Stay Away

September 23, 2011
By Nicole-Leigh SILVER, Lawrencebrug, Indiana
Nicole-Leigh SILVER, Lawrencebrug, Indiana
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“Laura, where are you!” Thought Anne as she sat that their favorite booth at Palmer’s Diner. For what seemed like a long six whole minutes, Laura finally arrived. As she walked in, that little, yet annoying bell rang to let the workers know that’s someone had walked in. Laura was carrying a terrified expression on her face. Once Laura had spotted Anne, her heart stopped. Laura expression fell straight to the black and white checkered floor. As Laura slid into the booth, her eyes began to fill with tears. “Laura, is everything alright?” asked Anne.

“Anne, I seriously have no idea how to tell you this” said Laura with tears in her eyes. “There is just no easy, or happy way to say this, But Anne, I can see ghosts. I can see and talk to dead people.” said Laura with an impatient look in her eyes. “Anne, your my best friend. I’m supposed to tell you everything. I just told you what might be the biggest secret of my life and you have nothing to say!” exclaimed Laura.

“Laura. I don’t understand what your saying. You can see dead people? You can talk to dead people? Said Anne. “WHAT!” whispered Anne. “I don’t understand. Why did we have to come to the diner? Why are you making this such a big deal? I mean, this is pretty big thing but, why couldn’t you of just told me while we were at each others house?” asked Anne.

“Anne, I told you here because you can’t come into my house, and I can’t be in yours. I’m being haunted to get to you. This ghost that is driving me crazy for the past eight months, is trying to get you. You have something that this ghost wants. I don’t know what it is. I’ve asked numerous times, I can’t get anything out of it. Every time I ask, I get the same answer, “Stay away form her” I don’t know what to do Anne. I’m scared you and me.”

“Laura, I don’t understand. Why is this ghost thing want me? “I’m so confused.” “What’s there not to get?” asked Laura. “What don’t you understand?” Laura! Don’t yell at me! This is about me!” exclaimed Anne. “Anne, I’m sorry but, if your going to act like a spoiled brat and think that this situation is all about you, then good luck. Apparently this ghost is only scary the living day lights our of you 24/7. You might as well listen to the ghost and stay away. Stay away from me and my family. Good luck.”

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