King Lear's Most Faithful Rebel

June 13, 2011
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O, my lord, speak not in such a manner, or I shall be forced to speak against you as I have always tried to keep myself from doing. For years I have served you, King Lear, and for years have I kept this oft-outspoken mouth shut to thy foolishness, but strike not fair Cordelia with thy passionate words, or I will rebuke thee. “…my sometime daughter?” How now, your majesty? And do not stop my reprimands; they are misunderstood in their entirety. All I mean to say is that thy daughters do not love thee in accordance to their ages, but that daughter Cordelia loves you more than any daughter did, and, I reckon, more honestly. No disrespect do I mean, but thine hours grow thin, and in turn thy judgement, my lord, and so it is my duty to speak on behalf of she, the object of thine aggression. I shall accept any retribution for my insolence, hear only my pleas; listen, my lord, to reason and scorn not those who love you most.

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