The Blind Monk: Chapter 1

April 20, 2011
By Anonymous

From the age of three Lee Sin was intent on becoming a master of the martial arts, and it was apparent to those who knew him that one day he would accomplish great things.

It was around two in the morning when Zhao Sin was awoken by a rather loud thumping noise. Alarmed, he quietly rose to investigate. As he approached the dojo, the noise steadily intensified. The noise resembled that of a beating drum. Zhao slowly pushed the door open, anxiously awaiting who, or what, lay beyond the door. However to his surpise, it was merely his son, Lee.
"What are you doing my son?"
"Practicing ..."
"For what?"
"To be the best ..."
Zhao let out a hearty laugh. "My son, you are much too young to worry about 'being the best.' You have never even attended the academy. "
"I know, father ... but I've seen you ... I've studied you."
Lee began to exhibit some of the stances he had observed from his father. Zhao was greatly impressed with what he saw. Not only due to Lee's young age, but also because he had no training of any sort and learned everything through sheer observation.
"My son ... you possess great potential. Do you wish to attend the academy?"
"Yes father ... very much so."
After some thought, Zhao agreed. Although he wished for young Lee to to focus on academics, it was apparent to Zhao that there was something special about Lee. "You will begin training tomorrow at the crack of dawn."

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