Degrassi: The Life of Taylor Brooks Episode-4- The Way We Get By

June 25, 2011
By MaestroDegrassi BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
MaestroDegrassi BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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Riley-So what are you doing out here all by yourself? You don’t look very old.
Taylor-For your information, I am 10 years old, and I should be asking you the same question.
Riley-Well, I’m 13 years old, and I guess you’re right.
Taylor-Well. . . I kind of ditched the dinner table.
Riley-Do your parents know you’re out here?
Riley-I’m guessing you have a cell phone.
Taylor-Well, you guessed wrong because I don’t.
Riley-And they still let you go?
Taylor-Apparently. . . So why are you out here?
Riley-It’s summer, and I like doing what I want.
Taylor-. . . Wow
*A vibrating noise sounds, and riley pulls out a cell phone*
*He taps several buttons, and puts it back I his pocket*
Riley-Well unlike you, I have a cell phone, and my mom wants me home.
Taylor-Well in that case bye.
Riley-See ya.
*He turns around and starts walking away*
Don’t get kidnapped.
*Taylor turns around and leaps off the fountain*
(Well that was interesting)
*He begins walking away as well*
(I guess there’s no sense staying here anymore)
*Taylor sits up in his bed*
*He leaps out of bed and stretches*
*He quickly gets dressed, and brushes his teeth*
*He slides down the stair rail and walks into the kitchen*
*He sees a note attached to the fridge, and rips it off as he begins treading it*
(Taylor we went to our jobs, there are TV dinners in the freezer, DO NOT try to cook anything Love Mom) tch. Don’t try to cook anything.
*He pulls out pancake mix, and a griddle*
??? Minutes Later
*Taylor sits at the table with a massive plate of pancakes*
Taylor-(I made a lot….) hmmmmm. . . Oh well
*He pulls off three pancakes and drizzles syrup onto them*
*He silently begins eating them*
*Minutes later he finishes them and washes the plate he used*
*He stares at the remaining pancakes*
I’ll leave them there for now, but… What do I do now?
*He gets on the computer*
I don’t watch TV. . . So, I might as well just continue working I guess.
*For hours Taylor clicks away on the computer*
*Taylor leans back and yawns*
*He sees its 3 o’clock*
*he stands up and logs off the computer*
I need a break.
*He walks out the front door and down the street*
*He sees the park, which is filled with people*
*Taylor sits on a bench and exhales*
(If this is what everyday of my summer is gonna be like, I think I should’ve stowed away in Jimmy’s bags)
*Taylor looks forward and sees several boys playing football*
*He watches as they spur into action, and he sees Riley back up holding the ball*
*Riley chunks the ball far and another boy catches it*
Taylor-(apparently he sees me)
*He watches as riley walks across the field and up to him*
Riley-It’s you.
Taylor-It’s me. . .
Riley-Why do you wear that jacket? It’s huge on you, and its summer.
Taylor-It was a gift from my brother.
Riley-Is he dead?
Taylor-It sure feels like it. . . *Sigh* No, he just went to college.
Riley-Oh, well hey a bunch of us are playing football. Do you wanna play?
Taylor-Me, play football? That’s like a mouse playing with a bunch of cats.
Riley-You’re not that small.
Taylor-That’s not what I meant, but ok. *sigh* I’ve never played football a day in my life; I’m in gymnastics.
*Riley sits beside him*
Riley-You mean like those flips and stuff.
Riley-*chuckle* I’m just kidding.
*Taylor smiles, and then quickly stops*
Taylor-(where did a smile come from)
Riley-Do you not like smiling or something? Is it because of your teeth?
Taylor-No, not really it’s just I wasn’t expecting it is all.
*Taylor licks his two front teeth, which had always stuck out a little since his adult teeth moved in*
Why does everybody assume that, I’m black I naturally don’t smile.
*Riley let’s out a laugh*
Riley-I hope that was a joke.
Taylor-Duh. . . So Riley why are you out here.
Riley-My mom’s at work
Taylor-My parents aren’t home either, not that I care much.
Riley-Why? Don’t you love your parents?
Taylor-I do, it’s just one of them makes it soo difficult.
Riley-You’re dad.
Taylor-Yeah. How’d you know?
Riley-I kind of have the same problem.
Taylor-I see. . .
Riley-HOLD ON!!
*He stands up*
Well see you around Taylor.
Taylor-Yeah, see ya.
*Riley jogs back up to the other boys*
Hmmm . . . If dad’s not back then. . .
*He stands up*
What’s stopping me from going to the dot?
??? Minutes Later
*Taylor walks up to the entrance of The Dot*
*He goes inside, and sees Spinner with his back turned to the counter*
*Taylor sits at the stool in front of the counter*
Taylor-I’d like a medium coffee with large fries please.
