Continuation of "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury

March 5, 2011
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“A cup of tea?” asked Wendy in silence. “No, thank you,” Mr. McClean said. Several minutes of empty silence passed by. “Peter, where are your parents?” Mr. McClean asked, sounding concerned. “Oh, they’ll be down in a minute. They’re having a cup of tea,” Peter replied, refusing to look the man in the face. “Are you sure?” Mr. McClean inquired. “Because it sounds like they might be in the nursery.” Mr. McClean began walking toward the nursery, slowly hearing the echoes of George and Lydia’s once loud screams. “It sounds like they’re in here,” he said as he started to reach for the door knob. “No, don’t!” Wendy cried, pushing away from the door. “What is wrong you?” Mr. McClean asked, obviously shocked by her actions. Wendy burst into tears and ran upstairs, Peter following behind. Still surprised, Mr. McClean opened the door and his jaw dropped. There, lying on the floor, were George and Lydia Hadley, dead. He gasped and fell to the floor. All of a sudden, he heard the door to the nursery shut. He barely saw Peter’s sad face as he closed it. Mr. McClean immediately ran to the door and on it uncontrollably. “Let me out! Please!” He begged. He looked behind him and saw the lions getting closer. “No! No one can know what we did!” Wendy shouted. “I won’t tell anyone! Please let me free!” Mr. McClean continued to beg as the lions got closer. “I can’t!” Wendy screamed back. “I can’t let you free!” Mr. McClean banged on the door until his hands were sore and cried until his throat hurt. The lions had finally reached him. He let out one final cry before he willingly let the lions finish him off. Wendy opened the door and looked at the three dead people she had killed. Feeling terrible about what she had done, Wendy picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1. A policeman picked up. “Hello, 911? Someone’s killed my parents.”

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