May 5, 2011
By D-chan BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
D-chan BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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"I love when people underestimate because it gives me a chance to prove them wrong." -me

It had to be the most stupid obsession Ceil had ever seen someone have. Currently he was staring at Sebastian who was at the moment occupied with Princess. Whenever he wasn’t busy he’d play with that girl…cat….thing. ‘Well at least he’s not going out and getting more cats.’ Ceil thought to himself as he went back to reading his mail. Later in the afternoon when Ceil was having his tea he could help but stare. Sebastian had left in order to start on dinner but he left one thing behind…..that cat – girl – thing….Ceil still didn’t know what to call it. Sebastian had told him that he named her princess. “What a stupid name.” Ceil said the girl-cat –thing had walked in to the room not even knocking and now she was staring at Ceil with wide eyes. “I really don’t see why Sebastian likes you cats so much.” Ceil said staring at her. He stood up from his chair and walked over to her and stared. “I really don’t like it when people come in without knocking.” Ceil said walking back to his desk.
“Meow?” Ceil turned around quickly.
“What?” Ceil said look at the strange thing once more.
“Meow.” Princess said copying his stance. Ceil sifted to a different stance and Princess did the same this continued for quite awhile until Ceil become annoyed.
“Are you trying to make fun of me? “ He asked Princess just looked at him he little tail swinging back and forth. “You can’t understand me can you.” Ceil said sitting back in his chair. Princess watched as Ceil sipped his tea. Princess who had watched how Sebastian had acted around Ceil and how Ceil responded decided to try it herself.
“Yo- You-Young…..” Ceil looked up irritated. Princess had a puzzled look on her face she couldn’t figure out how Sebastian could say it and she couldn’t. S o she decided to try once more. “Yo- You- Young-“
“I’ve had enough of this!” Ceil said standing up and slamming his hands on his desk. “Leave already you’re just about useless.” Princess blinked and quietly exiting the room. During dinner Sebastian had a somewhat worried look on his face. “What is it Sebastian?” Ceil asked monotony.
“Sorry young master for bringing my own selfishness to your dinner I will not some such a face to you again.” Sebastian said with his ‘annoying smile’.
“Well you have already disturbed my dinner out with it.”
“Well young master I was wondering if you had perhaps seen Princess she’s been gone since three o’clock.”
“No last I saw her was around noon.” Later when Ceil had gone to bed as was about to fall asleep. He felt something …fluffy in his bed next to him. Removing the covers he almost gave a shout. “What the bloodily hell are you doing in my bed?” Ceil said angrily Princess just looked up at him and meowed. “Get out now.” He said though gritted teeth. Princess jumped out of the other side of his bed. “That’s better.” Ceil said recovering himself.
“God- nigh -young -mastfer.” He heard from the door he sat up as fast as he could. Once he noticed the door was closed he laid back down.
“Hmmm we need to work on her English.”

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