Darling, I Want to Destroy You

September 13, 2011
By VirgiTimeless BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
VirgiTimeless BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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"The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death".
~Oscar Wilde~

Everyone knows who he is, and everyone loves him. He’s young. He has a lot of learning to do, and he’s sticking out like a sore thumb. But the way these lights are hitting his body, I’m sure no one knows who he is. Perhaps they think he’s just a look alike. Davey snickers to himself. He decides that watching the stranger has given him enough pleasure for the night and decides to head home. The lights reflect on his sparkling, sugarplum eye shadow and it catches the stranger’s eye for a second. When he turns to see whose magnificent eyes are beneath it, the beautiful figure of Davey Havok appears before him. This stranger in the dark that I have been watching… is Adam Lambert?
Davey clears his throat before speaking, “ Hey.”

“Whoa, Hi… Davey… Davey Havok?” Adam says nervously, putting on a pseudo-confidence that Davey notes right away by raising an eyebrow.

“None other than”

Adam reaches out and grabs Davey by the hand and pulls him toward the club exit. “Hey lets talk” Wow, that was fast. He thinks to himself.

“Are you sure we should go out there like this? You know there is a such thing as paparazzi?”

“Yes, I know but this is a private club.”

He’s a lot more oblivious than I thought. Well he is new at this fame thing. “Um, hold on a sec.” Davey sends a text to a club promoter who spreads the word that Davey Havok is leaving through the back of the club. There is a loud commotion outside, and the bouncers stir as the paparazzi moves quickly around the corner. “Lets go now.”
They walk out normally as not to draw attention to themselves and enter Davey’s car that they decided to walk to so they could appear more like average people and not like Davey Havok and Adam Lambert.

“So, I’ve kinda followed your lead this whole night really”

“How’s that?”

“You just seem so laid back and like you’ve been doing this forever, you’ve hardly had any attention drawn to you this whole night but you still remain social. I can’t even take a sip of my drink without someone being like, “Oh my God! Adam Lambert” I guess it just gets old after a while. Or something, I don’t know.”

“That’s kinda where you went wrong, if you act stiff and like you don’t want to be noticed you’ll stick out like a sore thumb… You did. You’re still stargazing too. I saw you’re face when I walked past… or maybe I was wrong… maybe the lights just betrayed us.”

“That was artistic.”

“Well I am Davey Havok. It’s a given. And no I’m not being conceited, I’m just saying.”

“I know… and yes I think you were wrong. I wasn’t stargazing; I was admiring your beauty. And I know the reason you walked by was to admire mine too, and get me to approach you or follow. Why do you think I’m in your car?”

“Good point, but what makes you think I was thinking the same thing you are? I know what you want and I know what you’re expecting. And if you pay attention to media, you know I don’t fall under that category and that I have a beautiful girlfriend who’s a model”

“Yes, but I also know that if that wasn’t what you were looking for, and if you were so “concerned” about your model girlfriend you would have said goodnight, asked for my number in case I wanted to do a collabo and then texted me yours a few minutes later. But you didn’t do that, you made an elaborate scheme to get out of there unnoticed.

“Oh, ha ha ha!”

“And you know what else? You could have just talked to the press and explained that we were gonna go to you’re studio or to grab a bite to eat. Which we would have done…”

“At almost two in the morning?” Davey says sarcastically.

“Well, you know?”

Davey giggles slightly, “Yes I know, I’m just giving you a hard time, chill. I am going to take you home. Don’t be so scared… but I warn you now… I like to bite.” Davey growls when he finishes this sentence. Just as he does, the car rolls smoothly into the driveway of his modest San Diego studio flat. “Well here we are?” They make their way up and inside.

I wonder if he knows how much I want kiss him right now… ok contain yourself Davey you can do this. Just make it inside, and offer him a drink, talk for at least 15 minutes and then move in for the kill… unless he takes over then skip the drink and talk after. No, talk first, drink after… *mental sigh* Go with the flow.

“Wow, this is a nice place you have here! Dang I want a pad like this… Well not like “this” because that would make me a stalker and that would be awkward”

Alrighty then, offer the drink. Before he goes any further. “Do you want a drink?”

“Yeah, what do you have?”

“Water… Soda… Juice…”

Adam makes a confused face “Um, not exactly what I had in mind but…”

“Please tell me you knew I was straight edge?

“ OH ha ha ha ha ha ha… Just testing you.”

“Right…Here ya go” Davey hands him a glass of chilled water.

“Thanks. So… what do you wanna do after we finish this water?

“Well, what did you come here for?”

Giving Davey a sarcastic facial expression, “To see if you have Fallout 3”

“You’re not funny. And yes I do… Worse ending ever!”

“Ahhh Dude! Don’t ruin it for me” Adam and Davey laugh in unison. “So, tell me something about your self.”

“OK, I have a confession to make… I’ve been watching you since your Idol days.”

“Wow really? Would you wanna shock the world and come out as a couple or keep us quiet? Davey you know that after I
leave here tonight… I’m going to come back… I want your body tonight, but I’m gonna want more than that when we wake up tomorrow.”

“ Yeah… I know… me too… I’ve just never been one to enjoy my fame. I won’t even take pictures with fans sometimes, I yelled at some girl for taking video of… anyways. I don’t know if you believe in this kind of thing but I started falling in love with you vicariously about three years ago. I knew you weren’t straight caused I watched the way your body moved on stage… well more like your soul. I wanted to get to know you from that very moment. The way you eyes shined so brightly and the way your voice just melted from your throat. And the words your lips sang so softly. It was like those songs were all your own and now you’re on your own telling your own story. I guess I just made myself apart of that… I’m rambling”

“No what you’re saying is very beautiful, be careful you may get a song written about you. Lot’s of the people that know me say I have “Swift Syndrome”. I would hate to unintentionally put you out like that”

“Yeah, I’d just make a billboard or something”

“Ha ha” Davey says sarcastically, “You’re not funny mister”

Davey moves closer to his prey. He contemplates whether he wants to take advantage of the situation and exploit his naive victim knowing that all the things he says are just going to destroy him in the end. I can’t do this to him… he really likes me… but not because I’m Davey Havok but because he looks up to me. Finally someone who appreciates me for what I am and not who I am and I’m just going to ruin it… I’m just going to destroy him. I don’t have to… but I’m just so used to being alone. Jade and I are just friends with benefits and sometimes I think I need more than that. I need love. I am not a god, as most people would like to think, I am human.

Davey leans in and barely presses his lips to Adams. His breath quivers, and he shuts his eyes deciding to hold on to the moment for as long as he can. After a long time, Davey pulls his lips away, caresses Adam’s face and looks down at the hardwood floor swimming in the motions that are going through him now. Trying to figure out what he should do. Adam stares deeply into Davey’s eyes and Davey is staring as well. He swallows hard, “Adam… I can’t… I can’t do this, Adam” A sharp pain invades his chest.

“Why? What did I do?” Pain is also evident on Adams soft girlish face.

“You didn’t do anything. I swear. I can’t do this to you. You’re better than that. You deserve better than that. You are the first person who has recognized me for who and what I am and I just can’t break you like that. You know, break
your trust?”

“What are you talking about? What do you mean I don’t deserve that?”

“Adam you are a beautiful person… and… I… I… I don’t know how to say this.”

“How to say what?”

“Darling, I want to destroy you.”

The author's comments:
This is the first Fan Fiction piece I ever wrote using Davey Havok and Adam Lambert. It is based on the song Darling, I Want to Destroy You from AFI's new album Crash Love. There are lines in the story taken from the song verbatim. If you look up the lyrics to the song you will notice that story follows it verse by verse in some ways.

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