A stalker from the internet

April 12, 2011
By Quantavia Winslow BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Quantavia Winslow BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Getting ready for school
Feeling happy and delighted
Waiting for her mom to get up happily and excited
To take her to school in a good mood

But it’s early in the morning
And her mom is tired
She been up all night doing laundry and taking a shower

Mom: Here’s a buck
To get on the train
Sorry I couldn’t take you
I had a long day yesterday

Daughter: But mom I don’t know the way
I only been to the school for two weeks already

Mom: Go on, Kenshondra
Just ask around
I’m sure you will figure it out

On her way to the train that morning she asked the operator
-Do you know what train I should take to go north?
-O yes, young lady just take the Red Line going to Howard
-Thank you Bye

Kenshondra stayed on the train going all the way to Howard
Because she remembered her mom telling her take the train all the way to Howard
While Kenshondra waited for her stop
She pulled out her breakfast
When she looked up, she spotted a white bald headed man staring at her
He didn’t move his eyes away from her
So Kenshondra gathered her things and moved to another seat
Hoping that his stop will be next
But it wasn’t
He stayed on the train to the end of the line

When it was time for Kenshondra to get off the train
She rushed off as fast as she could hoping that the staring man lost her
As she cross the street to the bus stop she looked around to check if the man was still following her
When the bus got there, Kenshondra asked the drive:
Does this bus go toward the school St.Scholastica?

Bus Driver:
O yes, sweet heart, a lot of students from that school take this bus
Just hop on in take a seat

Kenshondra sat in front where the bus driver was
(after what just happened she thought it was a good idea)
When she sat down
She started to look around the bus to see if the man was still watching her but he was gone
Kenshondra started to relax as the bus pulled off
She checked her watch to see what it was: 15 minutes to 8
Kenshondra sighed with relief because she had enough time to make it to school without being late
Bus Driver: the next stop is yours young lady

Kenshondra grabbed her book bag and exited the bus
Not knowing there was a bus behind her
On that bus was the bald-headed white man getting off right after her
Waiting for the street light to change
Kenshondra felt an uncomfortable breeze come from behind her
But she didn’t pay attention to it
She just thought it’s just a person standing behind her
But it was it’s the person she thought had lost her

Kenshondra checked her watch once again
She had 5 minutes to get to homeroom before being late
When the light changed, Kenshondra rushed across the street
Like she was racing one of the cars in motion
Then ended up tripping over her left shoe string
The person behind her helped her up while whispering in her ear, saying:
I’m going to be watching you even when you think I’m not

Kenshondra started to shake from the words the just came out that person’s mouth
Finally she turned around and noticed the familiar face
And jerked away, not knowing what to say

As she saw the man starting to follow her
She called out for help as she runs toward the school
But no one came to help her
Everyone seemed so busy, trying to get to work on this Monday morning
Kenshondra turned back around
She didn’t see the man
That’s when her heart started to pump really fast
From not knowing where the man went

She started to look around as she walked toward the school
Kenshondra was almost at the school building
But when she turned back around to check for the man
He ran up to her, just in a second
She couldn’t see anything
But a black plastic bag that was wrapped around her face

By the time Kenshondra thought of using her hands, they were already tied up into a knot
Kenshondra felt the man pushing her forward to walk
But she made herself stiff so he couldn’t push her toward the nearby alley
Then the man started to hit her in the face
So Kenshondra just obeyed

He took her down the nearby alley to a vacant building
Kenshondra noticed were she was going
Because it was a little hole in the bag and it also helped her breath a little
Once they got inside the building
The man pushed her down on the floor
Making Kenshondra bump her head
Then the man started to talk:
Little girls like you aren’t innocent at all!
Girls like you get hurt because of your mouth,
It just makes me want to cut you little girl’s throat
Or your body in half
And throw you in a garbage bag
Then pour gas on you and let you burn
I won’t even care about your feelings

As the man was talking, Kenshondra was asking herself questions like:
How did he find me?
What is he talking about saying I’m not innocent?
He doesn’t even know me
Why is he telling me this?
Does he do this every morning, trying to find girls that on the train by themselves?
I hope he don’t kill me
I just want my mom
Kenshondra started to cry silently when she thought about her mom
And death

I know you hear me talking to you little girl! The man said with anger
Kenshondra zoned back in
And the man‘s facial expression was angrier than he was at first
He grabbed the bag that was on Kenshondra’s face
And started to push it against her nose
Her legs began to shake
Because she couldn’t breathe and started moving her head up and down, side to side
However, some reason the man let go
And took the bag off Kenshondra’s face
She had blood all over her nose and cheeks and it was dripping down to her mouth
The man looked at her and spoke: when I was watching you on the train
I noticed that you don’t look anything like the pictures you sent me
When you talk to me every day after school, I couldn’t help but see you
That is why I asked you for your house number
Then I looked your house up on my iPhone, that led me to your home

Kenshondra had a frown on her face
She doesn’t even remember this guy
And she know she didn’t talk to him
Because her mother would have stopped it immediately
Then she started to think this man is crazy, he has stalked the wrong girl

The man continued: I’m the 15 year old boy Jayden
You thought you were talking to
And the pictures were on my page, I got them off of Google
I just got tired of you talking to me like you run me
Like I’m ugly
Just because I called you pretty
And commented on your photos
Then the stuff you girls say to be so young
All these bad things
My child did not even do that
That’s why I came after you
Since my child didn’t live
I don’t think you should live
Because my child didn’t even do the things you girls do

Kenshondra burst out crying, saying to the man:
How dumb can I be
Not to listen to my mom about men like you on Facebook
Why? Just Why I had to be so rebelling
Right about now my mom is at home worried about me
Because I haven’t made it to school yet-whatever you want from me just take it!
Just please don’t take my life. Please!

WHAT! You think you are going to leave here alive
And think you are going to get away with what you did
By disrespecting your mother,
And trying to make a fool out of me!
And talking like you grown to boys on the internet
You going to get what you deserve
‘Please!’ My daughter did not get away
So why should you!
A man at the playground killed my princess
And she didn’t even do half of the things you chicks do
So I think all of you should be punished!
The man yelled with a lot of anger
And had tears in his eyes from memories

A second later the man pulled out a gun
His face was red
His eyes started to get darker
And pulled the trigger
One: Do not shut!
Two: please stop!
Three: dead

5 minutes later: when the police came, the bullet goes straight through the white man’s head

Why God will a human being do such a thing?
Just to take a life away that they didn’t own
To take a breath away from a person that could’ve been a business woman, a doctor, or a lawyer.
Just watching my poor child lay silently
Without being sleep or making the snores she make while I tuck her into bad.
To have me see my child lying in her very own casket with 3 holes in her head from a bullet.
Why her God? Why Her? You should have taken me!
Now she won’t be able to grow as strong as wanted to be
I have grown into a rose that is already to shed,
But my child has not even grown a root

The author's comments:
Kenshondra was Killed. and the white man killed himself when the police came

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on Apr. 19 2011 at 8:20 am
Quantavia Winslow BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
This is a good story about facebook and i hope other people love this wonderful stroy too. so dont just pass it by because its long just keep reading the story and you will enjoy.


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