It Could Happen... (A Justin Bieber Story) Chapter One

April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

"Skylar!" Someone yelled. Please to god tell me it's not Justin. That boy has been bugging me for weeks. He's my enemy so he just wants to make trouble. I wanna be his friend!
"Hi Skylar" Justin said. GRRRR!

"What do you want?" I said coldly. Justin looked at me smirked and said "Oh nothing just that well i'm throwing a party. And i wanted to know if you would like to come"

"I'll pass" I said and walked ahead. He didn't give up and followed me. Does this kid ever leave anyone alone? I wondered. He's so annoying.

"Wait Skylar, Please come!!!" Justin said with a puppy dog face.

"No!" I said. He looked sad and then he hugged me. What the ...?

"Get away from me!" I yelled. He giggled and said "Nope, Not till you come to my party!"

"I said no!" I said coldly. Justin's grip got tighter on me.

"Please!!!!" Justin yelled.

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