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May 19, 2011
By verna BRONZE, Ok, Oklahoma
verna BRONZE, Ok, Oklahoma
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He had warned her about the book, now it was too late.
It was a normal sunny day. Emily came to Mr. Lindens’ Library to read a book. She is a very quiet obstinate girl. She lived alone, her parents died when she was little. She doesn’t have any relatives. Her parents left her a big beautiful house near the river between the big tree. She has beautiful brown long hair just likes her mother, and big gray eyes. She is so beautiful. When you see her face, you will find everything is nice in this world. Yes, she is amazing. Everyone knows that in the town, also she is smarter than most of the other girls.
“Hey, good morning beauty. ” says Mr. Lindens. Gives her big smile as usual as he did.
“Good morning. Mr.” Politely say.
Then she walked to the bookcase. Mr. Lindens’ Library is not very big, actually it’s very small, but it’s the oldest one in the town.
“Kid, what you want to read today? You almost read all of my books.” he shook his head.
Emily smile and think a little while and be serious say, “Not yet Mr. Lindens. You know that one. That’s the only one I haven’t read, I can’t understand why you don’t want borrow to me.”
“Okay kid, this will be my last time telling you, actually I can’t find that book, if that book want to you read, then the book will come out. Emily please don’t read, that’s an evil book. My father told me before he die, he said, because he reads that book, he was ill long time. So Emily just gets far away from that book, please. ”
Emily saw Mr. Lindens very serious and sad so she is stop to find that book. But that doesn’t mean Emily will stop. She is never stop to find magic things.
Emily takes a nap on the desk. She was smile in the dream. The book coming out, talked to her, ”Emily, I know you are looking for me, when you weak you going to the last bookcase I’m in the last line last one. Go to find me, open me, read me. You will know how you parents die.” Then the mist goes everywhere the book gone and Emily woke up. She was not surprised, she knows that book will finding her first only by her feels.
Classic piano music started, she doesn’t know where the music came from. Emily carry her long white lace dress very gingerliness to found that book, when she crossed to the next bookcase she always moved her eyes to watched Mr. Lindens doing then fast moving her place to getting closed the last bookcase. Finally she got it. Emily tried to found somewhere to hided, to help her read the magic book easy. Look around, find a wood door, she never knows that place have another room, she opened the door very softly and see Mr. Lindens doing then she went to the room.
The room was small, had a poor candle stand on the table near a small bed. It’s a very nice here, good place, she thought about it. She sat down on the bed, and looked around book, silent, she took a breath, and opened it.

“Emily!” book say.

“Where are you? I can’t see anything.” Emily asks.

“Yes, because your soul already in my book now.” Book answer.
In the room, Emily was slept on the bed and the book was growing the beautiful Ivy League ivy. Her face looks such beautiful, and her long eyelash, but nobody can see that big eyes open again.
“Emily, please don’t read that book.” Emily was thought about Mr. Lindens ’s words. She is shaking in the book She raised her hand, “Just tell me, how my parents die? I really don’t care I live or die. You want my soul I give to you, but just tell me, how my parents die.” Emily says, every words in her mouth came out such strong even she is shaking.
“Are you still can’t understand? Your parents already in my stomach just like you. Mr. Lindens telling you, but you don’t listen to him. I’m evil, not magic. I need human’s souls, if I can have 100 souls then I can be a human. That’s it. Weak up! Stupid! How can you believe me, not Mr. lindens? I don’t need your answer, because I know, every soul that I ate, is same like you want to know every magic impossible things, people always warning them, but they just don’t listen. But that’s nice to me. I need souls!” book laughed. Such ugly, deceive the little girl. Emily finally weak up, but it’s too late, Mr. Lindens warned her that book. Tears means nothing.

The author's comments:
the story it's about an evil book .

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