Erase Me ; Chapter One

August 10, 2011
By taraloveswriting BRONZE, Watchung, New Jersey
taraloveswriting BRONZE, Watchung, New Jersey
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Justin's Point Of View ;

I sat on the black leather couch, in the center of my living room, as my mom brought me a platter of snacks before i start a movie. I had a pained look on my face, and I tried to hide it, but my mom knew me too well.

"Justin, is everything okay?" She questioned me. I didn't want her to know what was wrong, and that I hated myself for being a horrible boyfriend. All i did was stare off into space, not even paying attention to the conversation. "Justin." She repeated, glaring at me.

I snapped out of it, whipping my head to face hers. "Oh, no, its nothing. I'm fine." I grabbed the platter, placing it on the coffee table in front of me. She crossed her arms, still staring at me intensely. "Ma, I'm fine."

She finally walked out of the room, and I felt so bad about lying to her, but I had to, this didn't have to do with her. It's between Shay and I.

Shay's Point Of View ;

Today was the day I was finally meeting up with Ryan, Chaz and Caitlin. Christian was out with friends, so he couldn't join. I was told they'd pick me up soon, so I got dressed. I slipped on a classic button up shirt and tucked it into a pair of jean shorts. I walked over to my closet and slid on a pair of gray sandals, detailed with a flower.

Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring, and I could hear Chaz's voice saying in a girly way, "housekeeping! housekeeping!" I sighed, walking downstairs to open up the door.

I undid the latch on the door, and twisted the golden handle in my soft, sanitized hand.

I hugged Chaz's cologned body, and then Ryan's normal scented one. I couldn't see Caitlin, and wondered where she was. "Oh, she's gotta meet us there. Chores." I sighed in relief, hoping she didn't bail. I walked outside, closing the door behind me, walking down the steps on the way to the car. Ryan opened up the passenger seat door for me, and made Chaz sit in the backseat, as if he were a little kid again. I was really hoping that we wouldn't get into the Justin subject again, but i figured we would eventually.

"So, Shay, how is he?" Chaz asked me, peeking over my shoulder.

"Who?" I replied, acting stupid. "oh... Justin." I shrugged, and sighed. "He's fine, I guess."

Ryan commented on my response, "You guess? Well, than this is going to be quite the awkward day..." He trailed off, mumbling it a bit, but it was loud enough for me to hear it.

"What'd you say?" I asked Ryan, anger in my tone of voice.

Chaz answered my question, since Ryan rudely decided to ignore me. "We invited Justin.. We figured you'd be happy."

I crossed my arms, anger was practically written across my forehead. I really wasn't in the mood for Justin. "Oh, maybe it'll be the one time a week i get to see him." I stated, annoyed.

Ryan was completely right. This was going to be quite the awkward day..

The author's comments:
This story is based on the song Erase Me by Kid Cudi. It's about a guy and a girl's relationship. He never has anytime for her, and she just wishes she never met him. SHe wishes she could erase him from her life. Although she wants to break up with him, she cant, because she loves him so much. Eventually, the guy realizes how much she realizes to him, and makes time for her.

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