Sleeping TEenageer (sleeping Beauty)

July 25, 2011
By Bailey Wolf SILVER, Madison, Indiana
Bailey Wolf SILVER, Madison, Indiana
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In a small little country there was a small little village with a very large stone castle in the very center of the small little village. Inside the beautiful stone castle was a tall stone tower. The King and Queen who lived in the castle wanted a baby girl. So a few years later the Queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Anna. This was their second child they also had a strong and handsome son named Alex. They spoiled the little girl like crazy. The father treated her like a princess. Well she was one but you get what I mean.
15 years later the precious baby girl grew into a gorgeous teenager. She went to the Royal Public school. She was the captain of her cheerleading squad. She got straight A’s and had the highest grade point average in the school. Plus she was the prettiest girl and the most popular.
Her 16th birthday was only a week away. So she demanded her father gave her a huge royal ball in her honor. Her father of course said yes! He went to the market and went to 3 different stores. The first store she ordered 500 flowers. 100 flowers were to be pink with long green stems. 300 flowers were to be purple with 5 pedals and a long thin stem. 100 flowers were to be yellow flowers with the brightest yellow they could find. It was a difficult order to place but the owner of the place kindly bowed and said you wish is my command.
The second store brought his daughter to. She was to pick out a dress for the ball. She told the seamstress to pick out a puffy dress with no lace, and beautiful satin roses on it. With beading all around the top of the dress and the dress was to be a light pink color. She tried on the first dress and it was too light of a pink. She sent the dress back. She tried on the second dress and it was too short. She sent it back too. She tried on the third dress and was overjoyed! She thanked the seamstress and the seamstress polity bowed and said your wish is my command.
Her father and Anna went to the last store to buy food for the ball. Anna wanted a 4 layered cake with pink and purple flowers with half chocolate. A little part of the cake to be vanilla, a small part of it to be strawberry, and the rest of it to be mixed. The baker refused to fill such an order. This was the only bakery in the village. So the princess threw a huge hissy fit like she was a house wife of New York or something! She smashing all the cakes in the bakery and she ordered the bakery to be closed down.
The baker was furious! She said on her 16th birthday she will be hit by a cupcake in the face and she will be cursed.
On the princess’ birthday she finally got a cake. She set up for the party and sent invitations to her whole school. The played the coolest rap music. They had a dance floor and a lots of soda. She was thanking her guests from coming when suddenly she was hit in the face with a cupcake! Everyone then fell into a deep sleep.
One of the party guests was running late. Nobody noticed he was gone because he was a nerd from school. Anyways he came to the ball and saw everyone sleeping. On the table was a note that read “Please don’t disturb the people they are sleeping. There is no sleeping curse put on the princess to make everyone sleep. Please don’t kiss the princess to wake her up.” The nerd Nigel ran over to the princess being smart he realized they were cursed. He had taken a curse spell and they were under a sleeping curse. So he leaned down and kissed the princess. Everyone awoke and the nerd transformed into a hot prince! They awoke and Anna soon dated Nigel and they got married and ran off together.
The END!

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