The Forsworn

March 3, 2011
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Scene I-
2 weeks after the surprise attack of Urgals, and the death of his dragon, Galbatorix reaches Vroengard and asks to talk to the Dragon Rider council.

V’rael, with sorrow on his face- Galbatorix, it’s a shame we see each other again under these circumstances.
Tears well up in Galbatorix’s eyes
Galbatorix- I agree. He sobs. V’rael, council members, I come with a request. There is a pause. My dragon, my friend, was brutally murdered two weeks ago. By a filthy group of Urgals. I request another dragon.
The room is silent. It is a long minute before anyone speaks.
V’rael- Galbatorix... what happened to Nefari was incredibly evil; words can’t describe my sorrow for you. But this is a mighty and difficult request. Give myself and the other head council members some time to talk about such a reque-
Galbatorix, shouting- You need time to think about this! Your answer should be without question!
V’rael, stands- Galbatorix that will be enough!
Galbatorix- No! Nefari was taken from me, it’s not fair, and I demand another dragon now!
The room is silent, all eyes switching from Galbatorix to V’rael. Members of the Dragon Council meet around V’rael and discuss. After ten minutes V’rael speaks.
V’rael, softly: Galbatorix, the members and I decline you a new dragon. Your mind is unstable boy, and unsuitable for a new dragon. An unstable rider is a dangerous rider, what if you-
Galbatorix- How can you deny me! This is your fault! Nefari would be here if it wasn’t for the riders! A deep power forms in Galbatorix, his anger overtaking him, in the ancient language, Brisingr! Electrified blue fires at V’rael, only to be blocked by his dragon.
Leaving the council in an outrage, Galbatorix flees Vroengard, plotting his destruction of the riders. He goes into the wild, biding his time.

Curtain falls.
Scene II- 3 years later.
Over the last three years Galbatorix has moved around place to place, plotting the destruction of the Riders. In the city of Dras-Leona he meets a young Rider by the name of Morzan,a skilled and intelligent Rider, and convinces him to join his cause. Over two more years Galbatorix teaches Morzan dark techniques, techniques that should never be revealed.

A dark night in Dras-Leona, Galbatorix meets Morzan privately.
Galbatorix: Morzan, you are good with the riders?
Morzan: Yes, with V’rael especially.
Galbatorix, nodding: Good. Morzan, I need another dragon. Can I count on you for your help?
Morzan, furious: You expect me to steal a dragon! Galbatorix they have been locked down by V’rael himself! And not to mention the human king, Angrenost. It is impossible!
The gëdwey ignasia lights up on the hand of Galbatorix, Morzan quiets.
Morzan, softly: It is near impossible, my friend. I’m sorry; you simply caught me off guard.
Galbatorix: I simply ask you to; leave a door open, tonight on your return to Vroengard. Can you do that?
Morzan: Yes. What will you do about V’rael and the human king?
Galbatorix, smiling: Whatever needs to be done.


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AndyWawrzusin said...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 12:34 pm
i know this story is accurately untrue, but i wrote it before i finished all the books.
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