The Hunger Games: Innocent Kill, Peeta's Perspective

September 28, 2011
By campbell7774 BRONZE, South Portland, Maine
campbell7774 BRONZE, South Portland, Maine
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I’ve been with the Careers for far too long now, and I think they are starting to become suspicious. I can’t let them know my motives for teaming up with them, or the Careers will catch Katniss in no time. If there’s one thing I can do during the games, it’s to protect Katniss for as long as I can. To keep her alive, I have to prove myself to the careers. And there’s only one way to go about that.

We saw smoke coming from farther out in the woods. We’re heading out to kill right now, and if I can get this kill, there will be no doubt in there mind that I’m here to fight.

“I’ve got this kill, guys.” I murmur as we make our way through the brush.

“Okay, lover boy. If you say so.” John, the boy from District 2, teases.

I quickly change the direction of the conversation in order to stray away from anything Katniss related. I don’t need them analyzing the situation any more than they already have, especially at this point in the competition.

We’re getting closer to the crime scene. It’ll be my first kill, but it should be an easy one. Anyone who is stupid enough to burn a fire at night is asking to be put out of this misery called the Hunger Games. I don’t blame them.

Natalie, the tribute from District 3, motions for us to be quiet. She holds a bush back and points. There’s an innocent-looking girl sleeping by a fire. This is going to be harder than I expected. Might as well get it over with. This is exactly what I mean by the Capitol trying to control us. Who would’ve thought I would ever be doing this. My mother must be so ashamed.

John and Anthony pounce on the poor girl, and I jump in immediately after. I stab her multiple times; it comes surprisingly natural. First in the neck, where I know she’ll lose a lot of blood. As her blood gushes out of her body, she cringes and rolls to her side. I next get her on her arm, and finish it off with stabbing her in her stomache. I’m grateful for the clothes that suck up most of the blood she’s losing. It makes me feel as if I’ve caused less harm.
All I can picture is the faces of this little girls parents as they watch their daughters life end, brutally, on their television. I can hear there cries and yelps. This is something I never wanted to do, but if it helps Katniss stay alive, it was all worth it. I can’t help it when my eyes fill with tears.
“Better clear out so they can get the body before it starts stinking.” says John. He’s a good guy, always trying to lighten the mood, but at a moment like this, his attitude only brings me anger.

We start to flee the scene, when I hear movement in a tree about 10 yards away. I get this gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s Katniss. I just know it.
Anthony stops. I’m almost certain he heard it too, until he calls out, “Shouldn’t we have heard a cannon by now?” Phew.
Natalie replies, “I’d say yes. Nothing to prevent them from going in immediately.”
“Unless she isn’t dead.”Okay, now John is really getting on my nerves.
“She’s dead. I stuck her myself.” I reply in pure desperation to just get out of there. If one of them sees Katniss, they’ll be sure to kill her. And my cover will be blown. Everything I’ve done so far would all go to waste. I’ve gone against all my beliefs to keep her alive, and it’s not all going to end now.
“Then where’s the cannon?” Anthony strikes back.
“Someone should go back. Make sure the job’s done.” Natalie chimes in.
“Yeah, we don’t want to have to track her down twice.” says Anthony.
“I said she’s dead!” I shout, but I know the only option at this moment is to go back and get the job done. They’re not going to back down until the cannon sounds. We need to get out of here. Now.
They continue to banter, and I can’t take it anymore. “We’re wasting time! I’ll go finish her and let’s move on!” I call.
“Go on, then, Lover Boy.” John shouts after me. And I do.
As I stomp back to the crime scene, all I can imagine is the look on Katniss’s face when she heard me say that. She must have heard me. How could she not. I hope she knows why I’m doing this. She’s smart enough to figure it out, but she’s always been very sceptical of my motives. Ever since I gave her burnt bread way back when. She’ll never let that one go. I’d give anything to know what was going through her mind at this very moment.
The little girl is covered in blood. I hear whimpers of pain and I feel like some kind of monster for instilling this pain on such a sweet, helpless girl.
“I am so-so sorry.” I mutter as I put an end to her misery, stabbing her one last time. It’s like a balloon; tough to break through on the outside, but once you get through the initial fight it’s all smooth-sailing from there. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes-sorrowful, yet understanding. A look I never want to see again.
I approach the Careers as they ask if she was dead. This scenario is unreal. They ask these questions and go about the games with such ease. I wonder how, or if, this is really affecting them. They’re heartless. Every last one of ‘em.
“No. But she is now,” I pause as the cannon fires, right on call. “Ready to move on?” Because I sure am.
We saunter away as I let out a sigh of relief. Katniss is safe. For now.

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on Oct. 9 2011 at 12:53 pm
Secretlypoetic GOLD, Hastings, Michigan
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I agree, Peeta wasn't the one who first stabbed the girl. You're take on Peeta's personality is very good though.

on Oct. 6 2011 at 1:57 pm
Hmm. I like it, it original and I LOVE Peeta to pieces, but you left Cato out of this. It'll get people confused. Peeta finished the job, but Cato stabbed her first.

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