big.
The second stepsister’s foot was too long.
“Are there any more women in this house?”
“No, none.” At that moment, Cinderella walked out of the kitchen.
The prince came up to her.
“Would you please try this shoe?” She gladly accepted.
The prince had never seen a more perfect fit.
They immediately married and spent that night to themselves dancing.
That night, the witch made her way into the house.
The sisters and mother looked at her.
The witch grinned.
“You must be upset that the shoe didn’t fit.”
They scowled at the witch.
“That Cinderella is such a liar! She dares to think that she was better than us. I hope she burns one day!” cried the oldest sister.
“She planned to trick us. She is a devil in disguise!” retorted the youngest.
The witch played with her fingers.
“Shall I help you get revenge on Cinderella?” They sat quietly.
“Can, can you really do it?” The witch put out her hand.
“Of course, just take my hand, and your wish will be granted.”
The stepmother looked at her children.
The children nodded their heads furiously. The stepmother took the hand.
“Kill Cinderella. Make sure she suffers.”
The stepmother heard the screams of her daughters as they were being wrapped with vines and suffocated.
She turned back to see vines coming from the witch’s arm, wrapping around her hands.
The stepmother tried to break free but couldn’t. She was hung from the ceilings next to her daughters.
“I forgot to mention this. When you make a contract with me, in exchange, I get your soul.” The witch explained.
The blood fell like a waterfall when the vines ripped them to shreds.
“Now, let’s say hello to Cinderella.”
The god mother appeared again in front of her.
“I must congratulate the two of you.”
Cinderella hugged the fairy.
“Thank you fairy godmother.”
“Cinderella, the clock struck midnight. I must take everything back.”
Cinderella ran to the prince as the fairy became the witch.
“What happened to you?”
The witch laughed wickedly.
“Nothing, my dear, I never had any intention of helping you.”
Vines began to grow behind the witch and towards the couple.
“You’re nothing more than food to me.” She said as they were pierced and cut down.
Fresh blood dripped loudly in the silent ballroom.
The witch began to feast on their souls. The mice nibbled at the flesh.
The witch continued her meal till the moon was high in the air.
She stood and looked towards the sky.
She grinned and showed her blood stained teeth.
“I’m glad you died happily ever after.”
She changed into a blood stained dress and danced by herself.
“Now which damsel shall I trick next?”
Now be warned of the witch that pretends to be a fairy
You love may become very merry
But at the stroke of midnight
She will take a bite that will certainly be a delight

The author's comments:
I always wondered what it'd be like if a disney princess didn't have a happy ending

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