The Clones Chapter Two- A Maximum Ride Story

July 30, 2011
"What's wrong?" I growled, looking behind me. I felt my heart drop from my chest to my feet. Not Ian.

He was yards away from Fang and Grace in the back. Ian was blind, and that wasn't usually a problem. Except for now when the Erasers were bound to catch him if I didn't help.

"Ian!" I shouted, racing back for him. Sure; I'd said I didn't care about Fang, Monique, Jason, or Grace, but Ian was my best friend. He was a bad boy pyro, much like Iggy, the boy he was cloned from. He had dark brown hair and gray eyes that would've been black probably. Except he'd created blind.

I grabbed his arm with my hands and pulled him to the others, sucking in air to fuel my attempt to bring the one person I'd broken out for with me. He kept his feet under him and ran with me, holding my hand tightly. I felt my relief carry my heart back up as we all assembled outside the main gate.

I snapped out my wings. Yes, I said my wings. the freak jobs gave us wings like Max and them, but we also have powers. Jason has convinced little Grace, who is supposed to be his sister that we're super heroes. If we were heroes, why were we in cages?


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