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July 19, 2011
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My blood quickly depleting. I was ready to pass out. But that all didn't matter. What matter was saving her...saving my little sister. Her lifeless body being carried by me across a field covered in blood. A bunch of thugs were following us. We needed to escape. To go back home...But that could never happen. Not after what happen.

Running. That's all I could do as the blood ran though my wounds, covering my legs. One of the thugs took a pipe and smashed my leg nearly breaking it. I heard them closing in on my location. I must have been moving slower. I sighed as I realized what I had to do. I found a small spot and put my sister down, hoping i would not regret my decisions. I grabbed a 2 by 4 I found on the ground and ran toward the thugs. I might have been stupid to do this but I would know soon enough. I quickly got to the location and stopped. They smirked as they seen my face. "So little miss Hero is ready to take us on?" His voice sarcastic, he walked up to me. I froze. I could move any part of me. I just stood there as the thug taunted me. I gulped as he lifted the pipe he used to smash my leg. He raised it up and gave a menacing laugh as it smashed directly into my rib cage. I feel to the ground coughing up blood. The world went blurry. I couldn't lose. I couldn't die. I was going to die....I began to lose hope.

"Sissy!Sissy!No Sissy!!No!!Get up Sissy.". A small little girls voice...A voice of some one i loved. I turned and looked at my helpless little sister, yelling for me. Then I remembered what I was fighting for...I was fighting for her. I gained all of my strength and slowly got up. I stood wobbly. Anger filled me as i yelled "Don't ever try to hurt my sister!". All of a sudden a power i need knew I had filled me. My blood boiled. Not just the blood inside of my but the blood i had spilled. The pipe the man held dropped out of his hands. He screamed and fell back out of fear. "Your...Your one of them!" He pointed at me backing up. Then he stood up and ran along with the other thugs behind him.

I was relieved to see they gave up. I smiled and began to relax. I turned toward were my sister was and looked. I panicked as all i saw was a dead girl. I ran to her hoping it wasn't her. I reached were she was and looked at the body. There was no mistaking it was her... I looked at her burnt body. Just patches of burnt flesh. Some parts even showed bone. I cried as the truth came pouring in.... I did this....My blood was all over her... It was my blood that burned her.

I sat there in shock as the sounds of sirens came closer and closer. The police came and so did many other people. I looked up at them hoping they would help me... But instead they cuffed me. What had i done??? I yelled and fought back as they pushed me into a cop car. I wanted to go back to my sister. Then a man came and joined me in the car.

He wore a suit and his black hair was slicked back. He also had glasses. He introduced him self to me as Tamaki Tsunenaga, my lawyer. And then he told me welcome to the game. His game.

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