Of Mice and Men Writing Assignment

August 16, 2011
By keyboo532 SILVER, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
keyboo532 SILVER, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
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Many of you don't know when I was born, where I grew up, what my goals and aspirations were, when I loved, what I loved, or who I loved. Many of you only knew the person I became, not the person I was, or rather, wanted to be. Why did you all fail to know these things? It's because you never took the time to really know me, to understand who I longed to become.

Each of you has wrongfully judged me at one time or another. You criticized me. You criticized how I looked, how I dressed, how I talked, how I went about living day to day. Seems rather petty now, don't it? I was never mean to no one. I never intentionally hurt no one. But y'all hurt me. Y'all hurt me a lot. You ridiculed me for the way I lived. Well, I'll let y'all in on a little secret. I wasn't living. I was about as alive then as I am now. To be alive means to 'have life', to be 'lively' or 'full of energy'. Now, I may have acted like I was "alive", but inside, I was dead.

I wanted to be an actress, in the pitchers. That was all I wanted. Yeah I was young, but who cares? It was my passion, my dream. And I coulda done it too. But my ol' lady wouldn't let me. The minute she killed my dreams, she killed me. Oh, but it didn't stop there. Every time I saw someone talkin' bout me or heard a new rumor bout what a tramp I was, I felt like I was being stabbed--- over and over again.

I felt like a cat with nine lives that just kept on comin'. And I wondered when God would put me out of my misery. I thought about doin' it myself a few times too. But none of y'all would know that cause ya only paid attention to my faults. Didn't care bout me or my feelins. But it wasn't just the nine lives. People treated me like a cat. Like their pet. Sometimes they treated their pets better than they treated me. Treated me like trash, put me down, took advantage of me. Made me hate myself when I shoulda been hatin' you!

All y'all sittin' here today are hypocrites. All ya'll cryin', are liars. You don't care about me. You don't even know me. And now you never will.

The author's comments:
My assignment was to think about the few things i knew about Curley's wife and make some guess about her personality and what might have been important to her, then, write a eulogy for her funeral. However, from what Curley's wife revealed to Lennie in Chapter 5, I assume that she felt that no one truly understood who she was. This reasoning has led me to believe that there is no one more suited to give a eulogy at her funeral than herself. Therefore, the following eulogy is to be delivered by Curley's wife, herself.

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