Spinner-Ok, ok hold on.
*Spinner turns around pouring a cup of coffee, and sees Taylor*
*He puts the coffee and cup down*
I haven’t seen you since the graduation, how’ve you been?
Taylor-Good, but bored.
Spinner-Are you hungry? I can whip you up something.
Taylor-No, I’m fine.
*Spinner puts a Panini in the grill*
Spinner-So Jimmy’s gone.
Spinner-What’re your parents like?
Taylor-The same, only worse this time. All their attention is constantly on me, and it’s annoying.
*Spinner pulls the Panini out, and puts it on the plate*
*He hands it to a customer, and sits across from Taylor*
Especially after my dad found out about the whole savings account issue.
Spinner-What’d you do?
*Taylor frowns*
Taylor-Cute. . . *sigh* anyway, I kind of figured I could skip grades, so I went online, and found this website letting you rent online books for 2,000 dollars a month plus tax. . . So I figured what do I have to lose, and I used my savings account.
Spinner-Whoa dude, what’d he do?
Taylor-What Jay didn’t tell you?
Spinner-I haven’t talked to him in a while.
Taylor-I see . . . Well he found out immediately the next day, and he called me into the living room. He was talking to me about how it could’ve been a scam, and how I did it without asking.
Taylor- . . . He burned my jacket.
Spinner-The one with the dragon?
Taylor-Yep . . .
Spinner-I’m sorry.
Taylor-Why? It has nothing to do with you.
Spinner-Why didn’t you tell me?
Taylor-I didn’t want to call you when you were at work.
Spinner-So you call Jay instead.
Taylor-Look he’s not exactly . . . All that bad.
Spinner-I’m not saying he is, but don’t get tied up with him, okay?
Taylor-Okay. . . So did you get into the police academy?
Spinner-I don’t know yet. . . I kind of haven’t applied.
Taylor-Really? Spinner you should-
Spinner-Yeah, I know, I know. . . It’s just, what’s the rush? Things are going good for me so far. I might not need to, ya know.
Taylor-I guess. . . What time is it?
*He looks at his watch*
*Taylor grabs his wrist, and reads his watch*
*He releases his wrist*
Taylor-It’s 4:42. What’s the point of having a watch if you can’t read it in a couple of seconds?
Spinner-It’s my dad’s.
Taylor-Oh, sorry.
Spinner-It’s ok
Taylor-I have to go home, before my dad gets back.
Spinner-You didn’t tell him?
Taylor-Why would I? One, so he can yell at me and say no. Or two, so he can say you don’t have a cell phone, and then say no.
Spinner-*Chuckle* alright
*Taylor stands up*
Call me if you need anything, ANY time, okay?
*Spinner pats Taylor’s back as he walks out the door*
Taylor-(Oh wait)
*He goes back inside*
*Spinner looks up from the grill*
FYI, I don’t have my cell phone. I’ll text you when I do.
Spinner-Okay, see ya.
Mr. Brooks-What’s wrong?
*Taylor sits at the computer desk with his father looming over him*
Taylor-I’ve already done this.
Mr. Brooks-Boy stop playing around and start.
Taylor-I’m not. I’m telling you I already did it.
Mr. Brooks-When?
Taylor-When you guys were at work.
Mr. Brooks-Well do it again.
Taylor-Why? I’m telling you, I already did it. I’ll take the end of the chapter test if you want me to.
Mr. Brooks-Well you didn’t do it with me. Now start.
Taylor-That aside, I’d rather do it without you.
Mr. Brooks-WHAT!
*He stands up*
. . . I’d rather do it without you.
Mr. Brooks-And why’s that? Because you think you’re so smart or something?
Taylor-I never said that ever. I’m just telling you-
Mr. Brooks & Taylor-AND YOU’RE THE CHILD.
Taylor-Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to my own opinion. Which really it’s not, it’s the truth, but you refuse to believe me.
Mr. Brooks-I wonder why. That’s never stopped you from lying.
Mr. Brooks-Dad, Spinner has nothing to do with it.
Taylor- . . . That is not what this is about,
{Taylor-And you know it.
{Mr. Brooks-Yeah, yeah just avoid it.
~The bracket means they spoke at the same time~
Mr. Brooks-I don’t get it. . . You’re brother never did this to me.
Taylor-That’s because we’re not the same person. I don’t want you controlling my life. EVEN HE DIDN’T AT THE VERY END. YET YOU STILL GO ON TELLING WHAT TO WHERE, AND HOW TO ACT.
Mr. Brooks-. . . You can think what you want.
Taylor-Yeah, well so can you.
