Angel's Realm (Part One)

August 16, 2011
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My broken body lies on a cold, wet deserted road covered in blood. I'm hanging on to life by only a small thread, while the will to live slowly dissipates from my inner soul. When I cough blood spews from my mouth like a broken water fountain.
Tears streaks my face, leaving wet slithery trails on my pale sunken cheeks. I'm in so much pain that I black out from the severity of it. When I come to twenty minutes later, it is only to discover a man staring down in my face. He's shouting something at me, but for some reason my ears are refusing to work properly.
"Can you hear me," the man shouts , "Star, can you hear me!" I shake my head, and the man places his right hand on my forehead.
He closes his eyes, mumbles something, and raises his head towards the heavens. As if on cue lightening flashes across the sky, and thunder crackles.
My eyes roll into the back of my head, and my body begins to convulse like a fish out of water. The man lifts his right hand off of my forehead, and stands up. He rotates his broad shoulders forward, and pulls out this magnificent, golden sword from thin air.
With one smooth sweep of his sword the night opens up, and gives birth to a portal. He then bends down, and slings my trembling body over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Sword still in hand, he stretches the portal, and then jumps inside.

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