Jared Two

June 25, 2011
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"See you all in the morning!" Jared called to his band mates as he headed to his room. They called back similar things before all disappeared down different halls leading to their rooms.
Jared hummed to himself as he looked at the room numbers and then glanced down at his key to make sure he had it right. When he looked at his key a dark something came to his peripheral. His head snapped up but upon looking both up and down the hallway found nothing. The phantom thing left him with goose bumps chilling his skin.
Shaking his head Jared looked to his left to see he had arrived at his room. Unlocking the door he pushed it open to be met with the sight of lavishly decorated room. Setting his faded pea soup colored duffel bag on the bed, Jared flopped down on the one next to it. He didn't bother to turn on any lights instead he flicked the TV on intending to doze off to sports. He yawned and laced his fingers behind his head, drowsy from the five hour car ride here. A handsome picture was what he made, what with his crow black hair feathering around his eyes, his legs crossed at the ankles in a relaxed position. Though he edged towards being short the good thing about his lesser height was that it gave Jared a hearty, stalwart appearance.
It was as he was drifting to sleep he saw what looked to be someone standing in the shadow of the doorway.
"Alright Shannon stop hiding I can see you." Jared called merely thinking it was his older brother, glancing at the TV to see what the score was. But upon looking back at the door a moment later Jared saw no one was there. Slowly sitting up Jared called out "Hello?" squinting to try and see amid the shadows. The only answer was the door opening of its own accord. Trepidation caused the hair on the back of Jared's neck to stand on end, though despite his fear he went to the doorway and upon looking to his left saw a man's coattails disappear around the corner. Without thought Jared jogged after the man, his frightened determination urging him after the stranger. He didn't want to follow the man but was impelled by his curiosity. This was the guy who had been flickering at the edge of his peripheral, vanishing as soon as Jared looked up, leaving him with a skin crawling sensation of fright. Turning the corner Jared looked to his left to see the man standing in the middle of the hallway, his back turned towards him. There was something about the man's absolute stillness that sent a tremble through Jared.
Hesitantly he stepped towards the man, his right shoulder slightly angled away so that his left shoulder lead. Uneasiness made his stomach an acidic cesspool, while a cold sweat gathered on his palms. Just as he reached out to grasp the man's shoulder the stranger turned and upon seeing his face made Jared's heart give a painful squeeze of alarm.

For the man was him.

The only difference was their clothing. Jared Two wore a tuxedo with long coattails and white gloves, whereas Jared was dressed in his traditionally black clothes.
Jared Two gave him a knowing smirk as he swung his index finger from side to side four times, no more no less.
It was that mocking motion that brushed away Jared's fear and in it's place rage welled up. Clenching Jared Two's vest in his fists he wrenched the man close before slamming him against the wall.
"Who are you?!" he screamed, face right in the other man's. "Huh?" he shrieked not giving him a chance to answer before he shook the man senseless. When he stopped Jared Two threw back his head and gave a throaty growl of a laugh before he suddenly gripped Jared's jaw, hard enough to leave bruises. He then brought Jared's mouth to his own in a sloppy but passionate kiss. Without thought Jared pressed himself against Jared Two pinning him to the wall.
"Yes..." Jared Two groaned softly as Jared kissed his jaw near his ear. Jared's breathing deepened and quickened as his twin leaned forward and licked the outer shell of his ear before sucking on his earlobe. "This is who you are." Jared Two murmured.
"No!" Jared bellowed pushing himself away from the identical stranger. At Jared's overt rejection his twin bowed his head, his hair falling over his eyes.
A minute passed and just as Jared step forth his twin screamed
"This is who you are!" before lunging at him.
"No!" Jared howled throwing his hands out, palms facing Jared Two as if to stop him.
Which he did.
Jared Two was frozen in mid-lunge, mouth pulled back in a snarl. Jared slowly put his arms down and when he did wished he had kept them raised. For now he was confronted with himself, his features twisted not with rage but...frustration.
When Jared gazed into his own eyes he began to brokenly sob for he recognized the wretchedness that consumed those deep green orbs of his. For it was the same emotion that gnawed at him when he was alone.
The self he had not wanted to accept had literally torn himself from Jared in an attempt to please him. But all Jared Two had wrought was throe and emptiness for the both of them. And it was this realization that helped Jared to finally accept what he had once rejected.
"This is who I really am." Jared whispered opening his arms as if to embrace his twin. A small smile softened Jared Two's face just before time was again allowed to flow. The force of Jared Two crashing into him knocked Jared off his feet and into the wall behind him. The smack to the back of his head caused his body to slump to the floor, head lolling to the right.
"My Heaven was once wrapped in chains but no more for I am whole." Jared Two murmured before fading into his original body.

A smile of bliss crept onto Jared's lips.

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