Mr. Brooks- . . . So now I’m deranged? . . . Fine
*He walks towards the door*
You can do what you want, without me.
*He slams the door, and locks it*
*He flings open the window, and crawls out*
*HE walks all the way to the park, and sits on a bench*
*sniffle* . . . (Maybe I should’ve hid in Jimmy’s bags. . . Or made him miss his flight some how. . . Anything to just keep him here a minute longer)
???-Dude, are you ok?
*Taylor looks up from his lap to see Riley*
Taylor-Why are you here?
Riley-This time I’m pretty sure I should be asking you that.
*He sits beside Taylor*
Are you . . . Crying?
Riley-I didn’t mean it like that.
Taylor-I don’t need your sympathy.
Riley-Well, I think you need a friend.
*Taylor stares at riley*
Taylor- . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
*He looks forward and begins explaining what happened*
*minutes later he finishes his story*
Taylor-I ended up telling you more than what happened. . . We’ve only known each other for two days yet I’m telling you my life story.
Riley-I don’t think it matters when it comes to friends.
Taylor- . . . Don’t say stuff like that. It’s corny and uncalled for.
Riley-Sorry, I was just trying to help.
Taylor- . . . But it is true.
*He stands up*
I have to go.
*Riley stands up as well*
Riley-Are you sure you’re okay?
Taylor-Kind of, but I can’t stay here because I need to go home before he notices I’m gone.
Riley-Okay. *sigh* I hope you feel better.
Taylor-Thanks, but again I don’t need you’re sympathy.
Riley-Okay, okay. . . See ya
*Taylor walks all the way home, and climbs back into the room*
???-Where were you?
*The lights click on, and Taylor sees his father*
Taylor-I went to the park.
Mr. Brooks-Without telling anyone, you’re mom is worried sick. What if something happened to you.
Taylor-Well, I don’t have a cell phone, and it didn’t stop you from letting me go yesterday. . .
Mr. Brooks-Taylor . . . *sigh* You said you did the chapter right.
Taylor-Yeah. . . .
Mr. Brooks-Then I’ll trust that you did it, but that doesn’t mean you’re not in trouble. . . I don’t want to always be fighting with you.
Taylor- . . .
Mr. Brooks-I’m sorry if I’ve been pushing you, it’s just I want you to succeed. . .
Taylor-. . . Good night.
*He walks by his father and out the door*
Mr. Brooks-Taylor . . .
*Taylor goes into his room and shuts the door*
*He lays down in his bed*
Taylor-(Whatever . . .)
August 15, Monday
*Taylor walks up to his school with his father by his side*
Taylor-*Blegh* First day of school, how depressing.
Mr. Brooks-Come on Taylor.
*They walk inside, and go into the principal’s office*
Principal-Aw, Mr. Brooks and Taylor I understand you wanted to speak with me. Please take a seat.
*They sit*
Mr. Brooks-I was wondering what it would take for Taylor to skip up grades.
Principal-How many?
Mr. Brooks-Two.
Principal-Well, blah blah blah blah
*Taylor tunes out of the conversation*
Taylor-(I wonder what this school year will be like. . . Probably boring like the last. . . They all are.)
Mr. Brooks-Taylor he’s speaking to you.
Taylor-Oh yeah, sure.
Mr. Brooks-Excuse him he woke up late.
Principal-I understand, well I look forward to seeing how you perform this year and how your skipping grades goes.
*They stand up and Mr. Brooks shakes the principal’s hand*
*The Brooks leave*
Mr. Brooks-Could you be anymore embarrassing?
Taylor-What’d he say?
Mr. Brooks-That they’re going to take a look at your previous marks, and see how you perform this year. If it’s to their liking, they’ll administer a test to you.
Taylor-I see . . .
*They walk to the entrance of the school*
Mr. Brooks-That means you have to do great this year. Every grade counts. Now I have to go to work, so get to class.
*Mr. Brooks walks out the entrance*
Taylor-*Exhale*. . . (easier said than done)
*Riley and Taylor sit on a bench at the park*
Riley-No way. So, you might skip grades?
Taylor-Yeah, if my dad doesn’t kill me first. He’s gonna kick it into overdrive with the lessons.
Riley-Well, good luck man.
Taylor-Thanks. So, how was your first day of school?
Riley-Just like the others.
Taylor & Riley-Boring.
Riley- . . . Do you think the test is gonna be hard?
Taylor-hmmmm, maybe. It depends though, but you did wish me luck, so I don’t think I have anything to worry about.
June, 2 Friday
*Taylor sits in a classroom with only a teacher*
Woman-*sigh* I guess you’re the only one trying to skip grades. Well good luck and begin.
