Death by mother

February 14, 2011
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"Repeat every thing I just said" says my unsure mother. As I open the thick red door to go do what my mother asked of me I get that unlikely encounter. I really didn't remember what she had told me. See I didn't want my mother to know about my forgetfulness. I wasn't really doing on purpose I'm just so stupid. I leave my warm brownish color home and head to the store like I hadn't even heard what my mom just told me. As I walk toward the old building in which is our corner store. 
"hhhhelllooo" says the old lady standing be hind the cash register. She was wearing this old dreading of cloth with some faded pink roses. As I continue on to the back isle were I would just sit and wait till my mom came looking for me. I sat down and opened a box of chips ahoy and ate away. My mom never came I fell asleep on the bare, dingy, red carpet... Alone. I awaken the next day only to be found I was out side on the cold wet ground and I was missing my shirt. W.t.h. I walk up towards my house and took a good long look. My house was torn to shreds and burnt to a light crisp. I walk into the once beautiful living room and see my mother laying on the floor. Me being that I have separation issues now looked at her burnt body hoping she was still alive, she wasn't. I felt horrible and selfish. I said goodbye to her and walked out in tears.
"female, age early to mid thirties." the doctors had said like they were doing some scientific experiment. I was furious not t the doctors but at myself. I could have been at home and saved my mother. Instead, I was at the store for nothing. I got an idea sitting there in the waiting room. I got up and started running for the mirror the boom I was soaring to my death ... Finished?! 

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