Am I in Wonderland

April 27, 2011
By Kaytee_24 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
Kaytee_24 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
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Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, And Today is a Gift that is why they call it the Present.

Down the Rabbit Hole. I’m crashing down and down, when am I going to land? Oh wait I’m now in my bed, I just lost someone dear to me. Wow, I thought I was really crashing it was just a dream, so that’s what Alice felt crashing down the rabbit hole. I feel so lost, just like Alice did, am I in Wonderland? I don’t know who I am any more, “This sucks,” I thought to myself. I can’t believe they are gone, just left and is gone. What did I do? I don’t deserve this, not one bit. So far I fall down, just like Alice in Wonderland, I feel lost and confused, also like Alice in Wonderland. Oh great now where is the smiling cat, and the rabbit, the dodo bird, the caterpillar, and the mad hatter?
The Pool of Tears. Water? Water coming from my eyes….tears? I’m crying, but why? I shouldn’t be crying over this person. This person never treated me nice, but I can’t stop crying. Tears just keep coming running down my face. My pillow is wet now, pointless tears, pointless person, pointless everything. Look at the side of my bed the book of Alice in Wonderland is sitting there. I flip to the page and yup just as I would have guessed. I am reliving Alice in Wonderland, metaphorically speaking. Now where is the mouse that Alice swam into?
The Caucus Race and a Long Tale. I try to fall asleep, but my heart is racing too much. Ba Boom, Ba Boom my heart is saying. The door opens, it is my kitty cat. He comes up to me and starts purring. “Now only if there where a mouse and dodo bird I could tell them about you. Maybe they will get scared just like Alice did.” I told my cat.

Advice from a Caterpillar. I feel so small, only if I had a cake to make me big again. I feel so useless, and helpless. I want my Mom to be home already, she always gives good advice on what to do. Will I stay small and scared, or will I become big and fearless? My mother came home and the one thing she told me is that, “Kaytee dear you need to know how to let go.”
Pig and Pepper. Today I sit here waiting for my little cousins to come, and I have to baby sit them to today…yay me. They are wild children, they like to run and play all day. Then, of course one smelled pepper she is crying and saying that her nose is burning. She keeps on sneezing, and sneezing, and sneezing then finally she stops. The cat walks in the kitchen and starts meowing, wait a second I swore I just saw him smile….man I must be losing my mind, “I’m mad as a hatter.”
A Mad Tea-Party. I thank God that yesterday is over, I could have sworn that my cat smiled at me. Now I have to clean my house, so my friends can come over. My friends are very…well… how do I put this…well I guess that you could say that well they are not normal. “Knock, Knock” yay they are here, I know that I should be happy to have my friends come over but they are sisters to one another, and like all sisters are completely opposite and fight all the time. At first they are nice to each other, but of course they are fighting once again. Rachel is what you can say… like the March Hare in the book, and her little sister, Laura, is like the adorable Dormouse who always sleeps. And like always, Laura is ignoring Rachel and like ALWAYS Rachel is throwing pillows, toys, movies, all my books and THROWING Laura. With Rachel being crazy, and Laura asleep, my sister walks in wearing this hat. I love my sister but to me she reminds me of the Mad Hatter.
The Queen's Croquet Ground. Well with that exciting party, I’m totally confused whether I should be scared that my best friend threw her little sister, or that this is all a dream. I walk to our apple trees and just lay on the ground. I gently fall asleep. I wake up from a saw noise, and come to find my dad cutting down the apple trees. I walk up to him and ask him, with a sweet little voice, “Why are you cutting down my apple trees?” He answer with a giant voice, “Because I hate apple trees, I Hate them all!!” Unlike the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, “Off with his Head,” he said, “Down with the Trees.” I do not mean to sound rude when I compare my dad with the Queen of Hearts, I love my dad, but sometimes he can be scary.
Alice’s Evidence. I am yelling at my dad, because he is cutting my apple trees down. Then he said, “Down with that Tree,” he is saying that to me. I am now running from everyone, my cat, my mom, my friends, my sister, and my dad. They are all chasing me. Then, I heard my mother’s voice, “Kaytee dear, its time to wake up. Kaytee you have to get ready for school.” So that was a dream, just a dream but it felt so real… I really feel bad for Alice, and now I know EXACTLY how she felt. Now so I still have one question for you, was I really in my own Wonderland?

The author's comments:
I love the Alice In Wonderland movies and book, and i was wondering what would my wonderland look like.

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