*Taylor opens the test*
Taylor-(6th grade is first)
*Taylor scribbles down answers as time goes on, and soon an hour and a half passes by*
(Almost done)
*He reads the final question*
(Who invented the cotton gin? This is Canada not the U.S., but oh well)
*He circles Eli Whitney*
I’m done.
*She takes up his test*
Woman-Well done. You’ll receive your results in the mail. Now go home and take a rest. You deserve it.
Taylor-Thank you.
*He walks home, and enters the front door*
Mr. Brooks-Well?
*He walks up to Taylor*
Taylor-They said I’d get the results in the mail.
*He walks by his father*
Mr. Brooks-How do you think you did?
Taylor-I think I bombed it.
Mr. Brooks-Boy don’t you play with me.
Taylor-Relax, but I don’t know. Okay I guess.
Mr. Brooks-Well okay isn’t good enough.
*Taylor goes into his room and shuts the door*
Taylor-(It’s already been a year since Jimmy left, but he hasn’t visited, only called. . .)
*He lays in his bed*
(Maybe I won’t see him for a while)
*Taylor comes down stairs and sees Mrs. Brooks is holding an envelope*
*Mr. Brooks joins them*
*Mrs. Brooks hastily opens it, and everyone stands in silence*
Mrs. Brooks-We are pleased to announce that Taylor Tyler Briggs has scored outstandingly on the STAR test, and is granted permission to skip the SIXTH AND SEVENTH GRADE AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
*She jumps up and down, and a small smile spreads across Taylor’s face*
*Mr. Brooks takes the envelope from her and looks at it*
Mr. Brooks-You’re scores are here to. . . You scored perfectly on the 6th grade test, but you missed three is the math section and two in the history section of 7th grade. You’re gonna have to work on that, lets go on the computer.
Taylor-But dad, didn’t you hear her I’m getting promoted. Why do I have to continue pounding this stuff into my brain. I didn’t even miss that many.
Mr. Brooks-There’s always room for improvement, and you could’ve done better quite honestly, if you want to get technical.
Taylor- . . .
*Taylor reluctantly goes into the study and shuts the door*
(Well that’s not what I had in mind. I think I deserve a break*
*He climbs out the window, and walks to the park*
*As usual he sees Riley throwing a football in the field*
*he walks up to Taylor*
Did the results come back yet?
Taylor-As a matter of fact they did, and. . . Next year I’ll be an eighth grader.
Riley-Sweet, congrats.
Taylor-Thanks, but apparently my entire year of training isn’t over. I missed five questions, and my dad wants me to go over stuff again.
Riley-Are you joking?
Taylor-Unfortunately not.
Riley-Ya know.
*He smiles*
Today’s my birthday.
Taylor-Okay and . . . Do you want a cookie or something.
Riley-I just thought I’d let you know.
*He throws another football*
Ya know cuz we’re friends and all.
Taylor-Well happy birthday Riley.
Riley-When’s your birthday.
Taylor-It already passes, but it’s January the 1st.
Riley-Aw, a new year’s baby.
Taylor-Yep. . . Speaking of my birthday, my brother hasn’t been back an entire year. He’s only called. It makes me wonder what he’s doing.
Riley-What does your brother have to do with your birthday?
*He throws another football*
Taylor-We share the same birthday. I know weird right?
Riley-Maybe he’s busy.
Taylor-I don’t know. . . Even my dad is getting suspicious.
Riley-I see. . . Well do you want to help me pick up all these footballs?
Taylor-How long have you been out here?
Riley-About 15 minutes.
Taylor-Then no. Sorry, but I’ve gotta get back to my house because once again I snuck out.
Riley-When are you gonna learn?
*They smile at each other, and Taylor turns around and begins walking away*
August 13 Monday
*Taylor steps out of his father’s car*
Mr. Brooks-Have a good day.
Taylor-Okay bye.
Mr. Brooks-Bye.
*He watches his father walk by him*
*Taylor begins walking up the steps leading to the school*
Taylor-(Okay, I braved 8th grade)
*Jimmy’s oversized jacket still clings desperately to his body, as the wind blows*
(Now all I have to do)
*He stops at the entrance*
*sigh* (Is take on Degrassi High School)
*He looks left to see Riley run up to him*
Riley-So you’re finally here.
Taylor-Yep, a freshmen finally.
Riley-Well are you ready for this?
Taylor-I guess. It looks just like any other school.
Riley-In that case come on.
*Riley grabs Taylor’s arm and drags him towards the doors*
*Taylor looks up and watches as the sign of the school’s name disappears from view*
Taylor-(High school . . .) How hard can it be?
*Taylor and Riley walk into Degrassi*

The author's comments:
Finally, I finished writing the final "Prequel" Now after this things might get a little more interesting.

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