Depression Candy

June 25, 2011
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"Come and get your anxiety! Come and get your depression! Can't think up the perfect suicide without some depression!" a large man hollered to the teens who milled around the large fairgrounds. Individually or in clusters teens wandered over and thinking it a joke, bought the man's wares encourage by the free CD they received with the pills.
"Are you sure their going to listen to our music? What if they just throw the CD away?" a short black dark brown haired man asked.
"Of course Frank, all these whiny babies will listen to our music. We're gonna get rich off their misery." a man with a 'fro sneered. True to his word not a year later My Chemical Romance was launched into fame. But they weren't were they wanted to be, they wanted to dominant the music scene.

"Come on think guys! We need this next album to be as pop as possible!" the singer of MCR exclaimed pacing around the recording booth. All four men sat in deep contemplation for close to twenty minutes when suddenly Frank hopped up out of his seat
"Oh! I know! What if we make this album really colorful but underneath this Killjoy thing we have a deeper meaning to it? That even though people try to oppress you and your opinions you can still stand up against it." Frank suggested excited by his meaningful album idea.
"Frank! That is brilliant! But we'll make it colorful because colorful things catch people's eyes. And screw that stupid oppression stuff and deeper meaning. Our lyrics are going to be as plastic as Barbie! And as for the Killjoy thing that be a perfect metaphor that you need to wear a mask to be accepted!" Gerard exclaimed a malicious grin coming to his lips.
Frank's shoulders wilted as he looked at his band mate in bewilderment.
"But...I thought we were trying to save people." he weakly protested. Mikey snorted and rolled his eyes in a condescending manner.
"Save people? Why do you think we were selling those depression pills?" he jeered.
"I thought those were just candy pills and we were just being goofy." Frank mumbled a look of regret on his face.
"Anyways Gerard you need to dye your hair fire engine red, we at least need to pretend we care." Mikey stated giving Frank a pointed look. Frank's shoulders sagged, a miserable expression making it's home on his face.
I thought we were going to make a difference, he thought despondently.

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