Hope's end

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Before that day she never had thought about saving a kingdom. But there she stood, feet glued to the floor with nothing in hand to defend herself with, while a ginormous giant towered over her minuscule frame smirking at her helplessness. The giant lifted his stinky big foot and it was as if time slowed. The girl, realizing it was now all over got down on her knees to cower in fear but to no avail. As cheesy as it was her life flashed before her eyes. Swinging on the swings with her sister, picking strawberries with her mother, it was all over. She used to fear death, speculate at life after the passing. But now she refused to cry at the end, it wasn't a movie, it was reality, and it hit her fast. The ugly purple pimply foot crushed the life out of her as she lay smooshed to the floor like a breakfast pancake. Her hair fanned out of her head around her like a lions mane. Lifting a feeble hand she had exhausted her last ounce of energy.The girl was as a paper doll stuck to the muddy earth with Elmer's glue. She was dead. Roaring in triumph, the giant raised his fists in the air waving them back and forth. Letting out a roar of glory it brought down several passing birds down at the stench of dried cow blood on his dirty, stained teeth. Bending down slowly he laughed as he picked up her fragile broken body, and flicked her like a rubber band, sending her hurtling through the air till she crashed into the Pacific to be crushed by the pressure and water surrounding her until her corpse lay on the dark ocean floor. Her name was Hope, she was destined to save the world and she failed. Or did she......

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Skemo18 said...
Jun. 27, 2011 at 8:21 pm
nice this is actually good i like this :)
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